Not a Bad Thing...

Katherine Dae is your typical college girl. She has classes, friends, and a horrible mall job. Then, one day as she works the closing shift, she runs into someone unexpected. She can't believe that an average girl like her, who lives in an off-the-map town, could have anything like this happen. Will this encounter with a certain rockstar change her life for the better? Or will her spontaneous decisions ruin her young life? Join Katherine on her crazy rollercoaster journey to find what she really wants. (If you find your picture is on my cover you can request credit or to have it taken off/replaced.)


3. Honestly


September 17th

1:17 p.m.

"Im  serious, E!" I repeated.

I was trying to convince my best friend, Echo, that I got tickets to the Black Veil Brides concert. Although, I hadn't planned on telling her how I managed to get them (or from who for that matter) until we got to the concert; then there was no way that she couldn't believe me.

"I still don't believe you , Kat!" She yelled through the phone, "Those tickets are like the cost of three of my business books, each!"

Echo loved business and was convinced that she would begin her own beauty line one day and run the company . No matter what anyone said, and I mean anyone, she would turn around and never talk to that person about the subject again. I guess, if you didn't support her, she wouldn't let you in on her ideas.

"I told you, E, I got early birthday money from my aunt." I said.

My aunt lived across the country so I figured it would be a good idea to use her, since Echo wouldn't be able to hunt her down for interrogation.

"B-S!" She yelled.

"Come on, just be happy and go with me! Unless..." I tried.

"Oh! I'm going," She interjected, "but only to tell you 'I told you so' when the security won't let you in!"

She just wouldn't quit.

I laughed, "Okay then."


September 20th

3:49 p.m.

I pulled up to Echo's apartment, a little later than I planned, but she wasn't even ready yet.

When we first started college, we were going to live together, but after the first week we were almost physically fighting. So, we would rather be friends in different homes, versus living together and almost killing each other every other day.

I honked a few times to tell her I was ready to go and soon enough she came running out of the door.

"Finally," I said.

She slipped into the seat and scoffed.

"I was trying to look semi-presentable," she tried.

"So, you do believe me!" I said.

"No!" She shouted, "I-I just want to look good when the security laughs in your face!"

"Yeah," I laughed, "okay..."

I pulled out of the driveway and headed for the highway.


5:34 p.m.

I grabbed my bag and clicked the lock on my car.

"This is such a waste of time if you don't actually have tickets..." Echo said.

"Really?!" I said in disbelief.

"Well..." she shrugged her shoulders.

"Why would I drive for an hour if I didn't actually have tickets?" I asked.

She was really trying to prove that I wasn't gonna have the tickets. 

I reached into my purse and shoved a ticket and pass at her. She slowly reached for it.

"Believe me now?" I asked.

She stared at it and then held it up to the light.

"Oh my..." I said.

I walked a little ahead of her, towards the gates.

"Kat!" She yelled, "Kat! I was joking! Kat!"

I turned around and crossed my arms.

"Kat..." she said.

"You're insane!" I claimed.

We laughed and headed for the main stadium doors.

"I still can't guess how you afforded these." Echo stated.

"Stop worrying about it, E." I said.

"You're not a hooker, are you?" 

"Eww! What the hell?! No! No, no!" I insisted.

She laughed, "Okay, that's good."

We handed our tickets to the security and he checked and stamped us. He said some code over his walkie-talkie and then waved us inside.

"That was weird..." Echo said.

I nodded.

As we walked in, I could hear the band doing sound check from the entrance hall we were in.

Echo squealed in excitement, "This is so exciting!"

We continued down the hall and soon entered the main staduim area.

There were nearly thirty-thousand seats, but only about fifty others with exclusive tickets. A few people were walking around, talking and several others were in the designated 'sound check' area; listening to the guys practice.

Echo and I headed backstage.

"This is so cool!" She said.

She was gushing over everything and acting like a little kid in a candy shop. I mean, it was cool, but I've been to plenty of stadiums in the past.

We walked around for a little until I found the 'green room', I guess you could call it. I went and sat down on one of the red leather chairs while Echo raided the mini fridge for an energy drink.

"Any Full Throttle?" I asked.

"Umm.. yeah!" Echo replied.

She pulled one out and tossed it to me and grabbed a Red Bull for herself.

"That tastes so weird!" I said.

"Does not! Red Bull is great!" 

"Not for me, I guess." 

The door creaked open and CC sauntered in with Ashley in tow.

Echo squealed, scaring all of us.

"E!" I scolded, "Not so loud... please!"

"Sorry!" She said quickly.

"Kat, you came," Ashley said.

"Uh, yeah I-I did," I said standing up.

I felt so awkward; I didn't know what to do. No one knew what happened between us except, well, us.

"Kat? Like the Kat?" CC asked.

Or not.

"Yeah," Ash confirmed.

Okay then.

"This is my friend, Echo." I introduced, "She loves..." 

"CC! Oh my god! I can't believe I'm actually seeing you in person!" Echo interjected.

"Yeah. CC." I said.

"Well, that's awesome!" CC cheered.

"Can I see your drums?" She asked.

"Why not?" 

They headed out towards the stage, and CC wrapped and arm around her making her squeal, again.

"So," Ashley said turning towards me.

"So?" I repeated stepping a bit closer.

He smiled, "How've you been?"

I took another step, "Lonely..."

I bit my lip, wondering how he felt about me. How he felt about us, if there was an us or if he even thought about me. I mean, obviously he talked about me, but that's different.

He grabbed my waist and backed me up against the wall.

"I can fix that." He said.

I wrapped myself around him as he pushed me harder into the wall. I could feel his heartbeat match up to mine as we kissed. He moved down to my neck and it made me breath heavier. He was insanely fast and obviously experienced.

He dragged his hands up my waist; pulling up the skirt of my dress and exposing my legs completely. He kissed around my ears and back to my lips forcing his tongue into my mouth. I pulled his face closer to mine and he ripped his hands up my legs; clutching my thighs.

The door creaked open again but i didnt pay attention to it.

"Holy shit, Ashley!" I heard.

He pulled away and looked towards the open door. There, stood a wide-eyed Andy with his mouth gaping open.

My face got really hot and I pulled my dress back down.

"Dude, we just finished the set, and you find a random to hook up with already?!" Andy asked.

"Random?!" I thought.

"S-She's not a random." Ashley tried to explain, breathlessly, "This is Katherine,"

Andy's eyes got even wider.

"Oh!" He said.

"I wasn't planning on you meeting her like this," Ashley said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Planning? Meeting? Did he take this seriously?

"Well," Andy said, "you can't always get what you want."

He walked over and extended his hand.

"I'm Andy." Andy said

"I know..." I took his hand, "I'm Kat."

"So, when do I get bitched out?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes, "Wow, really?"

We laughed together and Ash soon joined in. He was a little tense, though. I wanted to know what was going on; if he was alright.


11:19 p.m.

After the concert, we hung out with the whole band on the tour bus. It had been a while since the concert ended, but Echo was having a blast talking with CC and Jinxx; Jake and Andy had gone out to get some food, and Ashley and I were hanging out on the couch.

I bit the edge of my lip and looked down at our entwined fingers. He pulled my chin up, forcing me to look at him. 

"Are you alright?" He asked.

I nodded and looked back down. was fine, but was he? Ashley had been fairly tense, but i couldn't figure out what was up.

He leaned over and kissed me softly. I grabbed him and kissed him back. I held his face with my hands and stared into his eyes.

"Are you?" I asked.

He laughed, "Of course, I have you, dont I?"

I nodded again, "But how long are you going to be in the area? And why are you so tense? What did you mean by 'planning' and 'meeting'? Ash, please?"

I knew I was asking a lot of questions, but I did care about him, and not just his status. I didn't know who he was when we first met, and I didn't want him to think of me as 'another groupie'.

He pulled his hands away and looked down at them. We both did that when we didn't know what to say; he didn't want to talk about it.

"I don't want you to have to worry about it," He said.

"Ashley! I care about you! Whether you like it or not, I feel like we have something!" I said.

He stared at me, "Kat," 

"No! Ashley, no! I want you to talk to me, because then I feel like I can talk to you." I tried.

He kissed me again.

"You never stop talking," he said.

He leaned over and kissed me again.

"I was nervous for you to meet the guys because..." he said, ", because I want you to come with us; on tour." He explained.

"What?! Honestly?!" I asked.

Was he crazy?!

"Yeah. Kat, I've never felt quite so much for a person before. We ran into each other at the mall, and, truthfully, I was scared you would run into somebody else." Ashley said.


"I want you to come on tour with us so you don't have to worry about that long-distance shit." 

I was nearly in tears and I kissed him.

"Ashley, that is the most romantic thing anyone has done for me." I said.

We kissed again, and Jake and Andy walked onto the bus.

"Goddammit! Am I cursed or something?!" Andy screamed.

Ash and I looked over and laughed. I couldn't believe he had wanted to do something like this for me.



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