Lukes Love For Me

This girl named Sam was 16 and she met this really handsome guy named luke she was always insecure of herself but when she was with him she always felt beautiful she was the new girl in high school he was the hottest guy there but there was no holding his love for me back for her "I love you sam" "I love you Luke"


3. After School

As I walked away from the school I heard a familiar voice in the distance "hey Sammy"he said

"hi Luke " i said

he grabbed my hand "I have a question" he said

"wait did you here that"I said

holding his arm slightly hiding behind him "yeah" he stopped to listen

"who's there" he said angrily

"hey guys it's just me calum" he said

"I almost had a heart attack I thought someone was gonna kill us " I said relived that it wasn't a killer"well it's not"he said laughing a bit

"well what are you two love birds doing holding hands you guys seem closer already" he said with a chuckle escaping his lips

" shut up calum" Luke said nudging Calum's arm scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment

"what ever I'll see you guys later bye " he said "bye calum"me and Luke said in unison "so what did you want to ask me" I said smiling

"will you go on a date with me Sammy " he said I pushed my lips against his

"I guess that's a yes " he said into the kiss I smiled and nodded my head to say yes"

I can't believe that just happened and it's only been a day soon we get to my house and I start to say goodbye as I hugged him bye his waist because of his tallness "bye lukey"I said smiling "bye Sammy I ll pick you up at 8" "ok bye Lukey"

I close my door leaning against it sliding down "Woah" "Hi Dad" I said smiling

" you seem happy today so how'd school go" he said " great" I said "why what happened that has you grinning " he said

" I have a date" I said being shy "

oh that's great who Is this lucky young man "

" his name is Luke he's really smart I heard that he's in a band but he never told me yet he has blonde hair blue eyes" I said

" he sounds like a very nice boy " he said " well i got to get dressed " I said

"ok bye" I ran up the stairs and threw my back pack door handle and went to go take a shower.

Luke's POV I can't wait to go on that date she so pretty and nice were basically a couple since we hold hands and kiss but not really it that should take while so I'm gonna take it slow I need to get to know her a little more she. Seems like a nice girl well I need to hit the showers and get ready for our date.

Sam's POV I'm done taking a shower I just need to pick out my clothes I put on a little black dress and a pair of black heels for my make up I put on cat eye on my lid with eyeliner,mascara and lip stick and I walked outside and I saw Luke coming of a car that's not his " hi Lukey" I said blushing

" hi Sam you look beautiful tonight so are ready to go" he said

" yes I am" we hold hands walking towards the car he holds the door opened for me to sit inside

" thank you"I said

"so where are you taking me"

"it's a surprise you'll see" I asked he covered my eyes with his hands and walked me toward the destination

"now open" he said uncovering my eyes with his hands

"omg Lukey you didn't have to do this " I said blushing while I look at the picnic he made on the sand at the beach

"it's ok I wanted to " we sit down on the blanket he laid out for us to sit down on

" let's eat " he said he looked so adorable in his skinny jeans and black vans and his band tee

"this is good " "yup I had help from Ash

" he said " your a good team I said

" wanna come in the water "I saw him take his pants off and then his shirt I couldn't resist not going in

"sure" as he unzipped my dress and I took my shoes off we walked towards the beach holding hands

"Ahh it's cold "I said shivering" you can come closer if you'd like" he said with a smile on his face

" um sure I would like that" I smirked he pulls me closer and suddenly I felt warmer he put his finger on my chin and lifted my head then kissed my lips sticking his tongue begging for entrance but I let him in our tongues dancing together as he deepened the kiss and backed up a bit with my hands on his bum I pinched it

"OW what'd you do that for "he said evilly " I'm gonna get you for that he ran towards me as I try to run away but he picks me up and pinches my bum

"OW that does hurt "I laugh "that's what you get " he said "well you want to dry off I got us towels

"he said " you look sexy without a shirt"I said looking at his torso in lust

" oh don't get any ideas or you'll give me a few " we sit next to each other with Luke's arm around me I then push him down and go on top of him and reconnect my lips with his moving in sync.

"Is this a make out sesh "he said " I guess so "I said blushing

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