dance contest zayn fan fic

about james who was loved dancing but everyone else thought it was a joke until he meet his new best friend zayn


2. i cant go to the dance studio

~~zayn left and was really excited to meet a new friend he called James mobile no answer saw he messaged  him saying he will meet him near the school to go to the dance place. James text back can you pick me up from my house just call me if you get lost and gave him the directions.  suddenly his mum come in your not going to the dance studio tonight listen im going out and I trust you to be a good guy and not go. his mum left he was about to text zayn when he realised that he was alone until 11pm he rang zayn hey biddy my mum has gone out  and wait what am I doing I cant go out tonight zayn . and hang up the phone and decided to leave the dance contest zayn banged on the door hey zayn I thought we where friends come on we can win this it doesn't matter zayn im not going out see you ok then go and find yourself a new partner and a new friend I thought you where different wait I really do like you your amazing guy but I cant go because I promised my mum I would stay in why do you care because she doesn't want you to dance sorry zayn your going to louse a friend come on you have to understand zayn no I don't where friends yes where still friends but I cant go out ill tell you why tomorrow morning

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