Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


9. the tour

Couple of months later

We've been on tour for a month already and there's only two months left. David has loved traveling the world with all of us and me and Harry have gotten closer. "Ready for the big concert tonight David isn't coming" luke asked "what's the difference between tonight and any other concert?" I asked "you'll see its a surprise" he winked and walked away.

In the middle of the concert

They just stopped playing she looks so perfect when Ashton said "we have a very special guest here tonight welcome my little brother Harry" harry walked on the stage and grabbed the microphone " I'm not the only special one here I would like my girlfriend to come to the stage Hayley?" My eyes grew wide. And I walked onto the stage and waved. I stood next to Harry and he talked for a while before saying " Hayley your the love of my life and I've been planning this for a while. Your more than just my girlfriend your my best friend and my infinity. The day I met you I knew that this was the girl I was going to marry and with that said" he knelt down and I started to cry. "Hayley cook will you marry me" I nodded and he slipped the ring on my finger and we kissed walked of the stage. "I love you so much" was the first thing I said "I love you to the moon and back a million times" I took a picture of my ring and said engaged!! Within an hour the #hayleycookengaged was trending. I couldn't stop staring at my ring "do you like it?" " I love it! It's beautiful. But I love you more." We kissed and finally I felt my life was getting better.

After the concert

Me and Harry were walking down the street holding hands when a girl ran up to me " I want David back!" I was confused "who are you?" I asked. "I'm David's mother" I gasped "David doesn't have a mother she died and he was living in an orphanage" Harry said "he ran away" I nodded "can I please have my baby back I miss him" I nodded "I'll just have to undo the adoption papers"

Next day

We already undid the papers and I've been crying all day but I've already gotten used to him being gone. Harry and I got a hotel room because people felt bad for us. We went out for drinks and got drunk. The last thing I remember was dancing and I forget the rest.

In the morning

I woke up next to Harry with a pounding headache. I was only in my bra and underwear so I put on one of Harry's lose blue flannel and went to the bathroom to find an Advil. I gulped down water and took an Advil and soon I heard moaning from the other room. I filled up two glasses of water and grabbed an Advil for Harry. I walked in and he had a pillow over his head "here babe have this" he grabbed the water an Advil and gulped it down like it was nothin. He looked at me and said "I'm kinda glad David is gone" I was shocked "why?" He smirked and said "because I can do this" he flipped me over so I was under him and I giggled "God u look hot in that flannel" he kissed me For about a minute till someone knocked on the door "we're busy" Harry shouted "Harry" I whined and slipped out from under him I opened the door to see calum "hey come in" I said he smiled and I saw Harry with sweats on shirtless. "Hey what's up dude" Harry said "I wanted to see how you guys were with the whole David thing" I walked over to the couch and sat next to Harry "we are ok" i said "Ashton said that you didn't have to come to the concert tonight if you don't want to" I smiled "thanks I think we might just have to take that offer" Harry smirked at me. "Well I better get going see you guys tomorrow then" I waved bye and Harry said "now where were we?" He picked me up and put me on the bed and I giggled "we'll pick this up later I'm going to have a shower" he fell on the bed "awe can't wait till you get out" I smiled and walked into the washroom and had a nice hot shower.

After the shower

I was wearing just underwear, bra and flannel again when I walked out and Harry was just in his sweats with no shirt and I jumped on him and kissed him which quickly turned into making out. But only after a minute my phone started ringing. I laughed and Harry said "can't you just ignore it" "no it could be an emergency." He sighed and I answered my phone "hello" i could hear sniffling on the other end. "Hayley?" The voice said "yes who is this?" "It's Cassie" I started to realize she was crying. "Cassie what's wrong?" She blew her nose "it's Dean" I gasped "no he didn't I'm gonna kill him" "he did" I gasped. "It's gonna be fine ok your Gonna be fine " I grabbed my laptop and said "I'm gonna book you the next flight out here ok?" "Ok" I checked and it said the next flight was in two hours. "Cas the next flight is in two hours is that ok?" I asked "Ya that's ok I'm gonna start packing" I nodded "ok well I'm going to go but if you need me just call ok?" "Ok bye" I hung up "what's wrong?" Harry asked "Dean broke up with Cassie and she's coming in two hours is that ok?" He nodded "what a jerk" I laughed "yup I'm going to text the guys and tell them" he nodded and I texted them telling them that Dean broke up with Cassie and she's coming and they were all fine with it.

Two hours later

Harry and I drove to the airport to pick up Cassie. When we got there we only had to stand for five minutes and soon I saw a puffy red eyed Cassie. I ran up to her and hugged her and she started crying "it's going to be alright ok? I know you loved him but your going to find a guy that loves you back" I said rubbing her back. She got out and hugged Harry "I know that you think he was the one but he wasn't but your gonna find someone better then that jackass you have so many people that love you like me Hayley, luke, Ashton, calum and Michael and your parents and that special someone." I smiled at Harry and Cassie got out of the hug. We got to the car Harry drove and me and Cassie sat in the back "thanks for letting me stay with you" "anytime" we got to the hotel and Cassie got a room right next to Harry and mines hotel room and all the guys decided they didn't want to stay in the bus and rented the whole floor out. All the Gus were hanging out in Calums room but Cassie didn't want the guys to see her looking really bad so I just said that she wasn't feeling good and I was going to spend the night with her but first we had to go to the store to get popcorn, chips, horror/comedy movies, a lot of other junk food and of course ice cream . We were halfway threw insidious 2 when I got a text from Harry saying 'miss you babe tell Cassie that I hope she feels better and that your a great friend love you goodnight kisses ps I'll miss your cuddling' I laughed and showed it to Cassie. I texted him back quickly and when the movie was done I walked up to Cassie's mini fridge and grabbed a coke when Cassie's phone started ringing and I saw Dean was calling so I answered "what the hell is wrong with you first you break her heart and she's been crying for days she loves or loved you and now your calling her back your such a jerk" i said and looked at Cassie and I guess she knew who I was talking to because she mouthed 'thank you' "um I was just calling saying that I'm sorry and that I still like her as a friend it's just I'm in love with someone else" I laughed "why are calling to say that you love someone else that's a dick move or now it's called a dean move" Cassie laughed "I'm in love with you Hayley your the one I want" I gasped "well how do I put this meanly" i paused "oh I think I got it. I have a boyfriend or sorry finance and a best friend who has been crying a waterfall because she thought you were the one so if you think you were ever gonna have a chance with me your dead wrong" I stopped "well then I want to date Cassie again" I fake laughed "your such an idiot don't you see you can't just get any girl you want and if you ever flirt text call or email or snapchat or anything with me or Cassie I'm gonna be pissed and trust me you don't want to see that bye Dick sorry Dean" I hung up and Cassie thanked me.

Next morning

Cassie and I went down to the buffet that the hotel gives to the guests and we saw all the guys. Cassie stopped "what's wrong?" I asked. "I'm scared what do I say if they ask why I was sick?" She said looking like she was jumping off a bridge "just say you were throwing up it'll be alright ok?" She nodded and we walked to the table "morning" I said and kissed Harry "hey Cassie how was your flight?" Luke asked "good" she answered and they started talking "what did you do last night?" I asked to the guys "you know typical guy stuff" I raised my eyebrow and laughed. Ashton walked down by our table and we noticed there wasn't an extra chair for him so I ended up sitting on Harry's lap. The guys were talking about food when Cassie got a phone call and left the room, when she came back in she had red puffy eyes and just grabbed her purse and left. All the guys looked confused but is stood up and ran after her "Cassie!" I yelled at her and she turned "what happened?" She hugged me and said "Sam called me and said that he broke up with me because one he loved you and two because I was hanging out with the guys to much" I frowned "your gonna find someone better than him that will love all of you" "I'm not crying over him" I stood back "then why are you crying?" She looked at the ground "promise you won't get mad?" She asked "promise" "hayl.." She paused and knew it was good news because she only calls me hayl when she's telling an good news. "I'm pregnant" I hugged her "that's great news omg when did you find out?" "Two weeks ago but it's deans" I frowned "you didn't tell him do you?" She shook her head "good don't tell him" we walked back to the restaurant and Cassie said I could tell Harry when we get to our room.

At the room

We walked in and I said "I have to talk to you" he nodded and we sat on the bed "Cassie's pregnant but it's deans" "omg that's great except that it's deans he's such a jerk" I laughed "I missed you last night" I said and he smirked and kissed me "you'll make up for it later" I laughed "why don't I make up for it now" I whispered in his ear and bit his ear. "Come on don't tease me" I laughed and turned on the tv and Harry sat to me and my legs were over his and our hands were intertwined. "I love you" " I love you too" we kissed before we fell asleep cuddling on the couch.

We woke up to someone knocking on our door and eventually harry got up and opened the door, it was luke. "Hey can I talk to Hayley in private please" he asked "Ya sure come in" he walked in and looked at me "well I'll be leaving but don't try anything" I laughed and lusk sat on the couch "hey what's up" I asked "I like this girl and she just got out of a break up so I don't want to ask her out but I don't know if she likes me" he looked and his hands "omg you like Cassie don't you?" He smiled "how did you know?" "Girl who just got out of a relationship" I quoted him and he laughed "Ya so do you have any advice" "just be your self and I can find out if she likes you " he hugged me "ok thx well i better be going bye " Harry walked in "OMG he likes Cassie?" I laughed "Harry were you listening?" He nodded and I kissed him "don't do it again want to go swimming?" "Sure" I got on a light turquoise strapless bikini and Harry had black swimming trunks on we all invited all the guys and Cassie. We met them down there but we got there first, when we got there no one was there and we went jumped into the pool with our hands intertwined. We were in the shallow end of the pool and my hair was still in a wet messy Bun and I was sitting on harry when everyone walked in, Cassie and luke were walking and Calum and Ashton were arguing about if hamburgers or hotdogs were better while Michael looked at us like 'help me' and I just laughed. Cassie and I went into the hot tub while the boys just had a water gun fight "so if you had to date one of the guys who would it be?" I asked "um luke" she blushed "do you like him?" I asked happily "ya why?" I laughed and she got confused "he likes you too" she blushed again "really?!" I nodded and I said "do you want me to ask him to ask you out?" She nodded and I was going to go talk to her when she grabbed my arm "not right now" I Laughed and the guys ran over to Us spraying us with their water guns. I ran and jumped on harry while Cassie got luke I got his gun and started spraying all the guys.

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