Not a Bad Thing...

Katherine Dae is your typical college girl. She has classes, friends, and a horrible mall job. Then, one day as she works the closing shift, she runs into someone unexpected. She can't believe that an average girl like her, who lives in an off-the-map town, could have anything like this happen. Will this encounter with a certain rockstar change her life for the better? Or will her spontaneous decisions ruin her young life? Join Katherine on her crazy rollercoaster journey to find what she really wants. (If you find your picture is on my cover you can request credit or to have it taken off/replaced.)


4. Decisions of Departure

September 21st

12:04 p.m.

I was on my way to meet Echo for lunch. I still hadn't completely told her what had happened last night, and plus I just needed to talk to her since I could barely believe it.


12:12 p.m.

I saw Echo through the window as I was walking up to the coffee shop. She was staring at her phone and didn't notice me until I walked up.

I took a deep breath, "Hey, Echo."

She looked up and smiled when she saw me.

"Hey, Kitty-Kat!" She greeted.

"Oh no," I thought.

I sat down and took another breath.

"What's up?" Her tone changed.

"I need to talk to you," I said, "mainly just for advice." 

"Okay," she set her phone down.

"So," I tried, "okay I'm just gonna get to the point, Ashley said he wants me to go on tour with the band because we both agree we have a serious connection."

She nodded, to my suprise, and continued to listen intently.

"Dropping out of college would suck, but if this thing with Ashley actually means something, I don't want to lose it." I explained.

She bit her lip in concentration.

"So, what do you think?" I asked.

"If you can, don't drop out. You can transfer to online and still graduate, right?"

"Yeah," I agreed.

"So do that for sure. Then,"

She bit her lip again and it made me nervous. Echo was the person who knew me better than I knew myself and vice versa; I was scared to hear what she would say.

"Then, go with them." She finally said.

"Really?!" I asked.

She nodded, "It's a great chance to invest in the relationship and see the world or nation or whatever."

I noticed her voice drop off at the end.

I reached for her hand.


"Really, you should go." She looked out the window for second.

"Skype me," I said, "and call,"

Now I was choking up.

"And text." She finished.

We laughed together.

"I love you, Kat." 

"Friends forever,"

"No matter what."


September 23rd

3:16 p.m.

I sat on my suitcase, trying to zip it shut, and bounced on it; trying to pull the zipper.

"Need some help?" 

I looked up to see Ashley standing in my bedroom doorway.

I smiled, "Please?"

He came over and yanked the zipper around the suitcase.

"Wow," I said.

"We're better as a team." He said.

"You're so cheesy!" I laughed.

He leaned in and kissed me agressively. After, I looked at him questioningly.

"Come on," 

He grabbed the handle of my suitcase and rolled it out to the driveway.

Waiting there was Echo, CC and Andy. Echo immediately burst into tears when she caught sight of me. I ran over and hugged her tight.

"It's okay, Echo." I said triying to avoid tears myself.

She pulled away, "I know, but I-I c-can't help it."

"I swear I will call you once we get to L.A." I said.

She nodded and I hugged her again.

"Well, let's go then." I said to the guys.

CC gave Echo a hug too to make her feel better and then we got into the rental car.

I waved to Echo until we turned the corner. I felt really sad about leaving her, but I couldn't pass this up. I rolled the window up and leaned onto Ashley. He wrapped his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder.


9:47 p.m.

We finally got to the hotel in L.A. and I practically dove onto the king sized bed in the room Ashley and I had.

He laughed, "Tired?"

"Mm hmm." I mummbled; my face still on the pillow.

I rolled over and ripped my shoes off. Ashley came over and sat next to where I was laying.

He pulled hair away from my face and smiled down at me. I felt a little awkward and made a fish face. He laughed and leaned down to kiss me. He caressed my body all over and our kissing got intense quickly, and e managed to peel off both of our shirts. Ashley kept a rough grip on my body.

I was nervous, especially since he still didn't know. My phone buzzed and I felt a bit of relief.

"Ignore it," he said

 I tried sliding away underneath him but he tightened his grip.

"Ash. It. Might be. Echo." I said between kisses.

He reluctantly got off and I pounced on my phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

Ashley scooted over and pulled my hair to one side. He started kissing down my neck and I rolled my eyes.

"Kat? How are you?"

It was Echo.

"Uh," Ashley bit on a section of my neck,

"good. We made it to L.A. I was just about to call you. Are you okay?" I asked trying to focus on Echo.

"Miss you," she said, "but I aced my knowledge exam!"

Ashley wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed behind my ear. Chills ran up my spine as he gripped my thighs.

"Oh, uh, tha-that's awesome, E." I managed.

"Well I should get to bed," Echo closed.

"Okay, goodnight."


I hung up and Ash ripped the phone from my hands and threw it away from me. It bounced off the bed and onto the floor. He slammed me down onto the pillows and smirked at me.

"I'm so glad we're alone now,"

"Ash," I said.

He went down to kiss me and I turned my face.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I looked away from his eyes.

"Ash, I'm... I'm a virgin."

My face grew hot and I didn't want to look at him.

"So?" He said.

"That's it? 'So?'. It's weird,  I mean I'm old enough to drink and I haven't had sex yet."

He kissed me softly, "I don't care about that. It's actually kind of cute."

"Don't give me that shit!" I blushed harder.

I got up and moved to the edge of the bed.

"I do care about you. I would love to be your first." He said, following me over.

I reluctantly looked over at him and eventually smiled. He grabbed my face and kissed me again.

"I'll teach you everything you need to know." He laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

"Not tonight though, okay?" I asked. 

He nodded and laid down next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. I quickly fell asleep near his warm body.

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