suicidal (michael clifford fan fiction)

It’s been 10 years since my sister Victoria jumped of a bridge and took her own life i was 6 now 16 still unable to leave the house the only person that helps me is my Grandad George I’ve even tried to commit suicide myself that until I’m brave enough to attended school and met a boy named Michael Clifford who helps me get over the worst thing in my life, but when my Grandad dies and i found out who did it, what will she do, how will she do it, does she die.


18. sixteen

After the mini fire joey promised that he wouldn’t tell, that was good I didn’t need the entire house knowing im a clumsy mare, even though I am, I mean I could have died, it was lucky joey was awake. At breakfast we sat next to each over, I ate my toast and drank my orange juice, Joey even offered a bike ride after he drank his coffee, yeah him saving my life did make me like him more, I mean I didn’t dislike him for no reason, my Aunt liked that we were getting along, and so did I im not going to lie. We both got some bikes and headed out, for some reason Joey chose a mountain to ride up which my feet did not enjoy, until we got to the top, the view was amazing so breathtakingly gorgeous and then Joey bringing the child of me out tapped me on the back then saying “tig your it” oh no he didn’t, I chased him to get him back, urgh gosh he was fast, we was up there all day, luckily Joey packed a sneaky picnic, then the worst thing in the entire world happened, the reason I disliked him so much became so clear, and then I hated him, we was just sitting there watching the sun set, I had my head on his shoulder I thought it was perfect, Joey Stood up then helped me up before saying he wanted to show me something, him having my total trust I followed him to the forest we was playing in earlier, he stopped “what’s up” I asked him, he told me to sit down, I was a bit scared at this point, but I sat on the ground, Joey looked at me really weird, “I know that my massive bum has taken up this tree log but you can sit on my lap you know I mean I won’t bite” he replied before nashing his teeth as a joke, I giggled at his remark and sat on his lap while saying “mhhh now what do I want for Christmas” implying he was santa, he looked at me while asking “you trust me don’t you” I nodded “why didn’t you like me when you arrived” he then followed it up with, I shrugged my shoulder, he looked sad, I didn’t like that, I gave him a hug bearing in mind that my body was now facing his and I was still sitting on this lap which was quite a weird and sexual position, but I liked him and I trusted him so I hugged him, when he cheekily stood up and swung around, I giggled like a little girl for the millionth time today, but definitely the last, “im a bit tired Joey” I said to him when he stopped swinging me, he put me down and told me to wait there for a couple of minutes while he gets the thing he wanted to show me, so I sat on the log he was sitting on while he went, this log was quite long so I lied down on it as I was tired, but somehow I fell asleep on the log, bad idea Chloe, such a bad idea. I awoke tied to a tree naked, I was so confused I went to scream, but I had duct tape tied to my mouth, Joey walked from behind a tree with a box, “Chloe!” he said before running up to me “a-are you okay what happened why are you tied up where are your – oh wait yeah never mind” I was so confused, never mind, never mind what? Joey just looked weird, until I realised what he was doing, he pulled his shirt off and tried to give it to me before saying “im going to find your clothes, oh wait your hands are tied up, my bad” why did that sound sarcastic? He was scaring me now He pulled his pants and boxers down before saying “I think the reason you didn’t like me earlier was that you secretly knew, you secretly knew that one of my favourite hobbies was having sex with kids, and well were both naked, and your kind of a kid” that’s all he said before, well I don’t think I need to explain what happened then.
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