You Are Mine (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction )

Leia is Michaels little sister. Shes traveling on tour with her brothers band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She has known the others for a year now and is really close to them though she is closest to Ashton. Ashton's her best friend and also her crush. She wants to tell him but is afraid she'd lose their friendship if she does. With a heavy heart she decides that she should just date someone else and forget her feelings for him. How will Ashton handle it when he see's her falling for another guy?


2. chapter 2

We stop after awhile at a gas station. We all head to get snacks for the road. We aren't there for even five minutes before some girl started to flirt with Ashton. I just turn toward the drinks and cross my arms. Feeling my heart drop as the girl hands him what I'm guessing her phone number. He smiles as she places a kiss on his cheek before leaving.

Calum wraps his arm around my shoulder pulling me a different isle because of how upset I am. He turns me around to look at him.

"Leia it will be okay" Calum says but I turn away from him.

"He's never gonna see me that way Calum. It won't ever be okay" I say walking toward the register and then back on the tour bus not want to talk about it anymore.

I sat on the couch and put my face in my hands.

"Leia are you okay" I hear someone say I look up to see Ashton's worried face.

"Yeah just don't feel very well" I say resting my forehead on his shoulder as he sat down next to me.

"Well I'm gonna get you some aspirin and something to drink and then I'll watch some tv with you until you fall asleep" He says as he pulls a blanket over me.

"What would I do without you" I whisper to him.

"No idea" He says smiling at me his dimples coming into view.

Luke, Calum, and Micheal gave me a wink before they head back to the bunks to leave us alone. I blush at what they are implying before I frown. There's no point I will always be just his best friend.

I smile at him as he comes back and hands me the aspirin. He gets under the covers on the couch next to me turning on the tv and cartoons. I smile and snuggle closer to him.

"So I saw that girl at the gas station give you her number are you actually gonna call her" I ask hoping he'll say no.

"I think I will she seemed kinda nice" He says shrugging his shoulders.

I sigh disappointed in his answer.

I let myself fall asleep. Hoping that I will feel better tommorow.

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