End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


10. Oh Shit...


I ran towards the laundry room with a basket full of dirty cloth. I was, five days away from leaving, and figure out who still hasn't started packing? Me, yep that is right, Andreu Francois hasn't done her laundry in weeks...

"Andreu?" My dad called from the kitchen. "Are you going to do laundry?"
"Hey dad." I waved popping my head out. "I am doing laundry, I don't have clean cloth to pack." 
"Let me get my camera, this needs to stay recorded." My dad laughed as he walked out to get his camera. 

I rolled my eyes and kept doing my laundry, there was no other way but to do it. I grabbed my phone and started replying the messages that I had received from my group of friends. I was tweeting as well, trying to keep hidden the fact that I was opening for 5SOS as no one knew yet. Matt had said that fans would find out in the very first concert... I highly doubt that is possible, fangirls are capable of anything and everything if given the time and research. 


My father did in fact come back with the camera, but when he found me, I was sitting on top of the washing machine as I waited for it to finish with my cloth. He snapped the picture either way, as he said that he wanted to make a memory album of the last few days that I was going to spend with him before I became famous and toured the world...

The machine beeped and I moved over to grab my cloth, when my phone went off. I frowned and picked it up without caring who was calling. I might have friends but no one called me because I don't really like going out. 

I winced as I moved the phone, and yet I could still hear her screaming and demanding to know why I hadn't told her about that. "Calm down!" I shouted. "Carly for fucks sake, breath and explain again."
"You are on the cover of teen magazine as Luke's new girl." Carly replied and my eyes widened. 
"Send me a picture." I spoke calmly as I ran over to my bedroom.   

I heard Carly rambling about the article, but I couldn't care less. I was changing from my pjs to some decent cloth and trying to make myself presentable, I could not have a rumour running around when people don't even know why on earth I hang out with them. Carly sent me the picture and my mouth dropped when I saw it. 

Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer was caught with a pretty brunette two days ago at the beach. Who's this mystery girl? A new love interest?

I hanged up on Carly and grabbed my bag before running down the stairs almost crashing with my father. 

"Sorry!" I shouted. "I have to go dad. Could you help me with my laundry?"
"Where are you going Andreu?" My dad questioned.
"I need to speak with Luke or Matt." I replied opening the door. "I LOVE YOU!" I shouted as I sprinted over to Capitol Records Building. 

I panted and tried to catch my breath as I walked over to Matt's office. I had already sent him and Luke a text message saying that it was urgent to meet them. I only hope that they are already there. I knocked twice on the door and when I opened it, Luke was sitting reading the new teen magazine issue. 

"How do we stop that?" I questioned making Matt and Luke turn to me. "How do we stop that rumour?"
Matt took in a deep breath. "We will have to tell the world that you are the new opening act." He closed his eyes. "Yet, that doesn't mean the rumours are going to stop Andreu." 
I rubbed my forehead. "We could always do an interview when we are tour." Luke spoke. "Or we could ignore it?"
"Luke." I sighed. "If you ignore a rumour people are going to believe that it is true. Plus knowing your fan base, they are going to figure out who the hell I am, so might as well just tell the world that I am the new opening act but that we are not together." I stated. 
"You're not together then?" Matt questioned and we both shook our heads. "Well shit." He sighed. "I'll think of something okay. Get back home and finish packing or whatever, don't get seen together. I'll email the details in how to handle this." 

We both nodded and we walked out the office talking about other stuff. It was pretty nice to be with Luke, I mean, he's an awesome lad, and maybe I have a crush on him, but I had already vowed myself that I was not going to fall in love with any of the lads. 

We can never be together. 

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