Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


10. news

After the pool we went back to the rooms and changed. We all met up in Calums room, I knocked on the door and Ashton opened it up "hello" "hi" I smiled and walked in with Harry right behind me, I flopped down on the bed and noticed everyone was here except luke and Cassie. Harry sat right behind me so I was kinda sitting on top of him, next to us on the same bed was calum and Michael was sitting Lonely on the other bed. We heard a knock on the door and Ashton opened it up and Cassie and luke walked in, they didn't sit down which I thought was weird "hey guys we have some new" luke started and I looked up at harry confused "we are officially dating now" they held up their hands which were intertwined. "But" Cassie said before anyone could congratulate them "I'm pregnant, it's not lukes its deans by Im still going to keep the baby and Luke will adopt him" everyone ran up and hugged them while Michael just jumped on the bed saying "I'm going to be an uncle" over and over again. We went back to where we were sitting except Cassie and luke sat next to me and Harry. My phone started ringing and I answered it "hello?" I questioned "hello is this Hayley?" A woman's voice said "yes this is how may I help you" "hey Hayley its mrs Irwin is harry and Ashton with you?" I looked at harry "yes they are here do you want to talk to them?" "Yes please harry isn't answering his phone and ashton isn't telling me if Harry's with him" I giggled "here they are" they left the room and soon Cassie and I left "hey can I ask you something?" Cassie asked when we were watching modern family "Ya sure what's up?" I paused and looked at her noticing that she was crying "hey what's wrong?" I asked hugging her "it's horrible to say that you love someone when you just got out of a relationship with someone else?" I laughed "I thought you sad but no it's not bad" I smiled "let's go to the beach tomorrow" she said changing the subject "ok"

The next day

I had a lace aqua bikini on and Cassie had a hot pink lace bikini on and all the guys were in dark blue or black swimming trunks on. We went to a private beach that we rented out for a week, it had a huge cabin and a dock plus he owner left the boat for us. "Harry can you grab me a hair elastic" "sure babe" he said handing me a hair elastic. I put my hair in a messy bun and Harry said "you should pack up because we are taking all of the stuff from here to the house and probably aren't coming back" I wrapped my arms around his neck and said "I already packed my bags and yours" he kissed me "thank you" "welcome" we kissed and then Cassie texted me saying we were leaving in ten minutes.

I grabbed a white crop topish thing and black high waisted shorts. Then grabbed my purse and bag and Harry and I left to the rental car that we got downstairs. It was a red jeep and I seriously wished we owned this car. I put my bags in the back and put in my sunglasses "Harry can you drive please" I said getting into the passenger seat "sure anything for you" I kissed him after he put his seatbelt on "should I put the address into the gps?" I asked and he nodded. I typed in the address and we were there in under half an hour, I was just getting out of the car when I got a call from Cassie.

"Hey what's up" I asked answering the phone "hey!" I hear Cassie shout. "Are you guys almost here?" I asked "hey Hayley" I heard in the background "hey Luke" he laughed "so are you guys almost here?" Luke laughed and said "Cassie was driving and told me to sleep so I did and I had an hour sleep till Cassie realized we were going the wrong way" I laughed and asked "so how long till you get here?" "About two hours" I laughed "ok where are Michael and calum?" I heard a laugh "they were following us" I laughed "so your all two hours away" "yup so we got to go because if I don't tell Cassie when to turn she's probably take us to china" i laughed and heard Cassie say shut up in the background. "We'll see you in two hours then" bye" I ended it and walked over to Harry.

"They will be here in two hours" after I told him the story he grabbed our bags and said "we have first dibs on our room then" I giggled and grabbed my bag. We ended up picking the master room that had awesome look out of the lake and a balcony. "Let's go swimming" I said and Harry threw me over shoulder and I giggled "then let's go swimming." He threw me in the lake and I said "Harry my clothes are soaked" he laughed and I hit him and took off my wet clothes setting them down on my towel. We sat in the sun for a while till Harry fell asleep and I grabbed my vlogging camera. "Hey guys it's Allie and Harry just fell asleep on the beach so I decided to dump a bucket of cold water on him" I giggled to myself "let's go do this, I have a pretty big bucket so hopefully he doesn't kill me" I filled up the bucket and set my camera down so they could see me dump the water. I dumped the water on Harry and he jumped up looking at me and running after me. Finally I hid behind a bush and waited for him to find me.

I felt some thing cold on my back and looked and saw that Harry smeared mud all over my back "Harry!" I shouted and he grabbed me and threw me in the water. "My back smells now" I said doing the puppy dog face "your lucky your so damn adorable or I would probably smear it on your face" I giggled and kissed wrapping my arms around his neck. We kissed and then I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist "I know I've said it a lot but I love you and I mean It" I said "I love you too and I mean it" I kissed him and he sat on the ground and I sat on him so I could still look at his face and kissed him "look at the sunset" I said "it's almost as beautiful as you" I blushed and we looked at each other and it felt like we were the only two people on the earth. I kissed him and i still felt he sparks from the first time I kissed him.

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