Teen wolf new girl in school

There's a new family in beacon hills,and you know every family has it's secrets ,just wait until
Scott and his friends find out their secret ,will they expect them or push them away.......


1. Moving

Kira's p.o.v

Today we are moving to beacon hills and I am so nervous and excited at the same time ,I have to find new friends and go to a new school I hope they like me .




after our plane ride we drove to our new house we unpacked most of our stuff and then rested 


4 weeks later 

okay it's the first day of my new school and I and so nervous ,I take my shower brush my teeth ,wash my face ,and dry my hair  then I put on my outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/mouse/set?I'd=133014570 I walk to the mirror to make sure I was satisfied with my look 

then I went down stairs grabbed a protein bar and drove to to when I arrived people was 

scattered into different groups ,jocks , popular ,weirdos ,nerds ,and one group stood out the most I didn't know what to call the group ,after I parked my car I walked Inside the school and most of the people just stood their and looked at me as I walked to the office ,I got my schedule and went to my first class everyone stopped and started at me ,why do keep doing that I thought to myself I showed the teacher my schedule and sat in the back of the class all of the boy turned and was looking at my butt while I was walking that is going to be hard to get used to that .....after all my classes it was lunch I did not know where to sit every group had it's table but I sat in the back where no one sat until a group came up and said "you're sitting at our table" I said oh sorry "no it's fine and they sat down then introduced themselves "I'm Scott ,I'm lydia,I'm Aiden,I stiles,I'm ethan,and I'm Isaac they all said one after the other and I introduced myself ,we talk eat ,and leave I am at my last class when these huge birds come crashing into the Windows after that we got the rest of the class time to just hang out in the hallway then we went home....

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