End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


11. Tour Day!


I couldn't be more excited today! Today is the day. Today is the day that I start my new life, and no matter how awesome my normal life is, I know that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my entire existence. I know that this life comes with rumours (already had one issue), haters, a lot of expections (and I don't do well there) and the constant pressure of being perfect, but for some odd reason, I don't give a shit about that, I just want to sing and perform in front of a crowd and whatever else it brings, I can take it. 

"ANDREU!" My father shouted. "BREAKFAST IS SERVED!" I smiled as I zipped up my suitcase and dragged it down the stairs with me. Instead of living with only two boys, I was going to live with four.
"Hello daddy." I smiled and pecked his cheek. "How are you this fine morning?"
"Hey there kiddo." My dad kissed my head. "I'm sad, but I can take that you are glowing with excitement." 
"You know me so well dad." I smiled. "Where's Pierre?"
"He went out to the garage." My dad replied. "He said something about having a gift for you." I nodded and started to eat my breakfast.

My father and I talked about some ground rules he wanted for me to have on tour, and about how much fun should I have as this was my dream. He started telling me that even when I was younger I had this strong voice, but always doubt it, though I did do some shows and everything, I was always a bit shy, so he was more than happy that I was doing this. 

"Stinky Andreu!" Pierre shouted as he entered the kitchen. "Are you here?" 
"What do you want Pierre?" I sighed with a smile. "Do you want me to leave my dirty cloth on your room so that you can smell me always?" I added laughing. 
"Very funny Dreu." Pierre winked at me. "I have something for you." He smirked. "I know that you will die when I give it to you." 
"What do you want to give me?" I questioned confused. 
Pierre placed my old bracelet on the kitchen table. "I know that you had lost it, but when we moved here, I went over some old boxes and found yours, mine is still with me." He moved his wrist. "So I thought that you should have a piece of home while you are out there making a name." He placed the bracelet over my wrist. 
"Shit Pierre." I exclaimed and hugged him. "Who knew you were so sentimental." I laughed with my father. 

"I'm not, so now hurry up, I have a date." Pierre rolled his eyes with a smile, we were back.


I hugged Pierre for the last time and then turned to face the bus in which I was going to be living for a while. I took in a deep breath and grabbed my suitcase making my way to it. I knew that the lads were already there, as there was a mess inside and they had texted me saying that they were waiting for me.

I walked up to the door and before I could open it, Ashton was doing so, Calum was grabbing my suitcase and Luke was dragging me inside the bus. The music was blasting and Michael was with a video camera. 

"You do remember Andreu right!" Luke shouted. "Our opening act?"
"And our friend!" Ashton picked me up.
"Hi!" I waved. "I'm so excited."

"We all are!" Calum laughed. "Just to leave it clear again, this beautiful girl is single!"
"And probably not ready to mingle." Luke laughed.
"What the hell is all of this about?" I questioned as Ashton set me down.
"Watch your language." Michael rolled his eyes.
"Sorry." I chuckled. "What is this all about?"
"IT'S TOUR DAY!" They all shouted. 

I nodded and joined their party. It's tour day. 


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