End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


20. Day 28: Rumours of Lies


I sang along to the random song that was playing on the radio as I danced around the tour bus. I was currently alone on the bus, as the lads have an interview and I could either go with them or simply sleep until noon and then do nothing at all. You do know what I chose right? 


"Daamn Andreu!" I heard a cat whistle and when I turned around I saw the lads smirking. "I absolutely love this view." Michael winked causing me to roll my eyes. 

"Shut up Clifford." I snapped as I turned off the radio. "How did the interview go?" I questioned as I sat on the couch. 

"It was alright." Ashton replied as he plopped next to me. 

"You don't seem so sure about that." I pointed out as I made more space so that Luke could sit next to me. "Tell Andreu what happened at the interview." I sat up and smiled at the lads. 

"Let's order some pizza first." Calum suggested. "I'm pretty sure that neither of us has had lunch yet." I shook my head. "How many?" 

"Five." Luke replied as he played with the ends of my hair. "One for each one of us." He added with a shrug. 

"Are we so hungry?" Ashton questioned and Michael nodded. "Well, let's order five pizzas then..." 

"We can eat the pizza later if we don't finish it." I pointed out as I sat back and rested my head on Luke's chest. 


Calum ordered the pizza and we started talking about the show that were going to be giving tonight, we all simply forgot about the fact that I wanted to figure out why their interview hadn't been so awesome. I didn't want to push the lads into telling me, and I sorta forgot about it thanks to Luke, whom was doing a great job at making me laugh with stupid corny jokes...


"Shut up Luke!" Michael laughed as he turned the telly on. "Should we watch a movie or play some FIFA?" 

"Let's watch a movie." I voted. "Let's watch a scary movie." I added with a wink. 

"Set everything!" Michael smirked at me as he tossed the control. "I'll bring the movie and Calum make some popcorn, Luke get the drinks, Ashton the blankets." 

I rolled my eyes and started setting up everything. "You're a little bossy today Michael." I chuckled as I skipped channels until I found the news, where the interview was airing. "Hey! It's the interview!" 


"So Luke," The interviewer smiled. "There are a couple of rumours, about you and a certain lady." She smiled. "Is it true that you and your opening act, Andreu Francois, are a couple now?" 
Luke chuckled and blushed. "From where do you get this rumours? It's simply ridiculous, Andreu and I are barely friends- "


"What the hell?" I frowned confused. "You were questioned about us." I stared at Luke. "And you deny it?" 

Luke licked his lips. "Andreu-"

"You said that you and me, that it's only rumours?" I rubbed my eye to prevent the tear from falling. "And here I thought that falling for you was going to be worth it. That I didn't have to worried about you walking away from me. What has been everything that we've done? All the cute words and moments?! What about them Luke!" I shouted. "I POURED MY HEART TO YOU!" I ran my hand through my hair frustrated. "Go fuck yourself." 

"Andreu please listen." Luke pleaded as he grabbed my wrist. "I'm just trying to protect you." 

"Hell of a job you're doing right?" I snapped and walked back to my bunk.





Hey there lovely people! How are you all doing? Sorry for taking so long in updating, but today was my last day of Uni (for at least 3 weeks) so I had billions of work to do... I hope you are still enjoying the story, and I am asking you to please check out my other fanfic, it is an Ashton fic :) it's name is EXCHANGE, I would really appreciate it if you check it out! I love you all! :* Leave your comments about the story :) 

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