Lukes Love For Me

This girl named Sam was 16 and she met this really handsome guy named luke she was always insecure of herself but when she was with him she always felt beautiful she was the new girl in high school he was the hottest guy there but there was no holding his love for me back for her "I love you sam" "I love you Luke"


1. ❤️❤️Chapter 1 ❤️❤️

Sams P.O.V: as looked at the inside of my house one more time before I went up stairs I felt a tear roll down thinking of the times I had in my house i quickly wiped away my tears and proceeded to walk up the stairs and picked up the boxes I needed to use for packing up.2 hours later my parents stared to yell"ARE YOU READY TO GO " as I replied annoyed "YES I JUST NEED TO GET MY CLOTHES ON" I put on red lip stick ,a red dress and mascara also my black flats after I put my clothing I quickly curled my hair and ran down the stairway while I walked to the car I took my last glance at my house for the very last time I put my earphones in my ears 20 minutes later we arrived at the airport I took my bags and boxes up the escalators and went to the bag drop off for my flight 218 when me and my parent and I walked on the plane my mom asked if I would like to sit next to one of them but I said "no it's fine you guys sit together I'll be fine here by myself" "ok darling" my mom said. I don't usually fall asleep on planes but 18 hours later I dosed off which never actually happens when I was disturbed "WAKE UP SAMANTHA WERE HERE " "oh great" I replied annoyed we walked off the plane and went toward the baggage claim and then walked out of the Airport and I saw this really cute guy who had deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that stood upright I wanted to melt so I winked backðߘ‰ I hope I get to see him again he was so hot. When I looked behind me I begin to jump inside the taxi all the way to my new house it's was so big it was bigger than my old house "this is awesome mom" " well we moved here because they have better jobs than England" "cool I'm gonna Check my room out it" omg it was amazing we I had a jacuzzi inside my room was baby blue and already had everything inside it I new I was gonna have fun In this house. "MOM I'm leaving I'm gonna go check this town out" " ok just be care full" "ok bye love you" "love you to" I went outside to explore and meet new people i hope this goes well . While I looked around a bit I saw the guy I saw at the Airport he turned around and said "hey I didn't get get your name " "my name is Samantha Springs but you can call me sam" I said "that's a nice name " he said agh I couldn't help but blush "and what's your name " I asked as I gained a little confidence "my names is Luke .......Luke hemmings to be exact " awe his name was perfect AHHHH "I like your dress sam" " thanks luke" we stared into each other's eye for about a minute and then we both walked home together "you don't have to walk we me home luke its okay I can walk my self " " no I don't want anything to hurt you " " ok fine wait what school do you go to?" "I go to Callie. St . Clare" "omg I'm going to the same school maybe we can hang out sometime " "oh bye sam " bye Luke " as i stopped to ring my door bell I looked over to where Luke was heading and surprisingly he lived right next door to me I was so happy. Luke's P.O.V she was so perfect I couldn't believe that I got see her again I really hope we could be friend when we start hanging out at school tomorrow and I was shocked to see that her house was right next to mine yes mr.Hemmings she will be yours I thought for a moment and walked up to my room and plopped down on to my bed tomorrow's a new day lets see what happens tomorow

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