suicidal (michael clifford fan fiction)

It’s been 10 years since my sister Victoria jumped of a bridge and took her own life i was 6 now 16 still unable to leave the house the only person that helps me is my Grandad George I’ve even tried to commit suicide myself that until I’m brave enough to attended school and met a boy named Michael Clifford who helps me get over the worst thing in my life, but when my Grandad dies and i found out who did it, what will she do, how will she do it, does she die.


2. chapter two

I woke up in the nurses office she said that i put u head down on the table to fast and knocked myself i was thinking great. All ready hate school even more plus i was in mrs collfield form the same as my teacher so i got put in a room to have all my lessons in. It was called b2a behaviour to attendance. I walked in to find michael the boy from form in hear i ingored him sat at the deck with my name on. I looked at michael who was right next to me and said "so clifford, michael" he looked confushed until he remembered hes name tag and he replied "all right johnson,chloe" i laughed... Wait have i found a friend... A person whos not hating on victoria... A actualy nice person over than gradad george. I turned to him and said "i know we have just met and all but i was thinking if u would like to come have dinner at my place" i felt my checks go bright red, he looked up and smiled and replied "sure met u by the school sign" i quitely laughed at myself i was happy for once in my life until i got a text from a unknown number saying "i know your biggest secret"...

Sorry for the cliff hanger tired so gonna go sleep its like 1am so write more tomorrow peace out chloe

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