suicidal (michael clifford fan fiction)

It’s been 10 years since my sister Victoria jumped of a bridge and took her own life i was 6 now 16 still unable to leave the house the only person that helps me is my Grandad George I’ve even tried to commit suicide myself that until I’m brave enough to attended school and met a boy named Michael Clifford who helps me get over the worst thing in my life, but when my Grandad dies and i found out who did it, what will she do, how will she do it, does she die.


3. chapter three

I checked my phone and blinked around about 100 times. All that could go through my mind was what. I didnt have any secret. So i text back "course" then i got a repliy so fast and it said "it was your fault that victorias gone" omg i remember getting into a argument a few hours before she died i said "die... No one will care any way". Tears started to roll down my face it was my fault she died. All mine. I replied "what u gonna do?". I waited for a while and nothing until a teacher walked behind me and saw my blackberry and took it off me and said "no phones in school johnson". They wernt my grandad george they couldnt do that and i heard my phone beep but they still never gave it me back and put it in the bottom deck in her draw.

Sorry for the short chapter just woke up will wrote more when im more awake peace out chloe

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