You Are Mine (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction )

Leia is Michaels little sister. Shes traveling on tour with her brothers band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She has known the others for a year now and is really close to them though she is closest to Ashton. Ashton's her best friend and also her crush. She wants to tell him but is afraid she'd lose their friendship if she does. With a heavy heart she decides that she should just date someone else and forget her feelings for him. How will Ashton handle it when he see's her falling for another guy?


17. chapter 14

I cheer along with everyone else as the boys finish their show. Soon people were lining up to come backstage to meet them after they check their backstage passes. I smile instantly when Angie makes her way backstage with her brother by her side.

"Leia" She yells running to me.

"Angie" I yell back as she hugs me.

"How have you been" I ask her.

"I'm doing really good" She says smiling and I can tell it's true. She seems a lot happier which I am glad to see.

She goes to say something else but the boys yell out her name and motion for her to come over. She quickly heads over to them leaving me alone with Jamie.

"So how have you been?" He asks pulling me down with him on the couch by where we were standing so that I'm sitting next him. I look at him slightly suprised when he doesn't let go of my hand.

I look toward the boys for a moment confused when I don't see Ashton. A second later I felt someone plop down on the other side of me.

"Hey guys how's it going" Ashton asks moving closer to me slightly.

"Okay I guess?" I say wondering why he's over here.

"Shouldn't you be over there greeting your fans?" Jamie says with a slight edge in his tone. Ashton glares at him then and his hands move into fists. I put my hand on his arm trying to calm him down as his jaw clenches.

"Shouldn't you be watching your sister?" Ashton asks and Jamie glares back at him.

I didn't know what to do as I felt both of their anger rising. I look up and see Michael looking our way. I mouth out help me. My brother rushes over quickly with Calum by his side.

"Hey guys calm down what's with the angry faces?" Michael asks now standing in front of us with Calum beside him.

"He's being a fucking prick?" Ashton says anger in his voice rising. I can see Luke across the room trying to keep everyone's attention.

Jamie clenches his fists like Ashton had done earlier and Calum pulls me up and away from them. Both him and Michael stand slightly in front of me each holding onto one of my arms.

"Your the one who can't mind your own business" Jamie says to him.

Security starts pushing everyone out except for Angie who Luke holds still so she doesn't run over.

Soon it's just us and Luke holding Angie back across the room. Security is to busy keeping the crowd out.

"Leia is my business" Ashton spits back at him. They start to move closer to each other and I start to panic.

"Guys stop" I yell and they do but not by very much.

"No Leia he needs to get it through his thick head that he's not in charge of you. She can choose for herself" Jamie says pissing Ashton of even more.

"Yes she can and it won't be you" Ashton yells out.

Michael moves to grab hold of Ashton but he shakes him off. Calum moves to help him and Jamie takes the opportunity to grab me.

"Jamie stop" Angie screams from where Luke is holding her back.

Before I could even blink he had me over his shoulder. Michael looks toward him now more pissed than Ashton if that's possible And Calum looks just as mad.

"Get your fucking hands off my sister" He yells no longer trying to keep the peace. Jamie doesn't respond he just takes off running.

I scream as he takes off towards the exit knocking things down on his way. My brother and Luke Calum Ashton and Angie running after him. My brother didn't even look angry anymore he looked more terrified as he locked eyes with me for a few moments still trying to keep up. I struggled against him but he was to strong for me.

When he got to the exit door he pulled down this huge shelf and it fell landing on Calum who screams out in pain.

"Calum!" I scream out at the top of my lungs. It blocked the way for the others and had Calum trapped under it pleading for help. I watched tears of fear and frustration slip out of my brothers eyes as he knows not gonna be able to get to me. They all try to hurriedly pull the shelf off Calum. The last thing I see as I'm pulled outside is Ashton desperately trying to get past the shelf.

Soon he's pulling me through the dark ally to his car. He pushes me into the passenger seat slamming the door.

"Please let me go" I yell out tears falling down my cheeks. I try to make a run for it but he places his hand on his pocket.

"You really don't wanna do that" He says running his hand over his pocket. He makes his way to the drivers side and starts the engine. I see something on the floor and grab it quickly when he's not looking. I read it quickly to see that it's a recite for a room at a motel near by. It's for an hour from now. Had he planned this? Had he just been using Angie to get to me?

He rolled the windows down and right when he was about to take off someone grabbed my arm try ing to pull me from the car. I look up to see its Ashton.

"Leia hurry get out of the car!" Ashton yells. Before I can respond I feel something placed against the back of my head. Ashton stops immediately.

I place my hand in Ashton that's holding the recite hoping that it could lead him to me.

"Leave now or I'll blow her head off" Jamie says and Ashton backs up.

"Please don't do this. You can have whatever you want just please don't take her" Ashton pleads and tears stream down his face causing my heart to break. All I wanted to do was hold him and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

"I'm in love with you Ashton" I sob out afraid that I might never get to tell him. That I might never see him again.

His eyes widen before he starts cry even harder. Jamie takes that moment to speed off. I glance out the window to see Ashton glance down at what I placed in his hand. I stick my head out the window to give him a hopeful nod before Jamie pulls my hair and moves me back into the passenger seat closer to him. I close my eyes for a moment praying that my friends will find me and that Calum will be okay. That I will get to see my brother again and that Ashton I will get to see Ashton's smiling face again.

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