suicidal (michael clifford fan fiction)

It’s been 10 years since my sister Victoria jumped of a bridge and took her own life i was 6 now 16 still unable to leave the house the only person that helps me is my Grandad George I’ve even tried to commit suicide myself that until I’m brave enough to attended school and met a boy named Michael Clifford who helps me get over the worst thing in my life, but when my Grandad dies and i found out who did it, what will she do, how will she do it, does she die.


8. chapter eight

Chloe pov

*beep beep* *beep beep* i opened my eyes and took my phone out my pocket and saw a number i didnt know, it was calum asking where i was i added her number and replied "on way" then i thought i got my phone took off me i reached into my pocket once more and saw a note it said " you will thank me later michael" i open the over text from before when i got it took off me it said "you will see..."

Write when be bottherd peace out my little muffins

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