End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


16. Day 18: Song Day



I just can't you know, I just can't magically know how to feel about someone and then write all my emotions out in a paper. That's not all bad, just add the fact that I have to sing that song, that I created with my emotions, with the one person the emotions are about. I can't make myself admit out loud that I actually like Luke. I can't because I promised myself that I was not going to fall for any guy right now, I promised myself that I wasn't going to fall for any of the band members. Nothing good comes out of it. 


"Andreu?" Calum spoke making me snap out of my monologue. "Are you okay? You seem a bit lost."

"I'm fine Cal." I smiled. "Thanks for asking, I just, the song is kinda making me lose my mind." 

"Are you afraid that Luke won't like it?" I nodded in response. "Andreu, Luke will like the song alright, it is an amazing song. You're an amazing person." I bit my lip and nodded. "Stop worrying so much." 

"I know..." I sighed. "It's just hard." 


Calum nodded in understanding, and walk out of the cabin so that Luke could get in and sing the song with me. Ashton caught my attention and he mouthed me a 'Good Luck' and I gave him thumbs up. I have never been in this position ever in my life, and with the fact that I do know how Luke feels towards me, makes me even more anxious.   

For the past couple of days, I've been ignoring him and trying to avoid him as much as possible, but it is something of a hard time when you have to be writing a song together. Even because of that, I always found a way to avoid him, and I know that he knows that I am avoiding him, he just doesn't really know why. 


"Hey Andreu." Luke beamed as he entered the cabin. "Are you ready?" 

"Hey." I replied. "As I can be." I let out a breath.

"Why are you so nervous?" Luke questioned. 

"I'm surprised you don't see it yet." I whispered and smiled at him. "I don't know." I chuckled. "Matt, can we get this over?" 

"Ready guys?" Matt questioned and we both nodded. 


Eventhough we don't talk,

Eventhough we just smile, 

I think about you even when I walk, 

And my mind wanders off for a while. 


I stared at Luke and he was smiling back at me. I couldn't really understand what was going through his mind, but his eyes told me that he was discovering the real reason as to why I am nervous. 


At first sight, I knew you were shy

And I aslo knew this battle was lost, 

Due that you waste your love with fool guys,

And getting your attention would really cost. 


Luke was now taking hold of my hand, and it felt so perfect, I couldn't deny that maybe, just maybe we were both made for each other. 


I hope someday you will feel as I do. 

No matter how hard;

I just wish you love me too

Because together we can 

Win this war. 


I stopped singing right when I needed to, and took in a deep breath bringing my hands to rub my eyes. I smiled weakly at Luke before standing up from the stool and waited for Matt to tell us that we are free to go. 


"That," Matt started. "Was the most beautiful song I have listened so far." 

"Thanks." I replied. "Are we free now?" 

"Yeah, yeah." Matt smiled. "I need to send this to Production." 


I nodded at Matt and waved at the guys before I ran out of the room into the hallway. I could finally breath and I was more than happy to be outside the cabin and room. I could sense Ashton watching my every move, I knew that he was trying for me to accept the fact that I like Luke more than just a friend, and I do, I so do, but I can't let myself do it. 


"Andreu wait!" I felt Luke grab my arm. "Please Andreu, listen me out." I turned to face him and nodded. "I know that it is kind of weird and totally out of context," I took in a deep breath. "Andreu, I think that I am falling hard for you." I cupped my mouth trying to calm my breath. "Andreu, I like you." 


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