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"Shit Happens."


2. *Opening*

my name is Rachel Palm,

and I could tell you where I am, but to be honest, I don't quite know.

How could you possibly describe where it is you are, if you don't quite know yourself??

the adults in my life, say that teenagers do this type of stuff for attention,

that we're almost poetic at times with our feelings, like depresson, or love.

how could we be searching for attention, when were too busy searching for ourselves??

and why should we have to search for it??

every since I was 10, all I wanted to do, was find someone who loved the things I loved.

someone who felt either too deeply, or not at all...

someone who understood and accepted the terms of living,

and the importance of time...

It was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

people cared, but not for the right reasons.

people accepted the terms of living, but focused on the terms of death.

people saw the importance of time, but wasted it away like it was garbage.

I had given up on the idea when I turned 15,

accepting the fact that the world was creul, and so were the people in it...

but then a boy named Luke came along.



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