Begin Again -Zayn Malik-

"You've been lying to me for weeks!" I shout as the tears stream freely down my cheeks. Zayn shakes his head and grabs onto my arm, but I tug away and give him a hard slap.

"You wouldn't have loved me the way you do know if I hadn't done what I did." He whispers while looking down at the ground.

"You've been writing me letters from my dead boyfriend! I can't believe you would think that's okay!" I scream.

"He asked me to look out for you! I never in a million worlds would have thought that I will fall in love with you, but I did! And if lying was the price I had to pay to spend every moment of every day with you, then I would do it all over again." He says and before I can even say another word, he speaks again "I'm in love with you. The beautiful, damaged mess that is Violet Pierce." And just like that his lips crash into mine. He pulls away and in hot breaths says,

"This is your turn to begin again."


1. Chapter One

Begin Again

Chapter One




“No, no I understand. Thank you again, doctor.” I pull my shirtsleeves up until they reach my fingertips and give one last smile to the doctor before turning around and going in the direction of Room 302. My steps get slower and smaller as my feet bring me closer and closer to the door. When finally I reach the white door, I put a big fake smile on my face and place my hand on the door handle, pushing it open.


“He says that you won’t be able to leave today. I’m guessing that the stroke was worse than we assumed.” I tell Thomas. He grins and motions for me to close the door. I do so per his request and go to sit beside him on the tiny hospital bed. I flinch when he cold hand touches my warm one and try to cover it up with a cough, but I still think he noticed.


“It’s fine, baby. Another day here can’t do any harm.” He tries making a joke out of the situation, but I don’t reply with a laugh. Instead I send him a wicked glare, silencing his soft chuckles instantly. “Hey,” he grabs onto my shoulder and forces me to look him in the eyes. In his beautiful brown eyes. “It’s going to be alright. I’m going to be alright.” I nod my head and offer him a small smile. He leans up to press a soft kiss to my cheek and that is when the door bursts open and my mother walks in, sympathy written as clear as daylight on her face. I know then that it is time to leave.


“I’m sorry honey, but school starts in 15 minutes and if you’re late again today, I don’t think they’ll be too happy. Hi Thomas, how are you feeling?” My mother greets him after telling me the inevitable. I get up off the bed right as Thomas replies to my mother;


“Can’t complain, although I do wish these hospitals served chili cheese fries instead of stale bread, but what can you do eh? How about yourself, Joan?” I smile down at him and silently thank him for not saying anything to my mother about his condition.


“Good actually, thanks. Honey, we really should get going.” My mother smiles to me and bids goodbye to Thomas and leaves us alone to say goodbye.


“I’ll come back straight after school okay and we can-“

“Vi, why have you been late for school? If it’s because you’ve been visiting me than I want you to stop. I know that you’re worried about me, but you missing school because of me. I just can’t allow that.” He says as sternly as a guy in a hospital bed can and before I can even get a word out, there’s a quick knock on the door. I know immediately that it is my mother so I lean down to give him a quick kiss on the lips and I tell him I love him.


I leave seconds later, wishing I could spend every waking second by his side.




“How’s Thomas?” Bradley, my friend in Chemistry asks me. I sigh and look down at the blank page that is sitting on the desk in front of me. It’s supposed to be a short explaining of the work we’ve done so far this year, but my mind is almost everywhere, but Chemistry.


“He says he’s okay, but I think it’s just an act he puts up to let me worry less. He really needs his family right now, you know?” I reply. He nods his head and takes a deep breath.


“Yeah and they’re too busy slumming it over in Seattle to even pay mind to their dying- ill son.” He corrects his words as soon as my eyes grow an inch wider and stumbles over his last couple of words. I pretend that I did not hear though and agree with him.


“I tried getting in touch with him, but the only person that is even responding to me is, Zayn and he’s somewhere in New York promoting his new book so that doesn’t really mean much.”


“Alright class settle down, settle down. We have a lot of ground to cover today and miss. Brookley, thank you for finally joining us today.” She sends me a snide grin and I bite back the urge to call her out on it.


“Just ignore her,” Bradley whispers, “She’s a bitch.” I laugh and nod my head, opening up my Chemistry book and zoning out for the remainder of the period. It feels like hours later that the bell finally rings, signaling that school is finally over. I grab my bag and flee out the door before anyone else does and rush to my mother’s car where she is sitting, waiting for me.


I get in instantly and buckle up just as she starts the car and her usual ‘After-school-chat’ with me. Asking me about my day, tests, friends et cetera.


“So listen honey, I was thinking maybe we just go out to dinner tonight? Me, you and dad? I’m not in the mood to slave in front of a stove today and-“

“But I’m going to see Thomas tonight, mom.” She sighs at  what I tell her and comes to a slow halt as the traffic light hits red. She reaches over to touch my arm and squeezes softly.


“You can go tomorrow, babe. It’s not like the hospital is just going to vanish while we are out to dinner.” I roll my eyes and look out the window, not replying her.


You see Thomas is my boyfriend. We started dating at the beginning of last year and have been inseparable ever since. Sadly though at the end of last year, Thomas was diagnosed with Curriculosus. A disease that’s run through his family for years. It is almost like a sort of brain tumor, but not as fatal. With the proper treatment, Thomas can be healthy again, but with his parents away in Seattle blowing their money on expensive paintings and booze, it’s impossible for Thomas to afford the proper treatment and medication to help him get cured.


Church’s and my school donate money every week to help pay for his medical aid, but a couple hundred pounds isn’t nearly enough to cover the entire treatment plan. So for now I’m just hoping and praying that God will send some angel and help us keep Thomas alive.




“I just don’t understand why you refuse to let me help you!” I shout and rise from my seat on the bed beside Thomas. After dinner with my parents I asked if I could drop by to visit Thomas. They agreed and here I am, but it’s not at all what I expected. When I got here Thomas was already in a bad mood.


He gets these days where he just won’t allow anyone to be near him. It’s like he’s another person. Certainly not the man I fell in love with, but I’ve been told to just keep him calm and to agree with everything he says, but like usual I did not follow instructions. When he declined my offer in trying to get him out of the hospital sooner, was the first strike.


The second strike was when I tried helping him sit up and he completely went bonkers; going on about how he doesn’t need help how he doesn’t need anybody but himself. I have learned to not take it to the heart, but the tone in his voice completely sent shivers down my spine and I knew it wasn’t just another fight. I know he is trying to tell me something and all I can do is pray that it isn’t what I think it is.


“I did fine before you got here! I will do just as fine if you leave. It’s not like it’s going to change the inevitable!” He argues back and I shake my head at his words.


“When are you going to realize that you aren’t the only one being affected by your disease?! God you’re so selfish sometimes and I just can’t deal with it anymore! It’s like you want to me to leave you-“


“Well maybe I do!” He shouts and I my breathing stops. I take a step back as if he had just pushed me and I hold onto my chest trying to control my breaths. “Did you ever think that maybe I don’t want you here?”


“Stop it. This isn’t you. I know you and you would never speak to me this way.” I tell him softly yet sternly. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.


“Are you deaf? I don’t want you here Violet! I don’t need some teenager reading me bedtime stories and I certainly don’t need an 18 year old telling me what I can and shouldn’t be doing!” He uses my biggest insecurity against me and I know that I’ve lost the battle.


It usually ends this way, but it’s different this time. This time I’m not going to let his words just pass through. He’s clearly came to the decision that he does not want me here and I’m not just going to stay here, an open target for him to insult just because he’s having a bad day.


“Did you ever think about how you’re not the only one that’s not having such a great day?” I ask him softly as the first tear rolls from my cheek and drops onto the ground soundlessly, but before he can say anything to me, the hospital room door swings open and in walks… Zayn Malik?


Thomas’s cousin.


This can’t be right, the news article said he’s only supposed be flying in on Saturday.


“Hey, bud.” Zayn walks in and closes the door behind him, not paying any mind to me crying in the middle of the room. He goes straight over to Thomas and shakes hands with him, asking him how he’s doing.


I decide to rather leave and grab my bag, fleeing out of the room without notice. I send my mother a quick text asking her to come get me and start walking towards the big exit doors, with a red ‘EXIT’ sign flashing above. A sigh falls from my lips as I push open the doors and go outside to wait for my mother to fetch me.


Thomas’s words keep replaying through my mind until my mother honks the horn of her silver Range Rover and pulls me from my heartbreaking thoughts. She doesn’t question the drying tears on my cheeks and I’m so thankful for that.


I sit silently as we start making our way back home.



Please tell me if you think I should continue. This is just a SMALL part of what this story is about! Lots of love, comedy and infidelity will be showcased in this book! So please support me with this book just as much as you did with Sexual Education.

If this gets 5+ comments, I will continue it!


Love yooouu!

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