End Up Here

Oh the irony... I vowed to myself that no matter what, I was not going to fall in love with a band member. I was merely the opening act, but I swore that nothing more.

It seems to me that fate decided differently...


12. Day 1: Not Pranked


I grunted as I stretched. I made some weird noises and rubbed my eyes before even opening them properly. I lay on my bunk inside the tour bus, listening out to see if any of the lads was already up. I could hear the television on and some cursing, most likely Calum or Michael playing video games. I sat up and stared down to what I was wearing, my pjs shorts were being covered by my blankets and I knew that when I stood up my shirt was going to cover them. I rolled my eyes and jumped out of the bunk.


"Good morning." I heard Ashton say. "I thought we would have to throw a bucket of ice to wake you up."

I rolled my eyes with a smile. "You're so damn funny Ashton." I turned around and walked over to the rest.

"This is not fair!" Michael shouted to the television with an x-box controller in hand. "I shot him first!"

"Maybe your aim wasn't the right one." I shrugged as I sat on the couch. "Morning by the way."

"Damn Andreu." Michael whistled. "If we knew that waking up to your sight every day would be like this, we would have chosen an opening act before."

I blushed and rolled my eyes. "Leave her alone Michael." Luke yawned. "Anyone hungry? We can ask to stop somewhere."

"I vote iHop!" Ashton shouted from the bunk area.




I cleaned the sweat forming on my forehead with the back of my hand. The band had stopped playing and with that I knew that my rehearsal was over. I was glad about that, because it meant that I could take a long bath and relax before the actual concert, and not a good thing because it meant the concert was coming soon and I was scared shitless bout it.


"Good job up there Andreu." Matt smiled at me as he patted my back. "Now, go refresh and do the same amazing job when the concert starts." I nodded and made my way backstage.


I took in a deep breath and when I opened my eyes Calum was standing right in front of me. I raised an eyebrow confused and he placed his finger on my lip. I stared at him confused, but everything made sense when I heard Ashton and Michael talking on the living room.


"We should do a welcome prank to Andreu." Ashton spoke.

"Sounds like an awesome idea." Michael spoke. "Let's hide in her dressing room and scare the hell out of her when she finishes with rehearsal." I rolled my eyes and Calum silently chuckled.

"Let's go!" Ashton stood up. "Her rehearsal is supposed to be over soon."

We both heard them leave. "Are they being serious?" I questioned Calum.

He nodded. "Very." He replied. "How about we prank them?"

A smirk appeared on my face. "You guys have nerf guns right?" Calum nodded.

"I love the way you think." Calum took my hand and dragged me back to the tour bus.


They sure now how to take my nervousness away!


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