Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


8. hot

I woke up ran to the bathroom and threw up non stop till I sat on the ground. I heard David run to Harry's parents room because that's were Harry was because Harry wanted to sleep with me. I threw up and Harry rubbed circles on my back, when I leaned back he sat down and felt my forehead "wow babe your really warm are you warm?" I shook me head and said "I'm kinda cold actually" he nodded "what time is it?" I asked and he looked at the clock behind him "eight o'clock in the morning" I nodded and sat back. Harry stood up and grabbed his phone "I'm gonna call my mom ok you stay right here" I nodded and threw up some more when I heard a voice say "sick huh?" I looked up and it was Calum "ya" "maybe you caught from Australia you know since it's so horrible there" I laughed as he sat down. "How are you with the whole not pregnant thing if you don't mind me asking?" I looked up and smiled "I actually haven't thought about it I mean I have a three year old that's enough for now" he laughed and Harry came back "my moms coming" I nodded and then my eyes widened "she doesn't know about David" "it'll be fine I promise we'll get though this together" he grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead. "I better clean up all the beer cans downstairs if your moms coming" Calum said as he stood up and I laughed. "Come on you can sleep in my parents room" I nodded and stood up with him "where's David?" "He fell asleep with Luke again on the couch" I laughed and made my way with Harry to his parents room "my mom will be here in about half an hour" I nodded and climbed on the bed. I put my head on the pillow and got under the covers, Harry went into the bathroom and came our with a cold wet cloth and put it on my forehead. After he grabbed the tv remote and jumped onto the bed next to me, he turned on tv and I put my head on his chest. He gave me the tv remote and turned on The avengers I always watched it when I was sad or sick and me and Harry watched it with me the day I moved in because I found out my mom had cancer. About fifteen minutes later David walked in and said "mommy are you ok?" I sat up "ya baby but moments feeling a little sick" he nodded and held up a piece of paper "me and Luke made this for you" I smiled and noticed Luke in the doorway. "Thanks buddy why don't you come here and I can look at the card" he walked over to me and I put him on my lap. He handed me the card and opened it, it said get better mommy in messy writing, I kissed the top of his forehead and said "thank you this is my favourite card I've ever gotten" he smiled as I out the card on the bed side table "what are you watching" he asked. "The avengers" he nodded and got in the middle of me and Harry. Luke left a little while later after talking for a bit an then Harry said that I should sleep so he left and David was already sleeping so he left him. I turned off the tv and cuddled up to David and fell asleep right away.

Twenty minutes later

I woke up to a someone feeling my forehead, my eyes opened and I saw Harry's mom. "Your really hot darling" I nodded and sat up straight. "How about I make you some homemade chicken noodle soup" I nodded "thank you" she smiled was halfway to the door and turned around and said "David's a cute one, I'm glad to be a grandma" I smiled and when she left I turned the tv back on and Harry came in a couple minutes later. "My mom loves David" I smiled "she could barely put him down" he continued and I laughed. "Feeling any better?" I shook my head and he jumped on the bed. "But ice cream would help" he laughed and pulled out his phone "I'll ask Cassie to bring some when she comes" I giggled "I'm sick not dying you don't have to invite everyone to come and see me" he kissed my forehead "too bad I already did" just then a knock was on the door, and calums head poked out. "Hey" "hey" I replied and Harry's phone started ringing. He left the room and Calum sat next to me "can I ask you something" "of course anything for my bestie" I feel like Calum was my big brother that I never had. "Well there's this girl I like but I don't how to tell her so I need help how do I ask her out" I smiled "awe Calum has a crush" I giggled and he nudged me "anyways just say things from your heart and be confident girls love confidence" I nodded and kissed my forehead while hugging me "thank you" he got up and was about to leave when I said "hey do u want to make a YouTube video with me?" He smiled "sure what kind of video do u want to do" I thought then said "how about a truth or dare" I nodded "ok do u want me to get Someone else too?" "Sure get Mikey" he nodded and went to get Mikey while I set up and tweeted "doing truth or dare video with Mikey and cal use #mchtruthordare to give us some dares or truths" then Calum came back with Mikey and we started the camera. "Hey guys it's me and I have to very special guests today drum roll please" I tapped on the bed frame "here is Miley and cal pal" they sat down next to me" "hello guys" they both said at the same time and I laughed "we are going to do some truth or dare for u guys" I pulled out my phone and said "Damon_slover shout out for the name says kiss ur crush this dare is for Hayley" I laughed " I'll kiss my boyfriend then" Harry walked over and I kissed him. Miley then looked on his twitter and found a truth "what is it like being in a famous band and for Hayley what is it like living with famous people ps I love u" we laughed "we love u too " Calum said "well for me it's not that different they are just like normal people" I nodded and looked and cal and Miley "it's fun but sometimes you can get annoyed when you can't go to certain places" calum finally answered "yup" was all Miley said just then David came running in and said "mommy, luke is hurt and can't get up" I picked him up and ran downstairs to find the fridge somehow fell on his leg and he was in pain. "Mikey can u take David upstairs and call 911?" He grabbed David and went upstairs to find a phone. I walked over to luke "how did this happen?" He clinched his hand "i slammed the door to hard and it fell" I nodded "calum come help me lift the fridge up" he nodded and it took a couple of minutes but we got it. I looked at his leg and it was bleeding and a big chunk of skin came off and blood was all over the floor. Mikey came down with David and said "they'll be here any second" just then there was a knock on the door Mikey opened it and they come in with a stretcher. It didn't take long for them to lift him on the stretcher and into the ambulance, Ashton went into the ambulance and we all got in the car and drove super fast but thankfully didn't get caught by the police.

At the hospital

I paced back and forth waiting for the news. Finally the nurse came out after what felt like a hundred hours. "He's gonna be just fine but he's gonna stay overnight so we can kept an eye on him just in case you can him up at noon" we nodded and headed out. When we got back something seemed wrong I walked into the kitchen and saw that there was still blood all over the floor. I walked into the laundry room and grabbed a cloth and soap to clean the floor with. I scrubbed until all the blood was gone then went upstairs to see David playing with the firetruck. "Hey buddy what do you want for supper?" I asked. "Pasta" I nodded and made pasta in an half an hour and he ate it then went onto the trampoline outside. "Harry?!" I shouted upstairs "yup darling" I laughed and said "I'm going to go get food we are almost out want to come?" He ran downstairs and said "of course" I walked outside and said "David mommy and daddy are going to the grocery store Calums going to look after you so listen to him and do whatever he says ok?" "Ok mommy" I walked to the front door and put my sterling heels on and grabbed my purse. I got into the car and it took us two minutes to get to the store. When I got there I went into the frozen aisle and got s frozen pizza when I reached to get the pizza I felt a pair of hands on my hips "babe did u get the peppers?" I asked thinking it was Harry. I turned to see someone I never wanted to see again it was my ex boyfriend Chris "hey baby want to go to My apartment?" He pushed me against the doors "it'll be fun" I tried to wiggle out of his grip but he pushed my hands against the glass "leave me alone Chris we are over. As in done in the past or dead." "That doesn't mean we can try again" I tried to get out of his grip again. "Let her go jack ass" he turned to see Harry standing there with his face red with anger. "What r u going to do about it wimp" before I knew if Chris was knocked out and Harry had a gushing bloody nose. I grabbed Kleenex and we got to the house but before I got out of the car harry grabbed my hand. "Wait tell Calum to take David into the background I don't want him to see me like this" I nodded and did what he told me too. Soon his nose bleed was done and I washed his face. "Thanks for doing what you did back there." I smiled "no need to thank me I'd do anything for you I love you" "I love you too" we kissed for about a minute and I felt lien a princess. "We need to talk" " about what?" He looked at the ground "Harry asked me to go on tour with him" I hugged him "that's amazing when?" He didn't hug me back and I was confused "he said i could take you but..." He trailed off "I'm sorry" he kept looking at the floor "why are you sorry" " I already said that you would come and so would David I'm sorry I didn't ask you but I wouldn't be able to live without you there..." I stopped him by kissing him and said "I wouldn't be able to live without you either I love u" " I love you too"

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