Not a Bad Thing...

Katherine Dae is your typical college girl. She has classes, friends, and a horrible mall job. Then, one day as she works the closing shift, she runs into someone unexpected. She can't believe that an average girl like her, who lives in an off-the-map town, could have anything like this happen. Will this encounter with a certain rockstar change her life for the better? Or will her spontaneous decisions ruin her young life? Join Katherine on her crazy rollercoaster journey to find what she really wants. (If you find your picture is on my cover you can request credit or to have it taken off/replaced.)


8. Complications


October 3rd

4:52 p.m.

We were headed to the next city and everyone was bundled up because of how far north we were. A chill ran down my spine and I pulled the blanket I had tighter around myself.

I stared at the cup when Ashley came back over with some coffee. I pulled the cup close in and took a large sip. He laughed and sat down next to me. He had so much body heat and I instictelvely wiggled closer to him. He wrapped an arm around me and I melted into his side.

The bus jerked and spat as we turned the corner.

"What's wrong, Jim?" Jinxx asked the driver. 

He jumped up and headed to the front of the bus.

"Unusual autumn freeze." Jim replied as he unbuckled and stopped the bus.

My heart sped up a little as I thought about what could happen now.

Ashley knew I was worried and rubbed my arm.

"We might have to delay the concerts." Oliver said.

He was sitting at the table in front of me and was typing on his computer at super human speed.

"What?!" Jinxx said spinning around.

"No!" Ashley yelled.

"We can't!" CC agreed.

"What about the fans?" Andy asked.

"They're just going to have to understand." Oliver explained, "I'm sure plenty of them have lost power or have frozen pipes."

"Fucking weather." CC grumbled.

"Guys, relax, I'm sure we can still have the concert tomorrow." Jake said, "There's a hotel just down the street and we can switch reservations or something." 

"Valid thought." Oliver said.

He typed even faster and came back with an answer.

"Plans are set, and a tow truck is on the way to assist us." He said.


7:31 p.m.

The guys immediately went to the arena to do all the business things that needed to be done to make sure everything went smoothly. I wanted to do something fun while they were gone.

I headed to the nearest convenience store and found some hair bleach and intense deep conditioner.

I went back to the hotel and danced around in anticipation after I finished my hair. I thought about how the guys would react, especially to how I spent my free time.

They finally got back after about seven million minutes of waiting.

"Oh my god! Who are you and what have you done with our precious Katherine!" CC screamed.

I laughed and walked over.

"I got bored and wanted to do something fun." I explained.

"It's cool how it's way different than before." Jake said.

Jinxx and Ashley nodded in agreement.

"I approve, Sea Otter." Andy said.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, I had a similar idea to you, I felt like it and it fits." He explained.

We all laughed at that.

"Okay, then, you're Gazelle." I said.

"Everyone already knows that!" He said.


October 4th

9:47 p.m.

The concert was in full swing and everything was going as planned. The crowd was bundled up even, but it nothing severe had happened.

I had almost gotten all the pictures I needed and was heading back to the front to get some lower shots of the guys in action.

"'Scuse me, sorry." I said as I squeezed by a group of teenage girls.

"Hey!" one yelled at me.

I turned around. She was tall and skinny and had bright blue hair.

I grabbed my badge because I assumed she thought I was a crazed fan trying to steal a closer seat.

I held it up for her to see and she ripped it out of my hand.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, "I work with the band!" 

I tried to be as calm as I could be.

"I  don't give a flip who you work for." Her accent was extremely thick and I was a little scared.

"You can't just come parading through here!" She said.

"I'm sorry but I really do work with them." I said.

I turned around and tried to wave Jesa over to help me out when my head started to hurt.

The girl had picked up her chair and hit it over my head.

 I touched my head and it felt cold and wet. I looked down at my fingers, covered in blood; she had cut open my head.

I turned around slapped her by surprise. She came back at me with a punch as I tried to walk away.


I looked over and saw that Andy had noticed our toussle.

"Smurf-girl! Leave her alone!" He yelled.

She noticed that people were staring at her and she ran out of the building. I watched as she ran out but she got blurry and I blacked out.

"Kat!" I heard faintly, "Kat!"

I fell into complete darkness.


3:14 a.m.

My eyes flitted open to florescent lights. I leaned over and saw a heart monitor machine that was beeping quietly. I shifted my eyes around the room.

I noticed several chairs scattered in various places in the room, they were covered in leather jackets and bags and phones. I soon felt the pain of my wound come back.

I clutched my head and I jerked my hand back in surprise; the area felt scarce of hair. I pulled open one of the drawers of the dresser next to my bed and found a mirror. 

A section of my head was shaved, but it looked like I got it done in a salon.

A man walked through the door and when he saw I was awake, rushed over.

"Hey, Kat, you feelin' any better?" The man asked.

He was tall and gorgeous. His hair was as dark as the night sky, and his eyes were bluer than the Caribbean Sea (or the pictures I saw of it). I wondered who he was.

"Umm, I think so, but my head really hurts." I said.

He smiled, "I'll get a nurse." 

He went to get up but I grabbed his wrist.

"It's okay, it's not too bad." I smiled.

"Okay..." he sat back down.

The man held my hand and continued smiling at me. He was extremely attractive.

"Ash was really worried about you." He said.

"Ash?" I asked.

"Mm hmm." 

I was confused.

"Who's Ash?" I asked.

His face immediately dropped, "Shit..." 

He leaped out of his chair and ran out the door. Soon enough he came back with a nurse, doctor and two other men.

"Katherine," the doctor started, "do you remember who these men are?"

I scanned their faces. They both were average height but very different. One had a more feminine face than the other and the other had longer hair.

I shook my head, "They look familiar but I couldn't name them." 

The feminine one looked really upset and sat next to my bed.

"You really don't remember me, Baby?" He asked.

"Sorry, and I'm Kat not 'Baby'." I said.

It looked as if he was going to cry and I felt really bad.

"I wish I did though." I said.

He looked up at me and smiled, "I know."

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