Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


3. one less to love

After we talked with Harry for a while he said that he had to go to the store to buy food for Niall I think his name was. When he left I got a phone call from an unknown number "hello?" I answered and walked out of the room. "Hello is this Hayley cook?" The lady on the other end asked. "Yes this is she may I ask who this is?" She coughed and said "this is the hospital" "is my mom ok?" I asked her. "I'm sorry your mom passed away" tears spilled out of my eyes."oh ok is that all" "well we need you to go to the doctor to see if you have cancer" "ok I'll book an appointment later thank you bye" I said and hung up before she could answer. I heard voices in the kitchen and I knew Ashton was probably here. "I texted Harry ' hey something happened I need to talk to Cassie be back later love you' I grabbed the car keys texted Cassie that I was coming over and that I needed to talk to her alone. Tears were streaming down my face when I was driving and It didn't take long for me to get to Cassie's. She opened the door and when she saw my face she knew something was wrong "Hayley what happened? Did Harry do something to you? If he did I will kill him?" I smiled and gave her a big huge before saying "Harry did nothing Harry doesn't even know" she frowned "how about I'll make us some tea and you can stay in the living room and you tell me everything ok?" I nodded and headed towards the living room when I got a text from Harry saying "ok have fun hope everything's alright miss you already" I smiled at the last part. Cassie came in with our tea and handed it to me and said thank you and she said "no problem ok what's wrong?" Cassie was like my sister I could tell her anything." It's my mom I got a call from the hospital saying that she she.. Passed away" I could feel the warm tears spilling out of my eyes. "Hayley why don't you stay here tonight and we'll have a girls night ok? I'll text Harry and tell him something happened and you need to stay here" I nodded and smiled. She pulled me into a big hug and pulled out her phone. I turned on the tv and looked for a good show, finally I saw that supernatural was on. Cassie then said " Harry texted me back and said oh ok tell that I love her and that I'll miss her cuddling tonight" I smiled and nodded. Cassie ordered pizza and sushi to make me feel better and we watched supernatural and scary movies all night. We talked about our boyfriends mine being Harry hers being a guy named dean. Finally I decided to talk about my mom " what will happen with me what if Harry's parents don't want to take care of me like they don't have to adopt me but just take care of me I'll have to go into a foster home" "Hayley they love you like your their daughter which is kinda weird because your dating their son. But I promise if they don't take care of you my parents will and you'll be my sister. I promise your by going to any foster home" I smiled and hugged her. We fell asleep on the couch watching Dora because we ended up having a couple Of drinks.

In the morning

I woke up and my head was pounding. I guess I had one to many drinks last night Cassie was sitting beside me watching pretty little liars. As soon as she saw that I was awake she held out an Advil an some water I smiled and noticed I was only wearing my bra and underwear "where the hell are my clothes?" I asked her."upstairs in the bathroom" she laughed and I ran upstairs I put my shorts on when they was a knock on the door I thought Cassie didn't get it but I was wrong. I was coming downstairs in my bra trying to put my shirt on when I noticed some guy at the door and he automatically looked at me my face went red and I put my shirt on. " well anyways I'm here to pick up Hayley" I walked to the door "that would be me" I smiled "oh hi I'm Calum" "and in Hayley but you already know that so what are you doing here?" I asked "um Harry said you called him last night saying you needed a ride and that we should come pick up your car so we did and here I am picking you up" I looked at Cassie " I did? I mean I did! Sorry I forget a lot. Let me just get my phone" he nodded and Hannah let him in I walked into the living and it wasn't there. I walked back to the front door "um Cassie have you seen my phone?" I asked smiling. "Um ya I think it's in the fridge" "and you didn't think to take it out?" I asked she just laughed and said "no" I opened the fridge and my phone was right behind the leftover sushi. I grabbed my phone and the leftover sushi. I gave Cassie a hug and said "thanks for last night I had fun and thanks for getting my mind of things" she just smiled and nodded we were walking out when I turned around and said "have fun with dean tonight" I winked and she blushed. I got into Calums car. "Were you drunk last night?" He asked. "Why would u think that?" He laughed and said "well when I came said that you didn't remember us taking your car an your phone was in the fridge" I laughed "wow you really listen and maybe I was but I was trying to get my mind off of something" he laughed and said "nice bra by the way" "ok you never saw that and I was never drunk last night ok?" He nodded and we got to Harry's house in a couple of minutes. I walked inside an went upstairs to change. I changed into leggings and one of Harry's shirts and put my hair in a messy Bun. I walked downstairs and Harry , Calum and three other guys were there I put the sushi in the fridge and kissed Harry's cheek and he said "hey what happened last night" I just said " I'll tell you later" I smiled. I got a text from Hannah "have you told Harry yet?" I texted back "no not yet there are some other people here who I don't know" I locked my phone and Harry put his arms around my neck from the back. "Hayley this is Ashton, my brother" he said and I waved he just smiled. "This is Michael but you can call him Mikey" I smiled at him and he smiled back "this is Luke" he just did a half smile and I did a full smile back. "And this I Calum but you already know that" I laughed "yup we are like besties" he laughed I thought 'I mean he already saw bra' I got another text from Cassie saying 'TELL HIM TELL HIM!' I laughed and replied 'ok I will it's not a happy subject so I don't why you want me to do it so bad' it take long for her to say ' I know but don't keep it from him' "keep what from me?" Harry asked. I looked at him and tears threatened to stream down. I grabbed his hand and took him into the living room. I sat on the couch and a tear slipped out and went down my cheek. "My mom died yesterday." He pulled me into a big hug. "Why didn't you tell me?" " i didn't want to make a big scene" he kissed the top of my head and looked at me and said "my parents will take care of you I promise" I smiled and kissed him when tears were streaming down my face when Ashton came in and said "everything ok?" I just turned my head away so he couldn't see my tears and wiped them. "Ya everything fine just something happened we'll be come in a minute" he left and I looked at Harry. He wiped the tears with his thumb and we walked back into the kitchen. I texted Cassie and said 'I told him ' she said 'good girl' the guys kept talking about their fans and how the get nervous before shows. i guess I lost someone I love but I just gained four friends

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