Thank Goodness For My Twin

Hunter and Dean Storm. A pair of twins. Semi average, except that they are always on the run from cops and orphanages. One day, they soon go to an unusual high school, where they meet three very different people. Join Hunter and Dean on their adventure that contains heartbreak, love, humor, and all that great stuff.
Percy jackson belongs to our dearest Uncle Rick
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9. Chapter Nine~~ It’s My Birthday And I Have To Fight In The Giant War… Oh Joy

 It’s My Birthday And I Have To Fight In The Giant War… Oh Joy




It didn’t take long for the news of Nico and I. In fact, I was surprised at the speed. Boys stopped flirting with me, I guess in fear of Nico. And now, girls throw themselves at Nico.

    “Hunter, are you even listening to me?” Dean snapped her fingers in front of my face.

    “I’m sorry, what?” She sighed.

    “I really hope you won’t be like that on the battlefield. I said, it’s time to go to the practice field. You got your bracelet?” I nodded, holding up my wrist to show my weapon. She smirked.

    “What?” I asked, her smirk getting bigger.

    “Do you know what today is?” I racked my brain. Man, I didn’t even know what day it was. How pathetic was I? Wait, don’t answer that.

    “Negatory.” She gave a dramatic sigh.

    “Think about it, what month is it?” I knew that one. See, I’m not that pathetic. Ha.

    “July.” Then I thought for a moment. “It is July… Right?” She smiled.    “Good job. Now what day is it?” She asked once again. I knew it was July, but that was it. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. (LOL Jason). My face broke into a smile.

    “It’s our birthday! Oh my Zeus, we’re officially sixteen!” I stood and hugged her.

    “We’re not sixteen just yet. Wait until tonight.” I laughed.

    “Whatever, let’s just have fun today!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her outside the cabin. We ran into the practice arena where Percy was teaching new kids some moves. Dean and I waved and he waved back.

    We walked over to one of the empty arenas and started to spar. By the time we were done, the day had already gone by and we were both drenched in sweat. I looked at my iPod and laughed. She gave me a questioning look.

    “Eleven more minutes till I turn sixteen.” She smiled.

    “Sixteen more minutes till I turn sixteen.” We both laughed. Then I cursed.

    “We should probably start heading back to the cabin before the cleaning harpies catch us. It’s pass curfew.” She nodded and we ran to the Zeus cabin. Just as we were about to open the door, the warning conch blew. I thought it was just a drill, but when I saw all the monsters at the hill, I knew it was anything but a drill. 

    I pulled Dean out of the way as Jason came barreling out of the cabin. He looked at us with surprise, then ran off into the direction of the Poseidon cabin. Dean and I looked at each other, then ran into our cabin. She woke up one half of the cabin and I woke up the other half.    “Can’t you hear the shell? Get up!”

    “It’s only a drill Hunter. Go back to bed.” Frankie muttered, rolling around in her bunk.

    “It’s not a drill!” I shocked her with my index finger. That woke her up.

    “Owe! That hurt you know…” She glared at me as she rubbed her arm.

    “See if I give a flying whoop. Now help me wake up Elise.” Frankie sighed, but jumped down from her bunk and helped me wake up our half—sister.

    “Hunter? Frankie? What in the Hades do you guys want?” Elise managed out a croak. She had been sick with a sore throat for about two days now. 

    “It’s the moment that we’ve been training for all of our lives El. It’s time to fight in our war. It’s time to fight for what is ours.” Frankie said through moist eyes. I looked at her, startled. Frankie doesn’t cry ever, so something must’ve happened in the past.

    “Let’s fight for what’s ours. I want to see the blood of those hideous beasts, and I want to slaughter those who took everything away from us.” Elise looked grim, and so did Frankie. It scared me, like a lot.

    “Then let’s go!” I called out. We all ran out the door, the rest of the Zeus offsprings behind us, letting out cries of battle, cries for blood. 

    I tapped the jewels on my bracelet and out came my gun. I shot at every monster in my way. I saw Mama fighting with a black spear, and Dean not far away from where Mama was, fighting with her dagger and having thunder shake her enemies. That was when I saw him. I had hoped that I would never have to see his ugly face again, but there he was. 

    “Principle Thorn. How nice to see you here.” I snarled. He laughed. 

    “Hello dear, valued student. Did you miss me?” He smirked.

    “Of course I did. I missed you so much, that I wanted to see your blood on my hands tonight.” He growled. I pulled out a sword (I knew my gun wouldn’t kill him) and slashed at him. 

    I just couldn’t believe that when it was my time to turn sixteen, I was fighting the monster that made my life a living hell.


Third Person


It was madness. Romans against Romans. Romans against Greeks. Blood was shed, yet it mattered not, for the earth mother had already been awaken. A ship, zooming across the sky, and demigods shouting orders.

    “Legion, cuneum formate!” A demigod who goes by the name of Reyna yelled. “Advance!” 

    “Greeks!” The legendary Percy Jackson yelled. “Let’s, um, fight stuff!” Demigods from both sides yelled like banshees and each and every one of them charged. Gaea was doing nothing, but sadly, the fighters thought was too soon.    AWAKE, a voice boomed all around them. The ground rippled as if Half—Blood Hill had become a giant waterbed.

    Demigods fell, ogres slipped, and centaurs charged face—first into the grass. A hundred yards away from where a certain son of Jupiter stood, grass and dirt swirled upward, making the shape of a woman. She had brown hair, tangled like the trees roots. Her skin was as white as quartz. Her dress woven from blades of grass. 

    “Stand fast!” The charm speaker shouted, her powers loud and clear. “Greeks and Romans, we can fight her together!” Mother Earth only laughed. She spread her arms, and everywhere, demigods and monsters alike started to sink deeper and deeper into the ground.

    “The whole earth is my body,” Gaea boomed. “How would you fight the goddess of—”


    In a flash of bonze metal, Gaea was swept off the hillside, snarled in the claws of a fifty—ton metal dragon. Festus was reborn into what he was originally. 

    “Piper! Jason!” The fire welder shouted down below to his friends. “You coming? The fight is up here!” Once in the air, Gaea’s powers subsided, and the demigods and monster continued to fight.

    A daughter of Zeus with blonde hair, her twin fighting at her side, watched as their half—brother flew into the sky with his lover, only to help their best friend. And to put an end to the cursed prophecy. They looked at each other, then went to help the daughter of Athena and the son of Poseidon.

    The war continued. The majority of the wounded were monsters, but the half—bloods were on the verge of death. Apollo kids rushing everywhere, trying to lead them to safety. Some were lucky enough, others weren’t. Others were sprawled, their limbs in disgusting directions; blood still seeping from their wounds, from their cold lifeless bodies.

    A boom sounded and suddenly their was fire in the air. No one knew what had happened to the three demigods in the sky. All they saw was two of out of the three falling from the heavens. No one paid the slightest attention to the scrawny pale boy in the gold robes as he was flung in the direction of Festus. No one paid attention when the explosion let out a big, loud BOOM!




Blood. Blood was everywhere. There was dirt and grass, still free—falling from the sky. Bodies were strewn on the hill. There was no sign of Leo and his metal friend. There were tears to be shed, and people to be remembered.

    “Hunter!” Dean came at me along with Mama.

    “Oh both of my Baby Storms are alright.” Mama hugged us tightly. We hugged back, for fear that we would all drop to the ground and die. We let each other go and I looked around.

    “Who did we lose?” Dean looked at me with tears in her eyes.


    “Who did we lose?” I repeated, raising my voice. She flinched.     “Elise Jay and Frankie Michelle Grim. I am so sorry Hunt.” She sobbed. My body went slack. 

    “No. No, no, NO!” I screamed. I fell to the ground crying. Mama had walked away a little while ago to go and see what she could do to help.

    “I’m sorry Hunter. They died trying to kill the Minotaur. They said it killed those close to them, and they wanted vengeance. They succeeded in killing it, but it took them with him.”

    “Who else died?” 

    “Jamie Lukas daughter of Poseidon. Kenna Blaze, a twelve year old daughter of Hephaestus. And Sunshine Shade, a daughter of Apollo. She fired one of her sonic arrows the wrong way, and poof, she was gone.” I nodded. I didn’t like Jamie, but nobody should have died in this war.

    “Okay. Let’s go and see what we can do.” I said through tears. She nodded and helped me from the ground. I saw Tyson talking with Rachel and a girl with red hair and red wings. Ella, Ella the Harpy.

    “Right now you couldn’t summon a wishbone without melting into a puddle of darkness, Di Angelo. I told you, no more Underworld—y stuff, doctor’s orders. You owe me at least three days of rest in the infirmary. Starting now.” A guy I knew by the name of Will Solace scolded Nico. I smiled.

    “Three days? I—I suppose that would be okay.” I saw Nico blush.

    “Hmm… That’s odd…” Will said something, but was cut off by Percy letting out a big whoop. Nico left Will and went over to Percy and Annabeth. I wanted to hear what they were saying so bad. I sneaked over, and stood behind a tree, listening to their conversation.    “So,” Nico started. “Since we’re going to be spending at least a year seeing each other at camp, I think I should clear the air.”

    Percy’s smile wavered. “What do you mean?

    “For a long time, I had a crush on you. I just wanted you to know.” 

    “You—” Percy looked back and forth between Nico and Annabeth.

    “Yeah. You’re a great person. But I’m over that. I’m happy for you guys.”

    “You… So you mean—”

    “Right.” Annabeth smiled at Nico.

    “Wait, so you mean—” Percy started up again.

    “Right,” Nico said again. “But it’s cool. We’re cool. I mean, I see now… You’re cute, but you’re not my type.”

    “I’m not your type… Wait. So—”

    “See you around, Percy. Annabeth.” She raised her hand for a high five and Nico obliged. He then walked back to where Will was waiting. I turned around and forced my legs to walk. 

    Nico was gay. Or at the most, he was bi. Does that mean he doesn’t really like me? Was it all a trick?

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” I looked up, gun in my hand and pointed it at the intruder. I huffed and lowered my gun.

    “What in the Hades do you want?” I sniffed. He smiled.    “I just want to know why a pretty girl like you is crying.” 

    “I’m crying?”

    “Yes. Don’t you feel the tears?”

    “No.” I lied. He clicked his tongue.

    “See, there’s this skill that your mother and I possess. And that is we can tell when people are lying.”

    “Go away Bradley.” He only came closer. And closer. He was so close that I could smell the cologne on his body. I craved it.

    “Stop it Hunter. Stop it! You still have a boyfriend, even if he’s gay.”

    “Why do you want to be alone?” He whispered. I wanted to look, but I didn’t. What was he doing to me?

    “Because I do.” He took a step further. I froze. I moved my legs and ran. I ran out of the clearing and right into Nico.

    “Hey babe, what’s wrong?”

    “Do you want to break up?” I blurted without thinking. He looked at me with a blank face.


    “I’m sorry. I didn’t think I just said… But do you?” He looked down at the ground.

    “Why would you ask me that?”

    “I heard.”

    “Heard what?”

    “Heard you were gay,” He looked at me. “Do you even like me?”

    “I don’t know,” He admitted. “I like you, but I don’t know whether it’s sexual attraction, or friendly attraction.” My eyes welled up.

    “Then we shouldn’t do this anymore. I’ll see you around Nico.”


    “Ps, I think you and Will Solace would make a cute couple. Just an observation.” He blushed and I laughed. I gave him one last kiss on the lips and walked away.


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