Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


5. playing games

"Who wants to play a game?!" Luke shouted we all put our hands up. "Ok well how about we play a better version of that game where you say who you want to kill kiss and marry" we nodded " so there's Ashton, Calum , Michael, me, Harry , Sam , dean so that's seven so we need to come up with seven things" we all came up with some things and in the end had marry, kiss, kill, date, have sex with, best friend and father. "Wait theirs only two girls though so can we do any thing for them?" Calum asked and Luke nodded. "Ok Hayley do u want to start?" Luke asked wiggling his eyebrows "sure why not" I thought and said "I would marry Harry, kiss Michael, kill Ashton, date Calum, have sex with Luke, be best friends with Sam and Dean would be my father" dean walked up to me and said "daughter" and hugged me an we all laughed. "Cassie your turn" I said as he took her place on deans lap. "Marry Dean so Hayley would be my step daughter" he paused and everyone laughed and he continued " kiss Sam, kill Harry, date Michael, have sex with Ashton, best friends with Calum and then Luke would be my father" we all laughed and dean decided to go "I'll marry Cassie and be best friends with Hayley" they went in a circle so it was Calum's turn "kiss Hayley and have Cassie be my father" everyone laughed and Cassie's face went red. Next was Michael "kill Cassie and be best friends with Hayley" i looked at Cassie and laughed. Then Luke went "have sex with Hayley so we better use protection cause that's twice" everyone laughed and he continued on " and date Cassie" then Harry went and said "marry Hayley and be best friends with Cassie" I smiled and cuddled up close to him. Then Sam went and picked "kiss Cassie and be best friends with Hayley" no shocker there. After we decided to go to a club. I asked if I could invite another friend and they said ok so I invited two haha. I wore a blue tight dress and black heels Cassie wore a red dress with black heels also. We both curled our hair and we texted Anna and Courtney our two friends but only Courtney could make because Anna was sick and by the time she got here all the boys but Luke were ready (he was doing his hair) it took him fifteen minutes! We took two taxi's because their was ten of us and one was a van, me and all the girls went in one and the guys went in one. We got there first because Luke wanted to make sure his hair was ok, we got shots right away and had about fifteen each and were drunk by the time the guys got there. The guys got drunk quick and it was kinda funny Courtney and Calum got a hotel room at like eleven which didn't take long, dean and Cassie left first and went to Cassie's and me and Harry left after then at like two. When we got there we went straight to the bedroom. When we got there I ripped off his shirt and he unzipped my dress and well you know.

Next morning

I woke up with a huge headache and I was naked I ran to the washroom and threw up and I put on some clothes and by clothes I mean underwear, bra and a shirt that was short so u could still see my hot pink underwear. When I went down the stairs I saw Michael let a girl out the door and she said "call me" and left when he closed the door I said "gonna call her?" And smirked and he laughed " I didn't even get here number and no I wouldn't even" we went to the kitchen a took an Advil we sat down and watched tv and soon Luke walked up with a girl and let her out and said "I'll call you later see you babe" and kissed her and me and Michael started to sing 'Luke's got a girlfriend Luke's got a girlfriend' and laughed and he smacked Michael in the back of the head soon Harry came down and he looked sad and sat down to me "what's wrong?" I whispered. "Can I talk to you in the kitchen?" I nodded and walked over to the kitchen I turned around and looked at him "what?" He looked at the floor " last night we.. You know and we didn't use a.. You know" my eyes widened. "But there's still a chance I can not be pregnant right?" He nodded. And I just said "I got to go" I grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I started the car a drove to Anna's because she will have the best advice and she won't be hungover. I knocked on her apartment door and she opened in five seconds and took one look at my outfit and said "oh what's wrong?" She knew if it wasn't really bad I would have changed or a least put on pants. I started crying and she hugged me and said " come in and get in my bedroom and we'll talk ok?" I nodded and went to et bedroom se had a huge bedroom it had a tv an a huge bathroom not to mention the balcony. I sat on he white bed and she came in with tea "what's wrong?" And sat down "well me as Harry had sex and we didn't use a" I couldn't finish before I started crying again. She pulled me into a hug and said "stay with me for two weeks and if you had all the signs like morning sickness then you'll take the test" I nodded and noticed that I forgot my phone "Anna?" She looked at me "what?" "I forgot my phone at Harry's and I don't have any clothes and I can't go back there" she smiled "I'll go for you" I hugged and thanked her. In half an hour she came back and looked sorry "what did you do?" I asked and she gave me a sorry look and Ashton walked in after her "do you even know who that is?" I asked and she said " it's your best friend that is visiting that's what he said" I laughed and looked at both of them " first Sam is the best friend that is visiting and that's Harry's brother" she looked at me and then him and her eyes widened and she said "shit I'm sorry but I'll let you two talk and I'll unpack for you" he walked up to the bed and sat down "why did you run away?" He asked and I said "well if Harry didn't tell you it's not my job to tell you" he looked at me and said "please tell me" I looked down "fine but it's not Harry's fault" he looked at me and I continued "I'm we'll night he pregnant" he just sat there before picking me up and shouted "I'm gonna be an uncle!!" I laughed and said "might or might not" he put a finger out in front of my face and said " I can't believe I'm saying this but hopefully your pregnant" I laughed and he said "are you gonna come back now?" I nodded. Then Anna came in and said "good thing I didn't unpack" we both laughed and she handed me my bag and I took it. "Can you drive us back?" She nodded and grabbed her keys. When we got there I talked to Anna for a bit before she left and I stood outside with Ashton. "It'll be fine I promise if I'm happy they'll be happy" I nodded and walked inside and Calum ran up to me and spun me around "I can't believe it!" I laughed and smiled I guess he already told them. Calum keep talking about baby names all night and that made me tired quick. I fell asleep thinking about baby names! Stupid Calum!

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