Thank Goodness For My Twin

Hunter and Dean Storm. A pair of twins. Semi average, except that they are always on the run from cops and orphanages. One day, they soon go to an unusual high school, where they meet three very different people. Join Hunter and Dean on their adventure that contains heartbreak, love, humor, and all that great stuff.
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5. Chapter Five~~ Camp What Now And Camp Who?


Chapter Five~~ Camp What Now And Camp Who?


Jason P.O.V

After we said our goodbyes to the girls, we headed off to our dorm room. I looked over at Piper who was staring at her shoes. I grabbed her hand.

    “What’s the matter Pipes?” I asked her. All she did was look up and sigh. 

    “I’m worried about us. I mean, Rachel said that something either bad or good will happen to the seven,” She stopped talking. She looked around, then kept talking. “And nothing good ever happens to demigods. What would happen? Will we die? What if Gaea or Kronos come back? Or worse, they team up?” She asked. 

    I heard worry seeping into her voice. I was starting to worry because if I know Piper, it’s that she in’t much of a wary person. Well, we all are, but she keeps her cool and doesn’t show.

    “Piper, you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything will be fine.” I told her. 

    “Okay?” I asked her. She sighed and smiled up at me. 

    “Okay.” She said after a while of silence. ( A/N TFIOS fandom for you guys right here!!!) I smiled and slid my arm around her waist. She placed her head against my shoulder.

    “I need your help. Both of you. Okay so I don’t think that you guy’s need to have a PDA session in front of me. Although I could be totally wrong.” Leo said, grimacing at our affection as he jogged to catch up with us.

    “Whatever, that’s your opinion.”

    “Hey I have to talk to Beauty Queen,” Leo said, glancing down at the floor. “Alone.” he continued. 

    “Oh. Um, okay then. I’ll see you guys back at the dorm room later.” I said, getting the hint. I kissed Piper on the cheek and gave Leo a bro—hug. 

Piper’s P.O.V 

After Jason left, Leo started to talk.

    “So since your mom is the goddess of love and all, I need your advice.” 

    “No I’m not hooking you up with one of my cabin mates.”

    “I don’t want one of your cabin mates. I think that new girl is cute and kinda cool.” He said with a smile on his face.

    “Which one?”

    “Hunter. The one with the blue streak in her hair.” He told me with a dreamy look on his face. I should’ve known. He was laughing and talking with her.

    “Okay so what do you want do you need me for?” I was confused.

    “Can you talk to her for me? Like, get to know her and stuff like that?” he had hope in his eyes. Something that we have all been lacking lately since our lives had been turned around. 

    “Yeah. I’ll talk to her for you.” I told him. Just then, my phone rang.


    “Hey, you guys have to get back right now.”

    “What? Why?”

    “Chiron’s calling.” He said. That was enough to convince me. I told Jason we would be there in fifteen minutes and to hold off the call. I told leo what was happening and we were off. We got there just in time to see Jason accepting the call.

    “Hello my boy! Hello Mr. Valdez and Ms. McLean. How are we doing on this fine day?” 

    “Hey Chiron. We’re doing just fine today. But, um, why did you call?”

    “You all need to get back to camp. It is extremely urgent. I know I said that you could finish school, but you can’t stay there. Have you met Dean and Hunter yet?”

    “Yes. Although it would have been nice to know that we’re dealing with girls!” Jason said throwing his hands up in the air. Chiron chuckled.

    “I’m sorry lad. But in my defense I didn’t know the gender until yesterday evening.” Chiron said defensively.

    “Okay, so when do we come back?” I asked.

    “As soon as you get packed up. Oh, and bring Hunter and Dean with you. See you all when you get back.” With that, he waved his hand through the mist and disconnected the call. 

    “Well, I guess I’ll go and get the girls.” I said as I stood up.

    “Okay, we’re gonna start packing up in here.” Leo said as both boys stood up. 

    “Alright. Bye Sparky, bye Repair Boy.” I said as I walked to the door.

    “Bye Beauty Queen!” Leo yelled after me as I closed the door. I laughed to myself, then left to go to the girls dorm. 

Hunter’s P.O.V

    After we left the group, we started unpacking right away. I was putting away my clothes, but then I saw a window seat.

    “Oh! DIBS!” I squealed. I ran over to it and sat down. I looked out the window and saw that we had a great view.

    “Oh! My sister’s got it bad!” She squealed. My face flushed.

    “Wh—what makes you say that?” I asked nervously. She laughed.

    “Oh come on! I know you like that back of my hand. You squealed, and you never squeal. Well, except that one time…” She trailed off, but I knew what she would say. I sighed. “But that was in the past! So tell me, which boy is it? The blonde god, or the scrawny elf?” She asked me.

    “Oh come on! You know what they say; ‘Scrawny is the new sexy’!” I told her as I had a dreamy look on my face and chuckled. Then realized what I said. I sighed inward  at my mistake as she gasped.

    “WHAT?! You like scrawny? OMG! I can’t believe you! Why would you like him when you see someone like Jason?” She made Leo sound like some sort of disease that  was going to spread to her if I kept talking about him. Let me tell you something, my sister is an absolute sweet—heart, and I love her to death. But when it comes to things like this, she is really shallow. 

    “So what if I like him? And besides, Blondie looks like he could be our brother from a different mother. It wouldn’t feel right crushing on him.” I told her.

    “I saw him checking you out. I asked that girl if they were going out and she said that they are. But then I asked him and he said that they are. At first I thought that she was just some clingy ex that was really attached to him.” She told me bitterly. I looked at her and gasped. She had always been the happy one, not the bitter one. If anything I was the bitter one.

    “Dean, what’s wrong? You are always cheerful, but today you remind me of well… me.” I tell her. The same dark look passes through her eyes. I had a funny feeling that this school is going to be like all the others, but way worse.

    “Dean, this is your first crush… I think… anyway, when you get your first crush, it will be hard. Don’t ever think that it won’t be easy. Okay?” I told her, wanting to get my point out there.

    “Okay, I see what your getting at now. Thanks Hunt.” She told me with a smile on her face, but pain in her eyes. She held out her arms and I stepped into them. I stroked her hair and soothed her. I looked at her and told her it was going to be okay. We heard a knock on our door. Confused, I went to the door and looked out the peephole. I saw Piper outside our door.

    “Uh-oh.” I said.

    “Uh-oh what?” Dean asked me, trying to look through the peephole. I covered the peephole. 

    “I’ll be back in a minute.” I told her. I slipped out the door before she could protest.

    “Hey Piper.”

    “Hey Hun—”

    “What is it?” I asked, getting straight to the point. She looked at me with a shocked expression, but covered it up quickly. 

    “I just wanted to say that I hope we can be friends. I want to have ‘girlfriends’ like with some other girls… no homo though….” She asks me hopeful. I looked at her with confusion. She looks like the kind of girl who would be swarmed with boys, girls begging to be friends with her, and all that other popularity crap that I had gone through in seventh grade. 

    “Um… Don’t you already have ‘girlfriends?’” I asked her. She looked away. 

    “Well, not here. All the girls bully me here, but I go to a ‘summer camp’ I guess you could call it, and I have friends there. I don’t really know why I don’t have friends here. It’s not like I’ve done anything to them.” she told me.

    “Maybe because the girls are jealous of your beauty…” I thought to myself. Seriously though, she doesn’t try and she still looks pretty good.

    “Anyway… I came for another reason, actually two reasons. I saw Leo walking with you today and I saw the way you were looking at him and all that…. but I know thats he’s into you. He told me once you guys split. He had a rough life, he is still having a rough life, but please, don’t hurt him. He’s like my brother. I really care about him.” She said. I was speechless. He likes me? We barley know each other. She must have noticed this because she said.

    “I know that we’re just some random strangers that you and Dean just met, but we are good people. We won’t hurt you or your sister. I got a call before I came over here, and you need to get everything that you own, and you need to come with us.”

    “What? Why” I asked. It was kind of suspicious that some stranger was going to “take” us somewhere, and considering the facts, I was not going anywhere with these guys.

    “Listen, we’re not human, and neither are you. We’re different from normal people, as are you. I will explain everything. Here, Leo wanted me to give these to you.” She told me as she handed me a hair clip and a spiked bracelet. The hair clip had βροντή written on it, which was Greek for thunder, and the spiked bracelet had αστραπή written on it, which was Greek for lightning. How I knew what they both said, I had no idea once so ever. 

    “Wh-why would he want to give me this?” 

    “Because… Ugh just because. Sorry, but you need it, it can save your life. Yours and your sisters.” She said. I don’t know why, but I started to believe every word that she had said up until that point. 

    “What do you mean? What is going to happen to me and Dean? Who are you people?” 

    “Please don’t ask questions and just come with us. We’re gonna take you to Camp Half— Blood, unless Reyna picks us up, then we would be going to Camp jupiter.” 

    “Hold the phone.” I said as I held up my hand, signaling a pause. “Camp What—Now and Camp Who? What kind of camps are those?!” I asked, getting a little worried. 

    “I already told you, I will explain everything to you and your sister on the way there.” She said. I nodded and told her that I would get everything re—packed and I would get Dean. She then told me that she would be back with their stuff in about fifteen minutes. I sighed and walked back into the room.

    “What did she want?” Dean asked suddenly behind me.

    “AH! Don’t do that!” I said, catching my breath. 

    “Just answer the question.” She said sternly.  

    “Okay, okay. Piper knows that we aren’t normal.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Look, Leo made these and they say ‘Thunder’ and the other one says ‘Lightning’. What else could those mean?” I said, showing her the items Piper gave me.

    “So thunder for me and lightning for you…” She trailed off, her eyes shown with fear.

    “Dean? What’s wrong?” 

    “How would they know this? Who exactly are they? Are they like him?”

    “I sure as hope not. But Piper said that they got a call and that they were gonna bring us to a camp of some sorts.”

    “Okay. I’ll cooperate. Let’s start packing.”

    “Thanks for doing this Dean.”

    “Whatever. Anyway I owe you one for taking you to this school.”










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