Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


4. pain and nightmares

When everyone went to bed, I made an appointment to see I I had cancer in a week. I went to bed thinking what it would be like to have cancer.

I was laying on the bed and the doctor came in " I'm sorry Hayley but you've got cancer and we are killing you now" he smirked and I tried to get of the bed but he nailed my hands and legs down and I yelled in pain. All of a sudden the pain stopped and he smirked and I was screaming why are you doing this you monster. He suddenly stabbed my above my right hip and everything went black.

I woke up and I was sweating and I had a pain above my right hip where he stabbed I suddenly felt very sick and ran to the bathroom. I threw up and put my hair in a messy bun when I was done but I was so weak that I couldn't get up, I started throwing up again when I felt a hand on my back rubbing in circles. I flushed the toilet and looked up to see Harry he smiled and said " it's five in the morning never thought I'd ever see you up this early" I smiled and said "once in a lifetime chance" and pointed to a shirt " can you hand me that shirt" he smirked sat down and said "I don't know I'm liking this throwing up in only bra and underwear look" I laughed and he threw it to me. I put it on and threw up a couple of times. I flushed the toilet and fell asleep with Harry's arm around me.

Later in the morning

I woke up and heard snapping of someone taking photos with their phone. I looked and saw all the boys taking pictures of me and Harry I said "really?!" They laughed and ran away and I went to get up but I couldn't stand up for very long I couldn't breath and I was clutching the corner and sat myself on the toilet. I took a couple of breaths and stood up it still really hurt but I made my way to the closet, I grabbed some shorts, put them on and walked down the stairs. I was about halfway when I got a sharp pain above my right hip and couldn't breath again. I sat on the steps and tried to breath and started to again I waited a couple of minutes and made my way to the kitchen, I grabbed some yogurt and was eating it when Luke came in and said to me "why did you guys fall asleep on the bathroom floor?" I laughed and threw away the empty yogurt container. " I threw up last night and woke him up and we just fell asleep like the" he chuckled and was started to turn around when I got the shooting pain I clutched the counter. He turned toward me and saw that I was in pain "wow Hayley what's Wrong?" Before I knew everything was going black and I was out.

(Luke's pov)

I just finished calling my mom and was starving so I went into the kitchen, but when I got there Hayley was there yogurt. "Why did you guys fall asleep on the bathroom floor?" She laughed and threw out the yogurt container "I threw up last and woke him up and we just fell asleep like that" I chuckled and started to turn around but then I thought of question so I turned back around and she looked in pain and she was clutching the counter " wow Hayley are you ok?" As I was waiting for an answer she fainted and slammed against the floor. I ran up to her and shouted "Ashton!! Calum!! Michael!!" Ashton came in screaming "what!" And then he saw Hayley "wow why happened did your face scare her that much?" And joked "no she was clutching the counter and just fainted" I said as he knew something was wrong " Calum call 911!" He yelled and claim asked "why?!" Ashton rolled his eyes and said "just do it!" And then we heard Calum calling them. I felt her pulse and her heart was beating really fast. In a couple a minutes the ambulance got here and we put her on the couch Harry still hadn't woke up but Calum called Hayley's friend Cassie and she got her before the ambulance did thank god. When the ambulance got here Cassie went with them and we went to wake up Harry so that he would get to the hospital. I woke him up and told him what happened and we left really soon as soon as we got dressed.

(Cassie's pov)

I left with the ambulance because Harry wasn't awake yet but even though she was passed out she looked in pain. When we got to the hospital they gave her some meds and took her for an MRI and cat scan and other things to see what was wrong. I was alone because the boys weren't here yet and dean was in Africa for another week I was crying wondering if she had cancer and I checked my reflection in my phone and my eyes were red and puffy but I fixed it with makeup so I looked normal. When the boys did get here I hugged Harry and he had red and puffy eyes we all sat down and I sat beside Calum and Harry. Soon the nurse came out and said " hello your friend Hayley is awake and she's asking for Luke" Luke got up and she walked him to Hayley's room " I wonder why she asked for him and not you?" I asked Harry he just shrugged.

( Hayley's pov)

I asked for Luke because I needed to know what happened and I'm pretty sure he was there the whole time. He came in and smiled and I started " what happened?" He closer to me and said "you fainted and we called the ambulance and Cassie and they had you have an MRI and cat scan and other things and that's pretty much it" I nodded and said " thanks is Harry here?" He laughed "why wouldn't he be here he wanted to come in his boxers but we had to make him change" I laughed "can you ask him to come?" He nodded and left. Harry came in quickly and kissed me he had puffy red eyes " I thought you were gonna leave me" I hugged him and said "I would never without a proper goodbye" he smiled and the nurse came in " it looks like you have a kidney stone so your just gonna have to wait till it pass's" I nodded and we go to leave the hospital we all celebrated because while I was there they checked and I don't had cancer!! So I called the doctor and canceled my appointment. I'm so glad Cassie looked kinda upset I wonder why. I pulled her to the side and asked "what's wrong?" "I don't know what your talking about?" I laughed "you look so upset why?" A tear went down her face "I miss dean" I hugged her "awe he'll be back before you know it ok and you can always call him" she nodded and we got back and she seemed in a better mood!

Next day

Today we are surprising Cassie! Dean is coming back and surprising her, what we are doing is I'll invite her over and dean will open the door with flowers. I texted her and said "hey I'm bored want to come over?" She quickly replied and said "sure let me get changed" I laughed of course she's in her pjs it's only 12:00. "She's coming" I yelled into the kitchen. dean came in with flowers I smiled. Calum walks in and said "wow who's this?" And since dean was holding flowers and looking at me and I was smiling he thought that he was giving me the flowers and said "Hayley is there something I don't know?" I laughed and dean laughed too "no this is dean Cassie's boyfriend we are surprising her." He just laughed an nodded. They talked for a while till Cassie came she knocked on the door and dean smiled, he walked over to the door and me and Calum watched. He opened the door and she looked shocked before tackling him in a hug and saying "I thought you were coming next week!" She kissed him and he laughed and answered "Hayley wanted to surprise you" she looked at me and smiled and I just nodded. "But I did a double whammy I have a surprise for Hayley" I looked confused. "Sam!" He yelled and my eyes widened Sam was deans brother and my best friend because when Cassie and dean were making out I had to talk to Sam and we became best friends. Sam walked out and I hugged him "Sammy!" I yelled and he yelled "hey tinker bell" using his nickname for me because he was so talk and I was short so he called me tinker bell. "You've grown!" I said shaking his hair. "Or you've just got shorter" I laughed and introduced Sammy to Calum. Then Harry walked in "wow dean dude I thought that you were coming back next week" he laughed "I surprised Cassie and then surprised Hayley with Sammy" he said pointing to Sam. Harry never met Sam before so while there were talking I talked to Calum " you better watch out for that Sam guy" he whispered "why?" I asked confused. "I see a bromance happening" he said pointing to Sam and Harry I laughed and said " where's the other boys" "sleeping" I laughed of course and I smirked. "Want to have some fun?" He looked confused "what do u mean?" I smirked and said "wake the boys up with water" he smirked and nodded we got up and I took his hand leading him to the laundry room where we found three big buckets. "Who do u want to take?" He smiled and said "I'll take Ashton and Michael, can you get Luke?" I nodded we filled up the buckets and went to the basement. Luke was on the couch and Michael and Ashton were on the blow up foamy. " 1..2...3" we dumped the water and they all got up me and Calum ran and laughed. Luke was chasing me outside and Calum was getting chased somewhere else. We were running around the trampoline. I tricked him and somehow ended up on the street and we ran all the way to Starbucks which was five minutes away before Luke threw me over his shoulder he bought Starbucks for us while I was still on his shoulder. He walked all the way too the house with me over his shoulder we walked inside and he threw me on the couch I saw Calum was covered in wet grass and started to laugh. "At least you got Starbucks" he said pouting "awe would Calum like a sip?" I asked talking like a baby and he nodded sticking his bottom lip out I let him have a sip. We told everyone the story and they laughed the whole time. That was pretty fun!

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