Darling Don't You Ever Grow Up

Marylyn Irwin is 3 years old. She's the little girl of Ashton Irwin. Follow Marylyn's life around being the little girl of a drummer for a band.


1. Chapter 1

I walk down the cold streets with daddy looking at the cookies outside the local bakery's window. Daddy is looking at the candy deciding what to get mommy. Mommy is coming back from photography class that's in America. Mommy told me once that she has "soft spot" for cupcakes. Does that mean she likes cupcakes? I tried pulling daddy's arm to go in. I want to show daddy the cupcakes.

"Okay, okay Mary, I'm coming." I pulled daddy in the bakery, taking him to more treats. I pointed to the cupcakes. I look up at daddy.

"You had enough sugar for the day baby, I'm trying to get mommy something when she comes tonight." I shook my head no.

"Mommy loves cupcakes." I told daddy, trying to make him understand that mommy LOVES cupcakes. Daddy remembered and got Mommy's favorite cupcake, vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing.

She got the suggested cupcake on the tray behind her and put in a pink box. She handed the box to daddy, saying,

"7 dollars sir. You look familiar. Are you in that band, 5 Minutes of Winter?" She asked. Daddy giggled.

"Yeah, 5 Seconds of Summer." Daddy replied.

"Are you guys famous? Cause my daughter talks about you and this guy Michael a lot."

"We are famous. And yeah, people always.. ship... us."

"Okay, have a good day sir. Also, don't sing about underwear anymore. Got that?" She gave a stern look.

"Okay, bye." Grabbing daddy's hand, he walk out the bakery.

It's silent and peaceful, hearing the birds chirp and hearing the conversations amongst others, until we hear screams and "ASHTON" 's screamed at us. Daddy and I turn around to see 10 girls come up to us. We stopped to take pictures.

One girl looked at me in disgust. She has brown hair stopped at her shoulders. She has brown eyes and she's very small. She's the last girl too.

She left, acting like she's more awesome, which I'm more awesome than her.


We got home, feeling very tired, daddy gently tucked me in bed. I felt my eyes getting heavy, suddenly shutting them close in a dream. I

Daddy ran in my room quickly grabbing me. I woke up instantly from daddy rushing out the door. Daddy put me in his car, in my car seat. He got in the front seat quickly driving. He he is diving very fast to where everything outside is a blur. I look ahead suddenly hearing a crash.

I wake up, seeing passing cars and street lights. I guess I'v been sleep for a long time. Daddy parked at a big building type of place. I can hear loud noises outside, and hearing some airplanes (or aeroplanes) landing or taking off.

Daddy unbuckled by car seat, picking me up and got me out of the car. I took his hand, hearing him close the car door. When we got in, daddy and I had to do these things where these people who work at the airport just check you for stuff. Daddy told me they check us for bad stuff. If we have bad stuff, we will be in big trouble.

We are free to go ahead and Daddy and I head to the seats. For the time to go by fast, I kept on making funny faces in the reflection of the metal arm rest. Some fans came up to us too. I continued to make funny faces. Daddy giggled at me.

It felt like a very long time for mommy to come.

A familiar face walked towards us. Daddy realises who it is and he runs up to her. Mommy and daddy hug, mommy then jumps and wraps her legs around his waist. Mommy jumps down coming to hugging me. She picks me up hugging me. I hug back. Mommy then whispers in my ear.

"I missed you and daddy so much, baby girl. I love you to the moon and back." I smile at the message. I then whispered back.

"I missed you too. I love you too, mommy."

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