Meet Luke's twin, and how her life turnes down after her brother left her with no reason. But what happens when he comes home, and she finds out he truth?
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2. my brother is back..and what?

I looked in the mirror on the wall. Why the fuck, am I so screwed up? What the hell happened?

"Clare!! Get your ass down!"

"Coming mom!!" I answered. I got out of my room, and ran down the stairs to the living room. Then I saw them sitting there, 3 uknown guys and my brother..what? ''Øhmm, suprise?" Luke snapped. He standed up, and walked over to me. I started beating his chest. "What the hell, are you doing here?" I yelled, I don't know why I got so my mad. I haven't seen my borther in ages. I cuddeld into his chest, and he put his arms around me. "I'm so sorry, for getting mad. And who are thoose guys?"

Luke's pov

My poor baby sister, I've missed her so much. "Ohhh, I forgot. Sorry guys. This Is Ashton, Calum and Luke. In my band" She looked at me weirdly "Band? You never told me? What? Mom said you were going to USA, not this?" Hadn't she told here? That I was away on tour? "I was away on tour, with One Direction. Didn't mom tell you? I didn't get too say goodbye, because you were sleeping so queit. Explain yourself, mom"

She looked at me, and over to Clare. "Because, I knew'd it would break her heart" she snapped. "What?"

"I don't want too stay here anymore! I hate you mom!" she yelled before, going out the door.

Ashton's pov

Luke pointed at me, too go after her. So I did. I found here after awhile, down at the beach crying. "Clare?" I said calmed. I sat down with here, and took my arm around her to let her cry on my shoulder. "Shhh, everything gonna be alright."


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