Dating Harry Irwin

Hayley lived with her boyfriend Harry and his parents because her mom is in the hospital with cancer. What happens when Harry's brother Ashton from 5sos wants him to go on tour will he be able to bring Harry or will he live her behind.


7. coming back

I woke up at nine and nobody was there still so I called the orphanage to see if I could pick up David's clothes and stuff and try said ok so I walked up the stairs and shook David "wake up baby we have to go get your stuff" he nodded and I carried him to the kitchen and sat him down on a chair in the kitchen. "What do u want for breakfast?" He yawned and replied "lucky charms" I nodded and made him a bowl. "I'm gonna go get changed you stay here ok" he nodded and continued eating. I walked up the stairs and Calum was walking downstairs rubbing his eyes "watch please his in the kitchen" he nodded and kept walking without a word. I threw on a Gray loose shirt and black jeggings and Long socks that reminded me of sock monkeys over top with Uggs so you could just see the tips of the socks. I walked downstairs and Calum was talking to David and I stopped so I could listen and they wouldn't see me. "Do I have a daddy?" David asked and I smiled "ya buddy you do he is just at work" I walked down and into the kitchen. I smiled and said "cal we have to go to the orphanage to get David's stuff can you come?" He nodded and I grabbed my purse, put David's bowl in the sink and picked him up. Calum drove and halfway there Calums phone went off and I looked at the caller Id and it said Harry. "It's Harry" I said and Calum said "can you answer?" I nodded and answered the phone "hello?" "Hayley?" I nodded as I said "yup" "where did you go?" "Australia" there was a silence for a whole until he said "why were you there?" I sighed and replied "my dad is alive and In jail so I went there so I didn't have to tell you" "tell me what?" A tear went down my cheek I looked at Calum and said "I'm not pregnant Harry" "why didn't you want to tell me?" By now lots of tears were going down my face. "You were so excited and I thought maybe you would leave me" "Hayley I love you with or without a child" I felt a hand on my arm and looked at David and he said "it's ok mommy you have me now" I smiled and said "thanks baby" I kissed his forehead and he sat back. "Who's that? Why did he call you mommy? Hayley answer me?" I sighed. "That's my son" "what do you mean your son" "I adopted him and his name is David" he laughed with happiness "you have a son! When can I meet him?" "His not my son he's our son and whenever we get back from the orphanage" he said " ok I'll be at the house when you get back and I have a surprise for you by the way" "ok we got to go love you bye" "love you too bye" I hung up and David said "was that daddy" I looked back and said "ya baby it was" he nodded and Calum said "we are here" I got out and unbuckled David and he grabbed my hand. We walked in and we were out in an hour it took us another half an hour to get back to the house because we stopped at Starbucks. When we got back to the house I opened the door and Harry was sitting on the couch with Ashton and Luke I don't know where Michael was. He ran up to me and hugged me and I hugged back "I told them" he whispered and I pulled out and smiled then David ran into Harry and ran behind my leg. I laughed and picked up David and said "David this is Harry your dad Harry this is David." I pointed at Harry and David jumped out of my arms onto Harry and Harry smiled saying "hey buddy" I smiled and sat on the couch next to Ashton he smiled and I smiled back 'I'm sorry' he mouthed and I nodded soon David ran up to me and said "can we play football?" I nodded and picked him up. We split up into two teams me, Harry and David the other team was Michael Luke and Ashton. We played for about half an hour till I phoned Cassie and told her about David and she came over right away I opened the door with David and Cassie, dean and Sam were there we sat on the grass in the backyard and I said to David "this is your auntie Cassie and uncle dean." He waved and I said "and this uncle Sammy or Sam" he smiled and said "hi buddy" dean, Sam and the other boys started to play with David while me and Cassie sat on the grass. Dean was playing with David and Cassie said "I can't wait till I have children, deans so good with them." I laughed and said "trust me it's not as easy as it looks it's already hard and it's only be two days" she laughed as I stood up and said "want a beer" she nodded and I went inside and got us two beers I handed it too her and sat down again. Harry sat next to me took a sip of my beer an said "that kids got some energy" I laughed and nodded. David ran over to me and said "uncle deans silly" I laughed and said "ya he is baby" Harry got up and put David on his shoulder and I shouted "a careful" and David shouted back "it's ok daddy will catch me if I fall" I smiled and turned to Cassie "want to go shopping tomorrow?" She nodded "hey Harry" he turned towards me and I continued "can you ad the guys watch the kids tomorrow me and Cassie are going shopping" he nodded and said "buy stuff for David and something sparkly for me" I laughed and said "sure thing" Cassie ad me went inside and talked till we were hungry and decided we wanted to order pizza. We walked outside "we ordering pizza we are already getting two cheese pizzas what else?" Looks of voices replied but in the end we decided on three cheese pizza one pepperoni and three barbecue chicken. We ordered it and they said it would be here in half an hour so the guys stayed outside with David while me and Cassie went inside to watch a new episode of pretty little liars.

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