Not a Bad Thing...

Katherine Dae is your typical college girl. She has classes, friends, and a horrible mall job. Then, one day as she works the closing shift, she runs into someone unexpected. She can't believe that an average girl like her, who lives in an off-the-map town, could have anything like this happen. Will this encounter with a certain rockstar change her life for the better? Or will her spontaneous decisions ruin her young life? Join Katherine on her crazy rollercoaster journey to find what she really wants. (If you find your picture is on my cover you can request credit or to have it taken off/replaced.)


10. Finally

4:56 p.m.

I jumped onto the bus dazed and confused.

I could barely think straight! I've had feelings for Andy before I even knew him, and then we were just good friends. 

Why was he so hot and cold?

It was one of the first real times he had tried to flirt with me, and sadly, I was hoping he would try harder. 

I was continually screaming inside! I just wished that it wouldn't be this complicated.

I walked over and grabbed Ashley's hand.

"Kat?" He said looking up.

I smiled, "Ash, I remember."

His eyes widened.

"I remember you, and us and... everyone." I said.

He stood and pulled me into a hug, "That's amazing!"

The doors opened again and I saw Andy climb up the stairs, and we made eye contact for a second.

"Ash," I said pulling away, "I think I'm ready."

I slowly watched as the realization creeped over his face.

He laughed, "Okay... really?"

I nodded.

He leaned in and kissed me.

"Okay." He said.


Later that evening...

9:16 p.m.

London was the last city in the U.K. and I was waiting in the hotel. The guys had to finish the last deatils for the show and I had gone shopping.

I picked out a few new nighttime outfits for fun. I was debating between my two favorites; one was completely white, which pretty summed up my situation, and the other was black with green and white accents, which totally described me.

I heard the door click and my heart sped up. I was completely nervous with excitment; I could finally be connected with Ashley on a deeper level.

"Kat?" He called.

"In the bathroom, just give me a minute." I replied.

I thought about the two one last time and chose the white one.

"Classic and simple." I said.

I slipped it on and headed for the bedroom.

Ashley was watching t.v. as I entered.

"Hey," I said.

He looked over and I swear his jaw dropped, "Wow,"

I came over and sat next to him on the bed.

"Hey, " I repeated.

Ashley laughed, "Hey, gorgeous,"

He leaned over and kissed me softly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I nodded, "Completely."

I moved onto his lap and kissed him roughly. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. 

He tore off his shirt, flipped us over and started kissing down my neck as I let out little moans. He slipped off his jeans and I moved on top of him again, I felt so intense and powerful and I just went with it.

I kissed down his chest and forced me down onto the pillows. He was strong and took the lead.

Ashley slipped a few fingers inside and I bit his lip while we kissed.

He eventually swapped his fingers for himself and I felt a rush of pleasure.

"Ashley..." I moaned.

"You good...Kat?" He asked.

He kissed down my neck again, "Oh..." I managed.

"Kat..." he said again.

His energy was electric and I could barely keep up; I could onl focus on his voice and his scent.

"Ashley!" I screamed.

He hit a nerve and I moaned again. It felt like he was ripping my insides apart, but yet it felt so s good.

I felt a bit of pain and then completely melted into him and his whole being.

"Katherine..." Ashley breathed.


In the morning...

10:03 a.m.

I woke up the next day and looked over to see Ashley still sound asleep.

I smiled and felt happy inside. It felt nice and kind of normal to wake up next to him.

I sat up and found my underwear from last night. I pulled them back on and went to open the curtains.

"Good morning, sexy." I heard.

I pulled open the sheer curtains and went back to the bed.

"Good morning, Ash." I said.

He sat up and kissed me. I bit my lip and smiled.

"You were really great." He said.

The covers fell off his body and I stared at his bare chest. He was so extremely attractive, physically and mentally, I just couldn't believe I was this lucky.

I kissed him back and grabbed my waist like usual. He pulled me onto his lap and I soon felt his little friend. I pulled away laughing.

"I guess it's still a little too early." I said.

"Oh, it's never too early," he smirked.

He flipped me down onto the bed and kissed me again.

"Ash, I'm still a little sore, " I said.

"Oh, okay..." he said giving up.

I grabbed his arm, "You can still kiss me... sexy." I said.

He smirked and came back.

"I love you." He said.

"love you." 

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