End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


4. I'm The What?!


I rolled on my bed and stared at the ceiling, after the interview they had told us that in two days we were supposed to listen from them, and to be sincere today was the second day, barely starting. I got up from my bed and walked over to the hallway. The house was in complete silence, meaning that my dad was asleep and my brother was dead on his sleep. 


I walked quietly down the stairs and opened the front door, I have to find out if they chose me. Tomorrow we are supposed to go back to school for our test week and then we are free until graduation. The sun was rising and the cold floor cooled my feet. I checked the mail and saw nothing out of the usual so I brought back inside and grabbed my laptop from the living room before sitting with it on the kitchen table. I clicked the mail app and it said that I was receiving one new mail. 


Dear Miss Andreu Francois:

We are very pleased with the interview and your performance from a couple of days ago. You explained to us that you were missing a week of school. I just really hope that after your last week you are free and available to contact with us, so that we can schedule your band practice and recording sessions. Yes, we are asking you to please become the new opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer. 


"OH MY GOOD! DAD! PIERRE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "GUUYS!" 

"What's wrong Andreu?!" My dad barged into the kitchen. "Where's the killer?"

"COME OUT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Pierre shouted as he entered with a bat. 

I raised an eyebrow and they all stared at me. "I'M THE NEW OPENING ACT FOR 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!" I jumped up and down clapping my hands. 

"What?" My father questioned confused as he grabbed both my arms. "You woke me up at an insane hour of the morning to tell me that you are going to be touring with four boys right after you graduate from high school?" 

"YES!" I shouted and my father started laughing. 

"Congratulation Andreu!" Pierre smiled as he hugged me. "You have to pass all of your classes." I nodded. 

"I have to call them back!" I smiled. "Dad, do I have absolute permission for me to join them in tour?" I hoped for the best. 

"Absolutely." He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I want you to chase your dreams Andreu."

I smiled and hugged him. "I love you guys so much!" I added before I ran with my laptop to my room. 




I slapped my cheeks as I stood up and walked over to Matt's office. I had already called and they asked me if they could have a word with me before I met the band. I was now walking up to him. 


"Good afternoon, Miss Andreu Francois." He smiled extending his hand. 

"Good afternoon." I shook his hand. "Could I ask for a favour?" He nodded. "Please call me Andreu. I'm not into formality towards me." I chuckled. 

"If you call me Matt." He smiled and I nodded. "Deal." 

"So what are we going to discuss?" I questioned. 

"When do you graduate?" Matt questioned. 

"Well tomorrow we start our exams week, meaning the week after." I replied. "Why?"

"Because you are going to come for recording, writing sessions and then some practice before you meet with the lads." Matt replied. "Can you come right after your last test?" 

"Sure." I replied. "I'll come. Do I need to have some things for when we meet again?" 

"If you have your own songs, come with them okay." I nodded. "I'll see you next week Andreu." He smiled. 

"See you in a week Matt." I replied.


Oh yes! Andreu is the Opening Act!



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