Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


6. running

I woke up an threw up and remembered that today I'm going to the doctor to see if I was pregnant. I got dressed and left a note telling Harry where so was, I got some coffee from Starbucks and headed over to the doctors. I told them my name and they got me in right away I Waited for ten or fifteen minutes before the doctor came in. She told me how it would go and I told her that I've been throwing up a lot lately an she just nodded. She put a cool gel on my stomach and rubbed it around my stomach, I tried to read her face put it never changed so I never knew what was happening. After a little while she rubbed off the gel and I sat up and she said "you've been throwing up right?" I nodded and she frowned "it seems your body wants to make you think you pregnant but your not I'm sorry" a couple of tears went down my face and she left. 'What is Ashton gonna do he said I have to be pregnant? Will Harry be mad at me? Will everyone hate me?' All these questions swirled around in my head I put on my sunglasses so that people can't see me crying and went out and payed the lady. When I got outside I got a phone call "hello?" "Hello is this Hayley cook?" A lady's voice asked. "Yes this is she who is this?" "This is the jail in Australia your dad wants to see you" I stopped breathing my dad's dead "what no my dad's dead that can't be" I heard papers moving and then she said "it says here in the papers that your mom told you he was in jail so you would never meet him because she thought he was a bad influence" I gasped she lied to me "ok but what is he in for?" "Drugs but he's doing very good so he wants to meet you" I thought about it for a second and said "I'll be there as soon as I can" I hung up after saying goodbye . I went online and booked a flight for Australia in about half an hour, when I got threw security and stuff I had five minutes so I listened to music. When I got onto the plane I sat down and pushed my purse under the seat and put on my seatbelt when a little cute boy sat down next to me and said "hi I'm David and I'm three" I laughed and said "I'm Hayley and I'm eighteen" he hugged me and put his seat belt on. "Hayley since we are really good friends can you take care of me till I go to jail?" I looked a him confused "jail?" He nodded and continued "I'm going be visiting my dad's in jail" I nodded and laughed "I will but guess what I'm going to visit my dad in jail too so I can take care of you till you go back home to your mom" he put his head down and said "I don't have a mom I came from the orphanage" I smiled and said "not anymore" he looked up and me and said "what do you mean?" I smiled and said "I'm gonna adopt you and I'll be your new mom" he hugged me and said "thank you so much hay I mean mom" I kissed his forehead and said "no problem." After that me and David both fell asleep and woke up when we landed. I held his hand and we went straight to the jail and he went to see his dad first and I went in with him. I went into the corner and David went to sit down I started to day dream and before I knew if David came up to me and said "my dad wants to see you" I nodded and went to sit down, I picked up the phone and my dad wasn't there so David came over and talked to me until there was a tap on the glass and I turned and saw my dad. David went to sit in the corner and I picked up the phone "hi dad" he smiled then said "hello Hayley" "I thought you were dead" he looked confused so I continued "mom told me you were dead" he laughed "of course she did how is she?" I looked down and quietly answered "she's dead" I looked up and he was holding his head. He sniffled looked up and said "well let's change the subject is he yours?" Pointing to David "I adopted him" he nodded and said "I'm a grandpa" I smiled and called David and he walked over to the booth and sat on my lap "hey buddy" I hear my dad say "hey grandpa" I couldn't hear the rest my dad said but I heard David saying "you look to young to be a grandpa can I call you pop" my dad laughed and nodded but then the police officers came and took my dad back in "bye dad" I whispered. Me and David got a hotel room and he fell asleep right away because it was late and I took a picture and tweeted in Australia with my little baby. I fell asleep not to long later.

Two days later

It been two days I should have gone but I'm afraid to tell Harry that I'm not pregnant my thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the door "room service" a mans voice. It's nine in the morning why would anyone order room service. I walked over to the door and when I was opening it I said "we didn't order ro.." I looked and saw Calum "Calum what are you doing here?" He pulled me into a hug ad I hugged him too as David asked "mommy who's at the door?" Calum looked at me and mouthed mom? I mouthed adopted and he nodded. "Just a friend buddy" he walked back to his cartoons "well I came her for you Hayley it's been two days why aren't you coming back and first why are you even in Australia?" I looked down "come inside and I'll explain" I opened the door and he walked inside. "Can I go swimming mommy?" David asked me "sure buddy but first this is Calum and cal this is David my son" David hugged him. Then ran into the washroom to change his swim shorts and it took him about five minutes, and we walked to the pool and he told me that he knew how to swim and went to the water slide and me and cal put our feet in the hot tub "tell me now please" I nodded and started "I'm not pregnant" tears started to spill out of my eyes "oh Hayley I'm so sorry" he hugged me "is that why your not coming back" I nodded and said " I'm afraid to tell Harry and Ashton" he nodded "ok I'll be there with you but why are you in Australia?" I bite my lip "well I got a call saying my dad was alive and in jail so I took that as a reason to get away from there an I meet David and adopted him and saw my dad and that's all" he nodded and said "we are going back today" I nodded then asked "how do you find me?" He chuckled "first your tweet saying that you were in Australia and then I used phone tracker" I laughed "it's scary how you know how to do that" he laughed "our flights in an hour so we should leave now" i nodded and called David. We packed up and we got there in no time and we got on the plane. I sat in the middle and David fell asleep right away, as me and Calum talked till he said "are you gonna try for another baby" I looked at the ground and said "only if Harry wants one but what happened in the house any new gossip?" I asked and he laughed "well Harry bought something for you when you get back" I smiled "what is it?" He laughed "nice try but I can tell you it's huge and David will love it too" I frowned "what's wrong?" He asked "what if Harry doesn't like David I already adopted him?" "Harry will love him you should have heard him when he thought you were pregnant" he quickly realized what he said and tried to take it back "Hayley I'm so sorry i didn't mean to say that" I smiled "it alright I need to accept I'm not pregnant" he nodded and I feel asleep. I woke up to someone shaking me I looked and saw Calum shaking me "I'm awake" "we are here" I looked over and saw David was still sleeping I picked him up and grabbed my purse. I carried him although the airport and we got a taxi, wen the taxi reached the house David woke up and he loves the outside of the house which was kinda funny when we got inside no one was there. I walked into the kitchen because David told me he was hungry "what do u want?" He scratched his head "cereal!" I laughed "ok we have corn pops, fruit loops and lucky charms" "lucky charms!" He shouted. I laughed and got the lucky charms then the milk. He thanked me and then we went to bed, but he slept in the bed and I slept on the couch and I fell asleep wondering where everyone was.

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