Lukes Love For Me

This girl named Sam was 16 and she met this really handsome guy named luke she was always insecure of herself but when she was with him she always felt beautiful she was the new girl in high school he was the hottest guy there but there was no holding his love for me back for her "I love you sam" "I love you Luke"


5. Meeting the HOES


"Luke I'm scarred"I said being a bit shy

"Your just shy babe take it easy just don't let them know your ticklish" Luke said

"Are you ticklish for any chance"he said with an evil grin

"Ummm nooooooo" I said hiding my face "ok if you say so " he said and he unlocked led the door and when I didn't notice I saw the boys right in front of me and Luke pointing at me saying I'm ticklish "oh fuck" i said running for dear life but they caught up "ahhhh" i screemed they tickled me to death it was kinda embarrassing I almost peed my self , those bitches. After that the tickle tourture they all greeted me with a group hug then pulled away "I heard that Lukey took you out on a date " Michael smiled evilly "that was a steamy date I heard " said ashton giving a cute little chuckle "Shut UP" Luke yelled "Lukey and Sammy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage then, comes the baby in the baby carriage" Michael said making kissing noises"your so Immature"I laughed "well it's true" Calum said "maybe it is " Luke blushed which made me blush also luke leaned in and he swooped me off my feet and he kissed me passionately not caring that Ash,Michael and Calum were there "woahh that was a kiss " said Ashton "well me and Sam will see you later were going to my room" Luke said pulling on my hand "okay have fun" said Calum "but not to much fun" Michael laughed "okay umm bye " I said awkwardly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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