Flower Tale

Clara hid behind her floral arrangements, but he saw their beauty and meaning. Harry saw every detail and started to search for their creator. Is she really want he wants though.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1



"I'm going to the flower shop now!" I yell to Cassidy as I leave. I put my hood up and walk out of the apartment building. I make my way down the busy streets of London, keeping my head down and staying out of people's way. The familiar flower shop comes into view. The colorful sign reading 'Flower Tale' hangs above the door. I push the glass door open and the golden bell above the door rings. The lilac colored room is filled with shelves and tables covered with varying flowers. Mae is moving around the room dusting each and every surface. 

"Good morning Clara." Mae smiles. 

"Hey Mae, how are you?" I ask.

"I'm doing well. We got a new bundle of carnations." She answered. Working at the flower shop is great. I can stay in the back and arrange flowers all day! The owner being one of my friends is just a plus. 

"So how are things doing with Chad?" I start to pull down flowers from shelves to use in arrangements, I'm feeling cooler colors today. 

"I don't know," She sighed "he's been very distant lately." 

"I'm sorry. I hope it works out." I say as I walk to the back carrying some flowers. I can tell Mae is feeling down. Chad has always seemed... shifty. I don't necessarily hate him, but I don't trust him. I think that he's cheating on her.


6 p.m.- Closing Time


"Clara, your admirer came by again." Mae teases. The shop was closing and Mae was counting the money while I watered some of the potted plants. 

"He only likes my arrangements Mae. Don't get excited." I answer dully. 

"Girl, please. You project yourself into your work. Seeing your arrangements is like peering into your soul and your admirer thinks your soul is beautiful."

"That was unnecessarily deep." I countered. 

"Just proving a point. Maybe I should call Ava and get her to back me up?"

"Please don't." I begged grabbing our jackets. I turned around and Mae was looking at her phone.

"Oh, Bella want us to go out for chinese with everyone." She reads off her phone. 

"Um, sure I guess. As long as it's not crowded." We put on our jackets and locks the doors before leaving."

"Okay, how about the Panda Garden?"

"That's fine. Tell her to meet us at 7."

"Perfect, I'll see you then." She said as we went our  back to our apartments. 

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