Thank Goodness For My Twin

Hunter and Dean Storm. A pair of twins. Semi average, except that they are always on the run from cops and orphanages. One day, they soon go to an unusual high school, where they meet three very different people. Join Hunter and Dean on their adventure that contains heartbreak, love, humor, and all that great stuff.
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6. Chapter Six~~ Lets Go On The Murry Show! Or Not… Your Choice.


Chapter Six~~ Lets Go On The Murry Show! Or Not… Your Choice.


Hunter’s P.O.V

After we were done packing in silence, I looked over at my sister. She looked over at me. We held eye contact before she finally spoke. 

    “How is this all gonna go down? Like, I understand that we have to go with them because this is a matter of ‘Life and Death’… But nobody knows what we can do except for that thing and us. Oh and mom…” She trailed off. She looked at the door. Her eyes  turned a dark blue. “They’re here.” She said. I heard a knock.

    “Right on time… As usual.” I thought to myself. 

    “Come on in. The door’s unlocked.”  Dean called out. Jason, Leo, and Piper walked in. 

    “Come on. We don’t have that much time left.” Jason said as he grabbed two of our bags. Leo walked over and picked something off of my nightstand. 

    “Is this your mother?” He asked as he looked at the picture. Dean gasped as she looked over at me, her eyes filled with sadness. I snatched the frame from his grasp as he gave me a shocked look at my sudden movement.

    “Yes it is. Now don’t go putting your nose where it doesn’t belong!” I said as I glared at him. He stared at me with big eyes. 

    “I’m sorry.” He muttered. 

    “Thats all anybody has ever said! You’re not really sorry! You just like the ida of being sorry!” I felt tears trying to come out of my eyes. I didn't like it. It made me feel weak whenever someone brought up mother and said that they were sorry. They just said it to make us feel weak and useless. A tear slipped down my face. I cringed as the salty water slipped into my mouth. 

    Leo didn’t say anything. He grabbed one of my bags and one of Deans bags.

    “I’ll see you guys outside.” He muttered and walked out. Piper and Jason followed with most of our belongings. I held the photo close to my chest and slinked to the ground. Dean fell down next to me, tears rolling down her cheeks and her glasses all foggy. 

    “H—Hunter…” Her mouth quivered. I put the photo down next to me and brought her into my arms. We silently cried like we would do on most nights. 

~~~***~~~*** ***~~~ Time Lapse of all the packing, crying and such~~~***~~~***~~~**

    “Alright Argus here is going to be taking us to camp. Apparently Annabeth is busy with some work and Reyna is on her own today.” Jason explained to Piper and Leo. We had grabbed our backpacks and headed out to where they were standing. As we graced them with our presence, Leo stiffened. 

    “Whatever. I’ll be waiting on the bus.” And with that, he clambered onto the bus. 

    “Alright. This is Argus. He will be driving us to our ‘destination’. So climb aboard the bus.” Jason took the rest of our belongings and went to the back. Dean and I climb in and go all the way to the back of the vehicle. I spared a glance at Leo, but he had headphones on. I inwardly groaned. Dean must’ve noticed my action cause she glanced over at Leo as well. A smirk played around on her lips. 

    “You know… Now that I think about it, Leo does look pretty cute.” Dean smirked at me. I got mad. 

    “Whatever.” I mumbled, then moved to a different seat. I grabbed my headphones and iPod from my bag and started my playlist for Black Veil Brides. 

~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~*** Time lapse ~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***

I must’ve fallen asleep or something cause in a moments notice we were already at our destination. 

    “Alright everybody out.” Piper said. I suddenly had a strange motive of getting out of the bus at the moment. I clambered out behind Dean. A kid with black scene hair that came to his shoulders was waiting for us.

    “Okay so this is Nico Di Angelo and he is gonna show Hunter around camp. Leo will show Dean around camp. We will get your stuff situated into cabin eleven. By the way, Nico, I take it you’re going for a new look? Don’t let Drew see.” Jason told us. Piper shot me a glance, then shot a nervous glance at Dean. 

    “Um… Hi.” I said as I waved at Nico awkwardly once everyone left. 

    “H—Hi. Um, well, I’m Nico Di Angelo son of Hades. And um yeah…”

    “That’s so cool! Hades is the god of the Underworld right?” I asked eagerly. Hades had always been my favorite god. He looked startled by my enthusiasm, but masked it easily.

    “Uh… Um yeah… I uh, I guess it is.” He stuttered the words out. I smiled at him and he blushed, but his hair hid his face so he thought that I couldn't see it. I giggled. Which was weird.

    “Okay. So what did they mean by putting our stuff in cabin eleven?”

    “Oh well, before we find out who your parent is, we put all new campers in cabin eleven. It’s patron god is Hermes, god of messengers, roads, and all that kind of noise.”

    “I already know who my parent is. He’s the king. He’s your fathers brother. The youngest brother. My father is Zeus, king of Olympus.” I said feeling proud. Nico on the other hand, was shaking his head.

    “How do you know? How would you know?” He asked. 

    “Uh.. Well, for one, Leo made this spiked bracelet for me that has Greek writing for lightning, and I can summon lightning.” As I said this, a lightning bolt appeared over my head. Nico and some of the campers around us bowed. Nico stood up. 

    “All hail the daughters of Zeus, Hunter and Dean Storm!” By then, Leo and Dean had come over to where the crowd was. Dean fought her way over to me. I looked over at Leo and noticed a lip glossed kiss on his cheek, and surprise surprise— Deans lip gloss was smudged. 

    “What’s going on?” She whispered to me.

    “I have no idea. All I said is that I knew who dad is and then they all bowed and said what Nico just said.” I said in monotone. After a few more minutes passed by, Jason came by. 

    “I knew that you guys would be my new sisters!” He said as he pulled us both into a hug. I laughed and Dean looked very uncomfortable. 

    “Wh—What do y—you mean? Sisters?” Dean pushed Jason away in disgust. 

    “My father is Jupiter, the Roman form of Zeus.” He said as he released me. Leo, Nico, and Piper came over with a few new people trailing behind. Once they got to where we were standing, they all stood in a straight line.

    “Well now that we got your parent all figured out, we should probably introduce ourselves. I am Jason Grace, son of Jupiter and cabin consular to Cabin One. I have the gift of Aerokinesis[1]. I have the gift of Atmokinesis[2]. I have the gift of Electrokinesis[3]. I am a child of New Rome and New Greece or Camp Half—Blood. I am also the Praetor of the First Legion.” He said as he looked proud at his status.

    “I am Leo Mcshizzle Valdez, cabin consular to Cabin Nine. I am the son of Hephaestus. I have the gift of Pyrokinesis[4]. I have the gift of Technokinesis[5]. I created the Argo II. I am a child of New Greece or Camp Half—Blood.” He said without looking at me. I frowned.

    “I am Piper Mclean, cabin consular to Cabin Ten. I am the daughter of Aphrodite. I have the gift of Charm—Speak[6]. I have the ability of Amokinesis[7]. I am a child of New Greece or Camp Half—Blood.” She said. 

    “I am Nico Di Angelo, cabin consular to Cabin Thirteen. I am the son of Hades. I am the Ghost King. I am the ambassador of Pluto. I have the gift of Shadow—Travel[8]

    “I have the gift of Geokinesis[9]. I have the gift of Necromancy[10]. I have the gift of Umbrakinesis[11]. I am a child of both New Rome and New Greece or Camp Half—Blood.” A girl with frizzy brown hair and golden eyes walked out of line and stood next to Nico. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were going out.

    “I am Hazel Levesque, and I am stationed in Cabin Thirteen for the time being. I am the daughter of Pluto, the Roman form of Hades.  I have the gift of Shadow Travel[8]. I have the gift of Geokinesis[9]. I am a Magic[12] user as a grift from the Goddess Hecate which allows me to have control over the mist. I am a child of New Rome.” Well that answers my question, they’re half—siblings. A Chinese boy walked out of line.

    “I am Frank Zhang, and I am stationed in Cabin Five for the time being. I am the son of Mars, the Roman form of Ares. I have the gift of Necromancy[10], though it is very limited. I have the Blessing of Ares[13]. I have the gift of Shape—shift[14].” 

A girl with blonde hair and grey eyes walked out of the line.

    “Is she one of our sisters too?” I thought to myself, then thought better of it. I was getting a bad vibe off of her.

    “I am Annabeth Chase, cabin consular to Cabin Six. I am the daughter of Athena. I am the Official Architect of Olympus. I am one of the few who found Zeus’ Master Bolt, in addition to finding the Helm Of Darkness that belongs to Hades. I am one of the few who found the Golden Fleece that saved this camp. 

    “I am one of the few who rescued Artemis when she was held captive by the Titan Atlas and held the up sky. . . I am one of the few who defeated Kronos, the King of the Titans.” She said looking proud of the architect part. A guy with black hair and ocean green eyes stepped forward.

    “I am Percy Jackson, cabin consular to Cabin Three. I am the son of Poseidon. I have the gift of Hydrokinesis[15]. I have the gift of Aerokinesis[1]. I have the gift of Geokinesis[9]

    “I have the gift of Cyrokinesis[16]. I have the gift of Electrokinesis[3]. I am one of the few who found Zeus’ Master Bolt, in addition to finding the Helm Of Darkness that belongs to Hades. I am one of the few who found the Golden Fleece that saved this camp. I am one of the few who rescued Artemis when she was held captive by the Titan, Atlas and held the up sky.

    “I am one of the few who defeated Kronos, the King of the Titans. I have saved Olympus. I have defeated Gaea and the Giants. I have bathed in the River of Styx.” He said, as he looked at Annabeth when he said the last part. 

    “Nico!” A girl shrieked behind us when the introductions were all over. A girl with red hair came running towards us and she threw her arms around Nico. 

    “Hey James. Oh um this is Hunter ad Dean Storm. They’re the daughters of Zeus.” He explained to a girl with red hair.

    “Yay! New people! I mean… New friends!” The girl who Nico called James said. 

    “Oh where are my manners? My name is Jamie Lukas. I’m the daughter of Poseidon. But please, call me James.”

    “I’d sure like to call you something else.” I thought to myself, but Dean looked over at me and smirked and I knew just what she was thinking. 

    “It’s great to meet you James! My sister Hunter and I were just dying to meet new people!” Dean said with fake and obviously forced enthusiasm. 

    “So why don’t I show you guys the way to your cabin? I have to go back to mine anyway. Oh and babe, don’t forget that you promised me that we would go to the beach today. Chou!” She said as she linked her arms with Dean and I. She blew them an air kiss and all I could think was;

    “How does she have a boyfriend that looks way to cool for her?” Dean was obviously thinking the exact opposite, because she again smirked at me for the third time that day. 

    “Okay so listen. I don’t know what your problem is, but I don’t want you looking at my brother, Leo Valdez, or my boyfriend *cough* Blue girl *cough* Got it?” She said as her giddiness faded away. 

    “I can tell that we are going to be the best of friends.” Dean said, which was probably true. 

    “Okay… Hang on. I understand why you don’t want us looking at your brother or at your boyfriend… But the Leo thing? I’m really confused.” I said. Dean suppressed a laugh, but Jamie was on full laughter level and the reason for that, I’m not quite sure. 

    “Because my best friend is in love with him, so for now… he is off the charts.” She said with a snotty voice. Dean was right, her and Jamie would be the best of friends. They both act horribly selfish, they both act pretty snotty and all that other kind of stuff. I’m kind of surprised that they aren’t the kids of Aphrodite. 

    “Well, whatever. I’ll see you later. Right now I have to go and get ready for my date.” Jamie flipped her hair and left. 

    ‘’Wow. Who does she remind you of?’’ Dean asked me with a lopsided smile.

    “Shut up.” I mumbled and she just chuckled. 

    “When I hear her talk I think of… Lib—” 

    “Shut up! Just shut your big mouth already! I’ve had enough! Now I don’t care what you say anymore, but if you mention that day and anybody's name from that day I swear I will shock you so hard that your teeth will still be rattling twenty years from now!” I hissed. her eyes grew big.

    “I was just joking! It’s not like I’m the one who did all those awful things to those girls!” 

    “I already told you to shut up!” I shouted as lightning blasted from my hands and created a mini fire inches from where Dean was standing.

    “Ah! Are you trying to kill me?” She shouted. A couple of the campers started to look our way. 

    “I told you to shut your big mouth and you didn’t listen! You know I can’t control my anger as well as you can!” I shouted back. She huffed and went inside the cabin. I stomped out the fire and went in behind her. I looked around the cabin. It didn’t look as homey as I thought it would be. Humming random songs that were on my iPod, I put down my stuff on the nearest bunk. 

    Dean took a bunk that was far away from me, but I knew that she just needed time to cool off, so I didn’t really mind. I looked towards the center of the room and my eyes widened. There, in the center of the room, was a giant statue of Zeus. I shivered. That was freaky. Two girls came over to me.

    “Hey I’m Elise Jay.” A girl with brown curly hair said. Her eyes were not really a grey, but they had like some brown in them… Weird. 

    “And I’m Frankie Michelle Grim” A girl with red and blue—grey eyes said. 

    “Oh, hey. Um… Do I know you?” I asked. Frankie giggled and Elise slapped her on the head. I surprised a laugh. 

    “Ugh. See what I have to live with? Like seriously, she got the top bunk before I could. And we got to camp at the same time.” She rolled her eyes. I laughed. Upon hearing my laugh, she smiled.

    “So she can laugh! Look at that! Jeez, at first I thought I would have to tell all my bad jokes.” She laughed. Frankie groaned. 

    “So, we never really caught your name.” Frankie said. I had a mixture of a smile and a frown etched on my face.

    “I’m gonna spare you the details, but all you need to know is that this is not my real name.” I said. 

    “So then what is your name?” Elise asked, curiosity on her face.

    “My name is Hunter Storm.”

    “Hunter? That’s a boy name isn’t it?” Frankie asked me. I sighed. 

    “Well yeah. When most people hear my name they expect a guy to enter the room. But nope, instead they get me.” 

    “Hey guys! Start cleaning your bunks! Annabeth and Percy are doing cabin inspections tomorrow and I don’t want another repeat of last month.” A girl with wavy brown hair and pale blue eyes glared at Frankie. All Frankie did was shrug her shoulders and have a lopsided grin permanently attached to her face.  

    “Don’t mind her. She went through a ‘tragic’ breakup with camps cutest loner.” Elise said.

    “Woah, since when are you into gossip?” Frankie asked.

    “Blame Miranda. I go over to the Aphrodite cabin to get my highlights done, and once I leave… BAM! I was sucked into their gossip world.”

    “So who is the camps ‘cutest loner’?”

    “Do not go after him. He’s dating a daughter of Poseidon. But anyway, it’s Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades.” I groaned. Nico? My crush?

    “Woah girl… Calm yoself. You just meet him like two hours ago!” My inner voice commanded me.

    “Don’t worry. I won’t get hurt this time.” I told my inner voice.

    “Yeah. Isn’t he going out with Jamie Lukas?” I asked nonchalantly. 

    “Yeah. They’ve been going out for like three months now.”  Frankie said. The girl with the wavy hair came back over by where we were. 

    “Stop gossiping and start cleaning.” She said. She said it so calmly it scared me.

    “Okay, okay, okay. See ya later Hunt.” Elise said as she and Frankie left.

    “You must be a new camper. I’m Ryan Barter.” She said with a softer look on her face.

    “Hi. I’m Hunter Storm.” I said. 

    “So how did you know your father was Zeus? Most people have to stay in the Hermes cabin for a long time.”

    “Yeah, well… My mother was killed by a Manticore. I was very sad and angered so that when I screamed, I burned down my school with a burst of lightning. There were no survivors except for me and Dean, and this one girl. Eventually the girl split from us. Then two days later we found her body in a river.

    “I remember we gave her a proper funeral. We also learned that she was a daughter of Hades and her name was Eleanor Shade. She was only thirteen when she died.” I said softly, trying my best to not cry. I always got emotional when I thought of my past. Riley said nothing, but she looked sad.

    “I know Eleanor Shade.” She said quietly. I looked up.


    “Yeah. She’s in the Hades cabin.” She said. I ran out the door. I looked at all of the cabins, looking for one that screamed ‘Death’. I finally spotted it. I ran as fast as I could. 

    I burst through the door.

    “Eleanor!” I yelled, my voice full of emotion. 

    “Who needs me this time?” A voice rang out. I knew that voice. Then, that’s when I saw her. We stared at each other for a little while. She hadn’t changed a bit.

    “Eleanor?” I said. I chocked back a sob. Her eyes welled up. 

    “Her— I mean… Hunter.” A tear let loose. Then another and I was suddenly pulled into a hug. We held each other and cried.





[1] Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate air. It is one of the four elements that make up Atmokinesis. It is an ability that the children of Zeus/Jupiter, Poseidon/Neptune, and the Anemoi possess. The most common example of this is the ability to fly. Users of aerokinesis can manipulate and control or create wind and air, such as air waves, air currents, air structures, air pressure, clouds, tornadoes, storms, and altogether air bending. Other abilities include, being able to see wind magic and the ability to influence and control the minds of wind spirits. Aeolus is the master of the winds and can alter the direction from which the wind blows in parts of the United States (and possibly Canada). He will normally do this by request from one god or the other, making his job increasingly difficult if two different gods request different directions of the winds. The children of Poseidon/Neptune can create their own personal hurricane demonstrated by Percy Jackson in The Last Olympian and in The Son of Neptune. The full extent of their Aerokinetic abilities are unknown, but they can create powerful storms and hurricanes.

[2] Atmokinesis, also known as weather manipulation, is one of the most powerful abilities in existence where one can control and manipulate the various forms and aspects of the weather itself. It can be used to cause massive damage or do many great things depending of the intentions of the user, the full potential of these powers remain unknown as none of the gods or Titans seem to hold that much power.

[3] Electrokinesis is the ability to mentally and/or physically manipulate and control electric currents and static electricity. Electrokinesis is a very powerful ability to have. One with the ability can summon lightning, electricity, or even make a static shock powerful. They can electrify their weapons in order to make their weapons more effective, causing more damage. They are also unaffected by other types of electrical blasts, or are at the very least, more resistant to them. It seems to be an ability possessed by the children of Zeus, and his Roman counterpart, Jupiter. This ability can also be possessed by powerful children of Poseidon, and his Roman counterpart Neptune, as they are able to create strong storms that can generate lightning.

[4] Pyrokinesis (from the Greek words pûr and kínesis: fire moving) it is the ability to control fire well as being completely immune to being burned by fire. Leo Valdez has this ability and uses it to protect himself as well as others. Only a few chosen children of Hephaestus share this power.

[5] Technokinesis, or Technopathy, is the ability to either manipulate machines by physically animating them or controlling them like puppets or communicate with machines, technology, lamps, vacuums, or any other machine. Certain aspects of technokinesis are depended on Electrokinesis as machines run on electricity.

[6] Charm—speaking is a rare type of hypnotism ability that chosen children of Aphrodite possess. It can also be taught to people who are able to use magic, like Circe or Medea. Charmspeak can be a very powerful weapon, as it can make people do anything on command. Charmspeak is a type of hypnotism or persuasion in which it allows the speaker to convince someone else to do or get whatever they want. The strength of the command depends on the tone and the emotion of the charm—speaker's voice, as well as their skill with it. 

    Eventually, charmspeak wears off and the person has no recollection of why they did what they were commanded to do. For those children of Aphrodite blessed with this gift, they may not realize that they are using this ability, usually not trying to put any power into their words, though they can still charmspeak other people. This happened often with Piper McLean, who didn't realize at first what she was doing. She would ask for things and people would give it to her, which lead to her father, Tristan McLean, defining her as a kleptomaniac, as she just kept stealing bigger things, like a car. In The House of Hades, Piper wakes up Festus, who was shut down for upgrading, using charmspeak.

    The only known demigods, as of now, to possess this power are Piper and Drew Tanaka. Any other demigods with this particular gift are yet to be introduced into the series. Circe has charmspeak powers and taught it to her niece, Medea (as stated in The Lost Hero). Circe herself had seemingly used charmspeak in The Sea of Monsters, charm—speaking Percy. A charm—speaker can reverse other people being charm—spoken if they are skilled enough. 

[7] Amokinesis is the ability to control the emotion of love or desire. Aphrodite and her children can use this ability. The Aphrodite cabin members can use this power as they are the offspring of the goddess of love. Also, characters like Medea and Circe have this power as they are powerful sorceresses. This power is intensified if the user has charmspeak because it also uses the power of the voice to make anybody do what they want. This is one of the most powerful abilities despite not having the destructive force of Hydrokinesis or Pyrokinesis, as love can even bring even the gods to their knees. Percy himself once said that Aphrodite's power scares him even more than Ares'.

[8] Shadow Travel is a form of transportation that allows creatures of the Underworld and demigod children of Hades/Pluto to travel to any desired place on Earth or in the Underworld, although it makes the user extremely fatigued.

[9]Geokinesis is the mental and/or physical ability to control/manipulate earth. Abilities can include earthquakes, fissures, rock slides, landslides, volcanic eruptions, or the ability to cause rock to shoot up from the ground.

[10] Necromancy is the mental or physical ability to control the bodies and spirits of the dead. As shown by Hades and Nico di Angelo, Necromancy is an extremely powerful ability. Those that possess it can summon skeletal minions and zombies to do their bidding. Depending on how many of the dead one can summon depends on how powerful the one resurrecting the dead is. Those with this ability also have some influence over ghosts and spirits, being able to control them, or simply communicate with dead spirits to gather information.

[11] Umbrakinesis is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, deactivated photons mostly in the absence of light. One with this ability can even deactivate and repulse or travel through shadows (see Shadow Travel) by converting deactivated photons into a dark version of a portal.

[12] Mystioknesis or reality warping, is the ability to control a natural form of energy, for example: creating snow, changing the weather, turning other people into animals, etc. Thus, giving it control over everything and everyone. Magic is a very complex and dangerous force as it gives control of natural energies in order to produce a needed positive change, but also could be used for evil purposes. Children of Hecate are especially skilled at this form of manipulation.

[13] Ares' Blessing is a magical blessing bestowed by Ares or his Roman form, Mars, upon his demigod children. It looks like red fire around them and makes them temporarily invincible. 

[14] Shapeshifting is the magical ability that one has to change his/her age, size, gender, species and so on. Frank Zhang's family is the only family known to use this ability. Gods and Titans are beings of pure, radiant energy in their true form, but since it's too dangerous to simply glare at them in this form (or being in their presence if it is a Titan), both beings are capable to assume physical form in order to safely interact with "lesser beings". For the most, their appearance is that know on myths "adapted" to the current world potency's culture (Zeus, for example, is described as an "angry-looking hippie" wearing a tuxedo), but they can change their form into anything that they want to be, with Athena and Hypnos having turned into birds in the past, Poseidon and Demeter having a horse as a child, due to having reproduced in form of a stallion and a mare respectively. Of all the gods, however, Zeus is notorious to use shapeshifting to disguise himself from Hera during his affairs with other women, having turned himself into an eagle, a swan, a bull, a woman, and even a rain of gold.

    Not all shapeshifting by immortals are for pleasure. Rather, its a way that nymphs, for example, have used to protect themselves from gods' affection, with Daphne and Siringe, for example, having turned themselves into plants to avoid Apollo and Pan respectively. Empousai have the power to change shape as well.  They can turn from their human form to their true form and vice versa. Annabeth mentioned that they have the power to change shape in The House of Hades

    As well as empousai, the Furies can also shape shift. Alecto posed as Percy's math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, and as a lawyer to get Nico and Bianca di Angelo out of the Lotus Hotel. Normal humans have no natural power to change form, but some mortals may inherit this power though divine ancestry, also known as a Legacy. The Zhang family, for example, are all descendents of Periclymenus, mortal grandson of Poseidon, and they all inherited his ability to turn into animals. Examples include Frank Zhang, who is capable to turn into both normal and mythological animals like when he turned into a dragon, and his grandmother who was apparently forced to flee for her life in the form of a small bird. 

    Frank's mother was a Canadian soldier who had attempted to use her shapeshifting in Afghanistan to help the American troops. The plan was unsuccessful, since she was killed in the action. Other mortals that shapeshift without inherent power normally change form as a result of divine punishment upon them. Indeed, some monsters like the Gorgons and Lycanthropes were originally normal human beings that somehow offended the gods and were turned into monsters as punishment. Circe is also notorious to turn men into animals, but some may protect themselves by using molly (or Hermes' Multivitamins) against her magic

    Not all forcefully shapeshifting is punitive, though. Rather, this may be a way for gods to protect their loved ones from the fire of other gods. This is evident in Zeus' case with Io, when he turned her into a heifer to hide her from Hera, and several centuries later with his daughter Thalia Grace, as she was gravely injured in a fight against Underworld monsters, Zeus turned her into a tree to avoid Hades from claiming her soul. Due to Kronos' manipulation, Thalia and the tree now exist as separate entities.

[15] Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate and control water. This is a trait shared with water nymphs (Naiads, Oceanids, and Nereids), aquatic deities like Poseidon, Oceanus, and their offspring. Zeus also has hydrokinetic abilities, though he only controls the waters of the sky (primarily rain).

[16]Cyrokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate ice. It can be presumed that any child of Boreas or Khione would have cyrokinesis and that any child of Poseidon/Neptune may also have this power to a lesser degree, since Poseidon is the god of the sea.



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