Lukes Love For Me

This girl named Sam was 16 and she met this really handsome guy named luke she was always insecure of herself but when she was with him she always felt beautiful she was the new girl in high school he was the hottest guy there but there was no holding his love for me back for her "I love you sam" "I love you Luke"


4. The Next Day

A/N guys ask any questions suggestions if you feel that this story needs a bit more added to comment below or go on my Kik and send me suggestions bye lovelies ❤️❤️-samantha

I wake up remembering last night I had a tired smile on my face ugh I look so bad I need to go get ready I looked at my iPhone to see a message from Luke of course I smiled again.

Luke: Hey babe how did you like the view last night😉☺️

Sam: 👅it was HOT XD😂😍

Luke: woah someone's getting horny 😍😂😂

Sam:haha sure lol 😂

Luke : you looked pretty hot yourself I'd tap that 👅

Sam: yeah I'm horny 😂😂😂😂😂

Luke:😱 shut up you started it babe 😉


Luke: so you want to hang out tonight with the guys😉

Sam:umm .............idk they are kinda crazy🙈😹

Luke: plsss Sammy plsss

Sam:fine if I have to 😼😉

Luke : yessssss😀😃😄

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