Orange Marmalade [ A.I ]

A mysterious girl is like an orange, it can be sweet yet you might not know that it could be sour at the same time.

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2. O N E

It's been four years since the last time I contacted my family, or more likely since the day I walked out of their life.

My life has become even more boring since I moved out but at least there's no rules or walls surrounding me. No guards to keep me in, no cameras to watch my every move. I'm totally free.

I gazed over at the whiteboard in front of my class and dozed off to my daydreams, not paying attention to my teacher explaining whatever subject I'm having. The ticking time on the clock shows that it's five minutes left before the last bell rings. Tapping my finger agents the table I waited patiently for this ratchet day to end.

"And that concludes to the source of energy from every types of fossil fuels there is, now for the next -" Ms. Cullen stopped once we all hear the loud siren of the school bell.

"I guess that's it for today, we'll continue our studies tomorrow" as my teacher ended the subject the sound of chatting kids and echoes of chair legs scrape across the floor came through the whole class. Everybody packing up their books eager to go home.

I grab my backpack and pick up all my books ready to leave as the last person who exited the class. I made my way across the noisy halls trying to stay close in the corner so I wouldn't be noticed by anyone.

As I made my way to my locker I saw a boy leaning his back agents the metal safe. I stopped right beside him not moving another muscle. The boy's eyes wondered over to my direction and jumped back in surprise at my presence.

"N-Natalie! I-I've been waiting for y-you!" The boy shuttered, I stayed silent.

"W-Well I um... I need to say something to you..." He said as his eyes look down and his hands hid behind his back. "I-I know we don't talk much in class but... I-I've liked you for a while now and... I was w-wondering if-- if you'd like to go out with me?"

I didn't say a word for a couple of seconds trying to figure out who this boy is. Here it is another random guy appeared beside my locker trying to ask me out on a date.

"Listen kid, I'm not interested to go on any dates or being in some stupid relationship. You wasted your time if you think I'd say yes to you now do us both a favor and never talk to me ever again."

The boy stared at me with surprised and hurt swimming over his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, instead he turned his heel and ran away with his hands covering his face.

"Tch. Pathetic." I mumbled under my breath as I turn to my locker.

Turning my combination I opened my locker and placed my books neatly, stacking them in order from every subject. "That was a harsh reject," a voice said beside me. I close my locker door shut to find another boy leaning agents the metal beside me.

I rolled my eyes and began to walk away ignoring this anonymous person.

"So it's true what people say, don't you have a cold shoulder" the boy said as he followed behind.

I speed up my steps attempting to shake him off my shoulder but this guy only followed my speed stepping closer to me. I stopped running until I reached the school gates because this is the farthest he'll ever be following me.

"Don't you have to be somewhere else?" I ask harshly as I turn to face the boy. He checked his wrist pretending to look at the time which he doesn't even have a wrist watch, he only stare at his bare skin for a couple of seconds before turning back to me with a sly smile. "Nope, I got no plans."

I groaned loudly at how annoying this guy is. Quickly I turn my body back to the street and made my way home.

Walking past a few blocks my eyeballs glance back to the boy who's still following me. Only now he's just three feet away from me.

"Can you please stop following me?" I gripped on the strap of my bag feeling so irritated by him. My back still facing him as I continue to walk, "who says I'm following you? My house is this way." He said sounding so cocky it makes me sick.

I stopped once again making the boy behind me do the same action. My body fully turned to him again this time examining his appearance.

Definitely never seen him before in my life.

He has curly dark blond that looks brown hair with hazel greenish eyes. He wore a red bandana across his forehead with small tips of his bangs sticking out over his eyes, he wore a white T-shirt with some picture of a band called 'Blink 182' on it and a black leather jacket for his outer wear. His jeans look so tight I don't know if he could actually walk with those things and to end his weird fashion sense he wore a pair of combat boots.

"Why don't you go on ahead and I'll just take another way home." I spatted.

"What? You don't like the company I'm giving you?" He raised an eyebrow, the smirk on his lips never left his stupid face.

"I rather have a pig accompany to the depths of hell" I hissed, crossing my arms over my chest.

The boy chuckled at my comeback and dig his hands inside the pockets of his jacket. I'm getting no where he looks like he's enjoying this conversation! "Aren't you a sour mouth" he scoffed. The boy took a step closer to me almost leaving no space between us.

I had to move back a little because of being too close and that I have to look up to meet his eyes. I just noticed how tall this boy is, starting to irritate me more and more.

"Natalie Gray, moved from England since seventh grade. You have the most highest scores ever to hit the record books, miss way too good at everything and apparently too much of an introvert. You've been asked out five times this semester and every reject stings deeper than the ones before."

Oh, so this guy is a weirdo and a stalker. He only knows all those useless informations about me like everyone else and looks like he doesn't know too much about my personal life. That's a good side to this.

"Boy who I never met, first saw you twenty minutes ago. You appeared at my locker commenting on something that is non of your business, dresses as a rejected homeless Yankee and has a cocky personality as low as dirt." I glared at him playing along with his own game.

"Ouh... You really are as interesting as the rumors say. Are harsh words the only things that comes out of your pretty lips?" The boy smirked lowered his head over to me.

"Leave me alone or I'll call the police on you!" I threatened. How could I be so stupid, that's the best comeback I could get?!

The boy chuckled and reach his right hand out grabbing a strand of my brown hair, "oh I'm so scared, little Natalie is going to tell on me~" he scoffed again.

I slapped his hand away from my face stepping back even further. He looked at me straight to my eyes like he's trying to find answers from me.

His smirk disappeared only to be replaced by a small smile. "Well, look at the time I have some places I need to visit" he said looking over at his invisible watch.

"I guess I'll see you around Natalie, this wont be the last time you see me" the boy waved goodbye to me and turned around simply heading back to school.

As he walked away I caught a glimpse of a white writing stitches on his jacket.


I never bothered to stop and think if that's his name or not, the moment he's out of my sight I make a run for it heading back to my apartment.

The feeling in the pit of my stomach saying that this really wont the last time I'll be meeting that boy again.


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