You Are Mine (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction )

Leia is Michaels little sister. Shes traveling on tour with her brothers band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She has known the others for a year now and is really close to them though she is closest to Ashton. Ashton's her best friend and also her crush. She wants to tell him but is afraid she'd lose their friendship if she does. With a heavy heart she decides that she should just date someone else and forget her feelings for him. How will Ashton handle it when he see's her falling for another guy?


7. chapter 7

As I walk back inside and backstage I see Micheal Luke and Calum sitting on the couch and Ashton pacing around. I give him a weird look but choose to ignore it walking up to them.

"Hey guys" I say causing them all to glance at me.

I went to sit next to Calum but Ashton stopped me. And started proding me with questions.

"Where were you" Ashton asks crossing his arms.

"Ummmmm walking them outside" I say looking to the others for explanation as to why he's acting this way.

"yeah but what took you so long" He asks moving slightly closer to me.

"He asked for my number so I was putting it in his phone" I say as he suddenly got pissed.

"You gave a guy you don't even know your phone number. What's wrong with you why didn't you ask us first" Ashton says his voice rising slightly.

"I didn't know I needed your approval to give out my phone number. I'm eighteen years old Ashton I don't have to answer to you or anybody else" I say raising my voice a little too.

"Are you planning on seeing him again. You gonna date him now" Ashton asks his voice accusing.

"Why do you care" I say back my tone now accusing like his moving closer to him now.

He opened his mouth like he was gonna say something but then closed it storming past us into his dressing room slamming the door.

I look to Micheal Luke and Calum to see them staring between me and Ashton's dressing room.

"You don't think...." Micheal says to Luke but fades off giving him a knowing Luke which he returns.

"Oh i do" Luke says smiling answering Micheals unfinished questions.

"Oh this is gonna be entertaining" Micheal says Luke and Calum agreeing.

"Yeah it's gonna be great" Calum says looking excited.

"What the hell are you guys talking about and what's wrong with Ashton" I ask hoping to get some kind of answer they just share a look before they all chorus "No idea"

I stare after them as they all go off to there dressing rooms to get there stuff so we can head back to the tour bus. What the hells going on.

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