You Are Mine (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction )

Leia is Michaels little sister. Shes traveling on tour with her brothers band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She has known the others for a year now and is really close to them though she is closest to Ashton. Ashton's her best friend and also her crush. She wants to tell him but is afraid she'd lose their friendship if she does. With a heavy heart she decides that she should just date someone else and forget her feelings for him. How will Ashton handle it when he see's her falling for another guy?


16. chapter 13

I walk to Ashton's dressing room awhile later to check on him. When I open his door he was leaning back in a chair shirtless and scrolling through his phone. I stop in my tracks and allow my eyes to travel down his body.

I suddenly felt like I couldn't breath. Damn he's gorgeous. I felt myself start to blush when I look back to his face and see him grinning.

"Like what you see?" Ashton asks wagging his eyebrows.

"Yes" I say shocking both of us.

There was an awkward silence before he started to move toward me.

"You do?" He asks his voice slightly shaky and I could tell he was nervous. I blush harder as he moves closer now standing right in front of me.

"What if I do?" I ask suprised at my confidence. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it biting his lip.

"I-" He starts to say but Calum interrupts him.

"Hey Ashton it's time to go onstage" Calum says walking in. He stops looking between us and raising an eyebrow at us.

"Come on we have to get on stage" Ashton says rolling his eyes and pulling Calum with him. Sending me one more glance.

I try to take deep breaths to calm myself down.

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