Hogwarts: Prank War

This is a harry potter fanfic. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco are having a battle. A battle to be crowned king or queen of pranking. But who will win? You might be surprised...
*1st part of the 'Hogwart's Prank Wars' Trilogy.*


2. 1 - The Beginning


"Harry, Ron!" Hermione shouted as she burst into the carriage, "I've been looking for you everywhere, have you heard?" 

Harry looked up. He was eating a chocolate frog. "What?" he moaned. Hermione locked the carriage door and sat inbetween Harry and Ron. She whispered,"Draco says Snape's been given a promotion." Ron looked annoyed. "I don't care, I was asleep," he snorted.

The rest of the train journey went fairly quickly. The trio only made light conversation. When they got to the station Harry woke Ron up and they headed to the castle. 

When they got there most of the students had already arrived. Ron, Harry and Hermione were talking about what they had done over the holidays. Well, mostly Ron and Hermione telling Harry about their amazing holidays and Harry listing. Their conversation was inturrupted by Dumbledore.

"Good Evening students. I would like to welcome a new member of staff to our Hogwarts family this year. Please warmly greet Professor Slughorn, he will be our new potions teacher."

Whispers spread across the hall. "Potions?" "What about defence against the dark arts?" "Maybe Snape's been sacked!" 

Professor Dumbledore continued,"Therefore Professor Snape is the new defense against the dark arts teacher."

Moans spread across the hall. Apart from the Slytherins who cheered in happiness. 

"SILENCE," Professor Dumbledore's voice boomed through the hall, "I have four words to end my speech: Let The Feast Begin!

The hall was filled with lovely plates of amazing food provided by the house elves. Ron made a dash for the chicken; Hermione, on the other hand, preferred to stick to a light salad. Hermionie glared at Ron disapprovingly,"You are Gross." Ron paused then snorted,"Correction: I'm Hungry - there's a difference." 

When the feast was over Harry, Ron and Hermione went to there rooms. Much to Harry's surprise there was a note lying in his cloak pocket. He didn't know how it got there but it was entitled

Dear Harry

Harry knew that writing, it was Draco's. What did he want?

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