Orange Marmalade [ A.I ]

A mysterious girl is like an orange, it can be sweet yet you might not know that it could be sour at the same time.

© Originally from my Wattpad account


1. Prologue

"I'm going to Sydney." My monotone voice interrupted the silence.

The two adults who stood before me said nothing, they simply nodded agreeing to my final decision.

The maids packed all my bags and carry them to the car, as I faced the black vehicle with no feeling of anything about this trip.

I glanced at the reflection of the two people behind me from the car window, showing their fake sad smile as they looked at me. "We will miss you so much darling..." The women said, sounding like she's upset to the fact that I'm leaving.

"When the time has come, we will catch up to Australia and bring you back. We promise..." The man mumbled under his breath.

Unfortunately, that is a promise that I wont hold onto.

"Don't make promises you can't keep," I whispered to no one.

I never looked back. And now, I'm never coming back to the place I used to call home.


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