Thank Goodness For My Twin

Hunter and Dean Storm. A pair of twins. Semi average, except that they are always on the run from cops and orphanages. One day, they soon go to an unusual high school, where they meet three very different people. Join Hunter and Dean on their adventure that contains heartbreak, love, humor, and all that great stuff.
Percy jackson belongs to our dearest Uncle Rick
I only own the people who Rick obviously doesn't...
I will try to post every Wednesday... 'Try' is the key word here... I have major writers block...


4. Chapter Four~~ Oh! We Goin To School!


Chapter Four~~ Oh! We Goin To School!


Hunter P.O.V

Well, this was it. The place I liked to call, the Devils playhouse. Not really though, it was just the school entrance

    “Well, no turning back now huh?” Dean said dryly. Still mad about her outburst earlier, I ignored her. With a sweep of my hair, I opened the door. I guess it was the time to like, get everything from lockers and stuff, because when I opened the doors, the hallway was filled with teens. They turned around towards where we were standing.

    “Hey! Ya know, pictures last you longer, and if you don’t want a pic, then quite staring!” I shouted at them as I placed my hands on my hips. Three people started our way, two guys and a girl. One of the guys had blonde hair and blue eyes, the girl had brown choppy brown hair braided into thin braids and green, brown, and blue kaleidoscope like eyes. The second guy had brown curly hair and chocolaty brown eyes, and looked like a Hispanic elf that made you want to check for your wallet.

    “Hey, Hunter, what do you think about the blonde one? Pretty cute huh?” She asked me as she eyed Blondie.

    “Eh, he’s okay.” I told her, as I checked out the little elf.

    “Are you looking at that elf? When there is some major eye candy that is right in front of us?” She asked me astonished. I was about to say something when the kids came up to us.

    “Hey. I’m Jason Grace.” The blonde one said. He gestured towards the Hispanic elf.

    “Hey, there! I’m Leo Valdez and I may just be the guy of your dreams!” He introduced himself as he added a wink at the end.

    “And I’m Piper Mclean.” She said as she winced at her last name. Dean was still looking at Jason, but then she glanced down at his hand, which was intertwined with Pipers, and glared at this sign of affection. An awkward silence consumed us until I cleared my throat.

    “Well, my name is Hunter Storm.” I nudged Dean. 

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. My name is Dean Storm. and if you haven’t guessed it yet, Hunter and I are twins.” She glared at everyone of them, although her glare landed on Piper longer than it should have.

    “Well, Coach Hedge wanted us to give you an orientation. So follow us to the office.” Jason told us as he spun on his heel and walked away. I looked at Dean and she looked at me. We had a way of communicating with our eyes instead of talking, and right now her eyes were saying “let’s follow”. We followed at a steady pace. Leo slowed his pace until he was next to me. My breath got caught in my throat and my heart was beating hard. 

    “Why am I thinking like this?” I thought to myself. 

    “So Hunter, what are some fine looking girls like yourselves doing at a school like this?” He asked us, but the question was pointed at me.

    “Well, you see. We have been what Dean likes to call ‘hobos’,” I told him, making air quotation marks with my fingers when I said hobos. “Anyway after we almost got caught by the cops a couple days ago because I decided to ‘borrow’ some food, clothes, etcetera, etcetera, and then we ran away again. We haven't been to a school since we were in fifth grade and Dean wanted to go back.” I told him. He looked at me in amazement. He sighed and ran a hand through his curly hair.

    “Wow! I think that you have the same problems as I used to. I was always on the run after my mother died.” 

    “Our mom died too. We never met our dad.” I said bitterly. 

    “No kidding. I’ve never met my dad either.” He gave me a lopsided smile that may have cured cancer.

    “You are now my best friend. You are going to be in all of the same classes as me according to your schedule. ” He told me. He started laughing and I started to laugh as well. 

    “I guess I will have a pretty good time here.” I thought as I watched Leo laugh.

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