I've Always Loved You~_Hemmo7_

I turned around and my jaw dropped.

Standing right in front of me was what I thought was an angel, but instead it was a very familiar tall boy with a perfectly sculpted blonde quiff and angelic vibrant sea blue eyes.


3. Chapter 2

I checked the time before I answered. 1:30.

"Hello?" I said quietly.

"Hello darling." Luke said with that low seductive chuckle afterwards. "Are we still up for today?"

"Yeah" I said enthusiastically.

"Great, I'll pick you up at 7:00, bye angel." And with that he hung up.

Good thing we were talking on the phone and he couldn't see me blush, because I definatly was.

I just reminded myself that my mother left on vacation with her boyfriend Brendan for two months so I didn't have to be home early. My dad left us when I was ten years old. I'm happy my mom found someone in her life that loves her more than my dad did.

I had my favourite breakfast, waffles. I took a shower using my favourite peach body wash. I threw on some clothes, sat down and watched some Pretty Little Liars reruns. Afterwards, I put on an aqua knee length dress thats tight at the top and flows out from the waist. I decided to curl my hair with my straightener because I found that hairstyle suits my long auburn hair the most. I put on some light makeup with coral lipstick and slipped on my black heals that matched my black clutch and waited on the couch.

At 6:55 I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it to see Luke looking even better than yesterday.

"Wow." He exhaled. "Nat, you look gorgeous"

"You don't look to bad yourself." I said with a smile on my face. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a blue button down shirt that brought out his eyes. Oh his eyes. They were so dreamy. He gave me a rose and took my hand. When we got to his car he opened the door for me and didn't close it till I was fully seated. What a gentleman.

We walked into the restaurant hand in hand. We got seated right away. The waitress we had was completely horrible. She was so unappealing, with tacky makeup and bleach blonde hair with black roots and heavily spray tanned skin. She kept flirting with Luke.

"What can I get you?" She asked him as if I wasn't even there.

"A new waiter." He said with a smirk on his face.

The waitress glared at me and stalked away. That's when I burst with laughter.


He chuckled "Your laugh is so adorable, I could listen to it all day"

I blushed and smiled awkwardly.

I think I'm falling.

After we got a new waiter and we finished our delicious food we decided to go back to Luke's apartment for a while.

He gave me a T-shirt and some boxer shorts to be comfy. After I got out of the bathroom from changing, he came to me. All he was wearing were boxers. Oh my god, he even had a six pack. He placed me against the wall and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I could feel his lip ring pressing against my lips. There was something familiar about his kiss. Like our lips were meant to be for each other. I closed my eyes as he kissed my neck.

"Jump." He whispered into my hair.

I jumped obediently and he carried me to his room and laid me gently on his bed. He plopped down beside me.

We watched Sci-fi movies while I cuddle with him, my head on his chest.

He kissed my forehead as I felt myself closing my eyes.

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