Not a Bad Thing...

Katherine Dae is your typical college girl. She has classes, friends, and a horrible mall job. Then, one day as she works the closing shift, she runs into someone unexpected. She can't believe that an average girl like her, who lives in an off-the-map town, could have anything like this happen. Will this encounter with a certain rockstar change her life for the better? Or will her spontaneous decisions ruin her young life? Join Katherine on her crazy rollercoaster journey to find what she really wants. (If you find your picture is on my cover you can request credit or to have it taken off/replaced.)


13. Fight Night

6:37 p.m.

I smiled at my success. I had no clue how that was going to end, but she actually liked me.

I saw Andy by the bar, and he waved me over.

"Ridiculous." I breathed.

I headed over to the last person I wanted to talk to.

"Here." He handed me a glass of Champagne, "To celebrate."

I took the glass and sipped on it. I avoided saying anything until I caught him staring.

"What?" I asked.

"Sorry," Andy turned away.

"Was he really blushing?!" I thought.

His face had a slight pink to it, and he fiddled with his hands.

"We should find our seatrs soon." He said.

I didn't know why he was nervous, but I enjoyed it. I set my drink down and looked straight at him.

"Okay." I said.

He offered his arm and led me towards the stage.

I found my seat next to Ashley and gave him an extremely satisfying hello kiss. When we pulled away he gave a slight laugh with a large smile.


11:07 p.m.

The show was amazing and the guys even won best single. We had just gotten to the after party, and I was letting loose. So much planning had gone into the band's appearance at the show, and I was exhausted.

Currently, Ash and I were impossibly close, and he had a firm grip on my waist. I feel every drop of sweat drip off him, onto me, and down to the vibrating floor. Ashley kissed down my neck as I swayed to the slower dancy song.

He found his way to my ear and whispered, "I need a drink."

We kissed and then he headed for the bar. I found my way to the bathroom, behind a few other girls, to take a breather. When I got in there, the questions began.

"So," a tall red-head started, "who exactly are you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

I pulled my hair to the side and started braiding it.

"What are you to Ashley?" She clarified.

"Umm," I was unsure of what to say, "his girlfriend. Why? Does he mean something to you?"

She just laughed.

"Ashley does not have girlfriends." Another said.

This one was my height, but had long dark hair and pale, pale skin.

"He hooked up with all of us." The red-head said.

There were four girls in total and I started to feel claustraphobic.

"Sorry, but we are dating." I said before walking out.

"Was this what it was going to be like?" I thought.

Constant interrogation? Could I deal with it? Why do those girls even care?

I searched for Ashley at the bar, and found him talking to a beautiful,  tall, tanned girl. I stormed over and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Oh," he said turning towards me, "hey, Babe."

He kissed me hard and was slightly reasurred.

"I was just talking to a fan, this is Andrèa." He explained.

"Pretty." I replied simply.

She smiled and stuck out a hand, "Hi! I never thought I would meet Ashley and his girlfriend."

At least she understood.

I returned her excitement, "Hey, it is so cool to meet one of the band's fans." 

We hugged and then she ran off to find her friends. Ashley pulled me towards him and smiled again. I wrapped my arms around him again, and felt something in his pocket. I grabbed it and pulled away from him.

My face turned into utter disgust when I recognized it. It was a bright pink crotchless thong. I threw it on the ground and shuddered in fear.

"Ash," I looked up up at him with a mix of sadness and anger.

"Babe, listen, it was just a crazed girl..."

"No! Are you kidding?! Did you do something? What..." I barely could put together sentences.

"Kat, please, let me explain..."

"Explain?! Explain what, exactly? Why you have some girl's thong? Is that what you want to explain?!" I started laughing and shaking in nervous anger.

"Kat," he said again.

I ran out of the room and headed for the balcony. I ran down a few steps and collapsed half way down into a ball of tears.

I just sat there and shook and cried. What was I gonna do now? Where those girls right? Ash and I had only been together for a few months, I mean, it hadn't even been that long and he had already done something.

"Kat," I heard.

I whipped around, "Go a..."

I saw Andy standing a few feet away, drunk, but with a flash of compassion on his face.

"I'm not in the mood for your games right now, Andy." I said.

I turned back around and let tears fall into my palms.

I heard his footsteps come closer and find a place next to mine. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and pulled me into his chest.

"Ashley can lose control sometimes." He said.

"He lost a little too much." I whispered.

I kicked off my heels and Andy placed his hands under my legs and around my shoudlers.

"What..." I said but he shushed me.

He picked my up and carried me to one of the town cars. He set me down and then ran to the other side.

I felt like a clichè; I was nearly drunk, my feet ached and my boyfriend had been with another girl.

Andy gave the driver an address and we were off. He scooted over and pulled me into his chest again. Slowly, the tears came back and they fell against his grey shirt.

After awhile, he pulled my face up to his, and he kissed the tears off my cheek. He started at my ear and made his way to my nose and then onto my lips. I shut my eyes and pushed against him.

Andy felt so comforting and calming. He had a hand on my knee, and I placed one of mine on top of his. He pushed back, and I slid his hand up to my thigh. I let his fingers linger underneath the hem of my dress when he slid his tongue across mine.

Our little connection seemed to make time fly, and we were at our destination within minutes.

We flew up the stairs of the building, and Andy slipped his key into the lock. It clicked and my heart skipped a beat.

Our fingers interlocked, and he led me down the hallway into his bedroom. We collapsed onto the bed in a mess of heavy breathing and kisses. Andy ripped off his shirt, and I unzipped my dress while we kissed harder. His lips were like magic; they were soft, yet they sent a tingle through my body. 

A tiny part of me smiled when I remembered that I wore a matching black satin underwear and bra set. I heard Andy laugh and I figured he had the same realization.

He continued the vibe of comforting, but he swicthed calming for intense. His style was way different than Ashley's; he took his time and made my mind go fuzzy. I could completely let go for one night and let Andy have control.

"Fuck!" I screamed.

He made my entire body sore but I made me smile at the same time. I ripped my hand down his back as I let out several moans.

"Oh God... Andy..."

He laughed for a second, and then kissed anywhere he could reach. I gripped the hair at the nape of his neck as he lifted himself up and sent one last chill through my body.

We collapsed next to each other, and I fell asleep in his arms.

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