You Are Mine (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction )

Leia is Michaels little sister. Shes traveling on tour with her brothers band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She has known the others for a year now and is really close to them though she is closest to Ashton. Ashton's her best friend and also her crush. She wants to tell him but is afraid she'd lose their friendship if she does. With a heavy heart she decides that she should just date someone else and forget her feelings for him. How will Ashton handle it when he see's her falling for another guy?


18. chapter 15

When we pulled up to the motel he placed the gun against my side.

"Don't try to scream or I'll shoot you" He says and makes his way to the passenger seat guiding me to the room with the gun pressed against me.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask him as he handcuffed my wrist to the headboard.

"I knew you wanted me from the moment I laid eyes on you" He says running a finger down my cheek making me feel sick.

"What the hell are you talking about. You make me sick get away from me" I yell out trying to pull my arm free from the handcuff and scoot away to the other side of the bed.

He brings his hand up and slaps me so hard that a little blood spills down from my mouth.

"You want me Ashton was just getting in the way" He says his fingers slipping down to unbutton my shirt. When I jerk away he just pulls it apart and the bottoms go flying everywhere.

"Stop" I beg as he runs his hands along my stomach. He moves his hands behind me to remove my bra but stops.

"I'm going to take a shower and freshen up. Don't worry we'll have plenty of time to ourselves Angie doesn't know where I'm staying" He says with a chuckle.

I put on my best frightened face because he doesn't know that Ashton knows where we are. He places tape over my mouth taking his gun with him. I pull at the handcuffs when I hear the water start running but they wouldn't budge.

I just sat there and cried. Trying to think of anyway I could to get free but there was none. He was gonna rape me. I always hoped that Ashton would be my first time.

Was this really it?

Is he gonna kill me?

I would never get to Luke and Calum practice in the mornings again. I wouldn't get to have another sibling fight with Michael. Or to roll my eyes when Calum is being a pervert. Or listen to Ashton giggle. I wouldn't get to eat ice cream with Luke when we've had a bad day. I wouldn't be able to watch cartoons with Ashton. Or see what color Michael would dye his hair this time. Or ride around on boring nights with Calum. I wouldn't be able to see them again. Knowing that hurts more than anything he could do to me.

A while later I heard the water shut off. I started to pull at the handcuffs again. I sobbed as he walked out again. This time he was only in boxers and he sat the gun down close to him on the bedside table.

I glare at him as he walks closer. He goes to kiss me and I punch him in his jaw suprised when he stumbles back a few feet. He slaps me again and pushes me back on the bed and it pulls at my wrists causing me to scream out in pain. He lifts my other hand and handcuffs it to the otherside of the bed.

I stare up at the ceiling and just let the tears fall down my face. I feel my hope start to slip away as he starts to pull down my jeans. They get halfway down my legs when I hear the door to the hotel room slam open.

I look to the door to see Michael Luke Calum and Ashton looking unbelievably pissed. Though I could tell Calum was in a lot of pain.

"I'm going to kill you" My brother yells out tackling Jamie off of me.

Ashton rushes over to me. I sob out in relief as he lifts my pants back up and tries to close my shirt up the best he can.

"It's okay baby. We're gonna get you out of here" Whispers to me.

"Luke Calum help me find the keys" Ashton says pointing to the handcuffs.

I glance toward Michael who was still fighting against Jamie. I watched as he laid punch after punch into him. I noticed Jamie was unconscious and that Michael wasn't planning to stop.

"Michael" I whimper out and he stops rushing over to me. He sobs burying his face in my neck and clutching onto me.

"I'm so sorry we didn't get here sooner. Calum was stuck and we had to get him out he was in so much pain. I failed you. I'm so sorry Leia" Michael says crying. I wanted to hug him but I was still handcuffed to the bed.

"It's okay Michael. Your here now. You didn't fail me you did everything you could. I love you Michael" I say kissing my brothers cheek. He smiles back at me.

I could tell he was relieved to see me by how exhausted he looks. I can tell it took a toll on him his hair sticking out everywhere from him pulling at it.

"I love you guys" I say loud enough for them all to here. They stop searching for the keys to smile at me.

"We love you too" They all say hugging me.

A few minutes later I heard sirens. They had sent Angie to get the police. Calum and Luke run out to show the police which room we were in. Ashton is still looking for the keys and Michael is standing towards the door so they don't notice when Jamie stands up from the ground a twisted smile forming on his face.

I stare down to see that he has a gun in his hands. Of course he had another one under the bed. Fucking psycho. He aims it at my brother and cocks it. The noise causing my brother and Ashton to glance over. I scream as he goes to fire it. Just as he is pulling back the trigger. Four rounds are fired into him. I look toward the door to see an officer with Calum and Luke standing beside him looking shocked but happy they got the officer there just in time.

I let out a sigh of relief when Ashton started to undo the handcuffs. When they were off he quickly wraps his arms around me.

After we give a police report we head back to the tour bus. The car ride to the tour bus was quiet. We were all exhausted.

Ashton and me where sitting in the back him shirtless holding onto me and me laying in his arms wearing his shirt since mine had been ripped.

"By the way" He whispers causing me to turn to him.

"I'm in love with you too Leia" Ashton whispers pressing his forehead to mine and I feel my heart skip. He loves me too.

He looks into my eyes leaning in and I do too. Soon enough his lips meet mine. I don't feel anything in that moment but the bliss of his lips on mine. Soft yet firm moving against mine and I deepen it. It may not have been the most romantic place but that didn't matter to me. The only thing that mattered was that I was back with the people I care about the most and that I was finally with Ashton.

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