Yours (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

When tragedy strikes, you look for the closest people for comfort. When Niall runs into an old flame, he realises just how much he's been missing all these years. They battle it out through the problems they face... but will they be able to rekindle the love they once had?


5. Chapter 5

**Niall's POV**

I don't see the point in these family reunions. I mean, why does your whole family have to come together for a couple of hours one day and just... talk? The only thing that ever happens in these reunions is the adults group together in the kitchen and either smoke or update about their lives. The 'kids', as they like to call us, have to stay in the living room and 'bond'.

"Niall! Niall, can you pass me my make-up bag?!" my mam shouted up the stairs.

"Sure!" I shouted back. I went straight to her dressing table and picked up her bag. I made my way downstairs and handed it to her showing a fake smile. She doesn't even need to wear make-up, it's only family.

"Tanks baby." she smiled back. "Right, you know the drill?" she asked me, smearing on her mascara.

"Yes, yes! Make an effort and talk to people." I slowly replied.

"Yes! And stay in the living room." With each word she poked my chest with the mascara tube.

"Mam!" I groaned, swatting her hand away.

She went back to doing her make-up and Dad finished tying his tie. A knock on the door startled my mam and she started waving her arms in the air.

"They're here!" she shouted, shoving everything back into her bag and pushing it into the stuffy cupboard under the sink. "Places!"

"Places?" I asked my Dad.

"Living room." he replied, gesturing for me to leave the kitchen. He followed behind me and we stood waiting to greet the first guests.

**Sophia's POV**

Mum and I were both seated in the car and she was freshening up her make-up in the mirror. I was fiddling with my fingers, thinking of something to say to Niall. We haven't seen each other in almost 6 years and now I'm expected to just... say hi?

"Okay, we're already like ten minutes late but it's fine. I'll just say we got lost." Mum told me, starting the car.

"Can I not just stay here. I feel kinda sick." I moaned.

"Soph. I know it's awkward and I understand you're scared, but we haven't seen them in ages! Why don't you just avoid Niall?"

"Oh yeah I forgot, their house is huge! It would be pretty hard to run into him..." I sarcastically replied.

"Cut the attitude Sophia. You're going no questions asked." she smiled.

The rest of the drive was pretty quiet apart from mum singing along to the songs on the radio. It didn't take long to get there and when we did, my stomach tightened even more as I saw about 5 cars parked in front of their house. How big is their family? I took a deep breath in as mum climbed out of the car. She bent down to look at me through the window and raised her eyebrow. I took it as a harsh gesture to 'get out of the car' and I made sure to slam the door shut. I walked round to her and we made our way to the front door.

Mum knocked twice and as soon as I heard footsteps, I clung onto my mum's arm and she gave me a reassuring smile. The door opened and a familiar face greeted us with a huge smile.

"Oh my gosh! Hello!" Maura said, hugging us both. "I thought you weren't going to come!"

Mum smiled back at her. "Yeah, sorry we're late. We uh, we got lost." she lied.

"Oh no, that's okay! It has been a while!" she laughed.

She moved to let us in and I followed close behind mum. We made our way into the kitchen and Maura rushed to get us a drink.

"There you are." she smiled handing us both a glass of water.

"Thank you." we both replied.

"Sophia, look at you! You've grown so much! You must be what... 17 now?" Maura asked, putting her hands all over my cheeks.

"Uh yeah." I quietly replied.

"Oh Niall is going to be so happy to see you!" she smiled.

I gave her a fake smile and laughed. "Yeah, I bet."

"Soph, why don't you go into the living room and talk to people." Mum suggested.

"Uh yeah, sure." I replied.

My hands tightened around my drink as I opened the living room door to find a few girls I assume are about my age sat around a table and three guys sat on the couch. None of them look familiar... mind you it has been 6 years, puberty and everything... I just hope none of them are Niall.

"Hey!" a blonde girl shouts. "Come and sit with us!"

I walked over to the table and crouched down next to the blonde girl. She gave me a smile before sipping some of her drink.

"I'm Rose." she says in her Irish accent.

"I'm Sophia. Nice to meet you." I replied.

"So, how do you know Maura and Bobby?" she asked.

"Oh uh, my mum's an old friend." I lie. I don't want to tell her about Niall, she'll probably go and get him.

"Oh. Well, I go to the same school as Niall and my mum works with Maura." she smiled.

"That's cool." I replied. I had no idea what to say, but I'm pretty sure I don't want Niall to come into the conversation.

"Rose darling, have you seen Niall anywhere?" Maura asked her.

"Um, I think he went into the back yard with Harry. He said he needed some air." she replied with a huge smile.

"Okay, thanks kido." she said before leaving the room.

"I think I'm gonna get some air too actually." I told Rose.

"Okay. Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, it's fine. I'll only be a few minutes." I stood up and politely pushed my way through a group of adults standing outside the living room and went outside.

My memory is a little weak because I have no idea where the path leads to but I just walked and walked past a few houses until I came to a field. There was a small brown fence that separated the pavement from the grass. I carefully climbed over it and wiped the dirt off my hands as I headed further into the field. I stopped after about five minutes of walking and sat on the grass. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and flicked through the menus filled with apps, I didn't want to people to think I was a loner. I text a couple of my friends, even though it would cost me a few, but I just needed someone familiar to talk to.

I laid down on the grass and straightened my legs. I was just about to close my eyes when I felt a hit on the side of my head. I sat up and saw two guys running towards me. I picked up the football and stood up, wiping the grass off my jeans. As they got closer to me, I could see that the guy on the left had brown curly hair and the other had dirty blonde hair.

"Hey sorry! Can we have our ball back?" the brunette guy asked.

"Um, as long as you don't use my head as a target again, then yeah." I snapped back.

"Woah chill, you shouldn't have such a big head." the other guy said. He was obviously from around here because his Irish accent was really strong.

"Rude." I replied and threw the ball back at them. I made my way down to the fence and climbed over it. The two guys followed on and I felt a little uncomfortable as they followed me to the house.

As I walked down to the house the front door opened and Rose ran out with her arms wide.

"Niall! Harry!" she shouted.

I span round to find her hugging the two guys. This cannot be true.

"Niall, your mam was asking for you earlier on. I think she needs you for something." Rose laughed.

Oh. My. Goodness. Niall, Niall Horan. I didn't even recognize him! I bet he doesn't recognize me either... well, that's a good thing right?

The two guys walked right past me with Rose close behind and Niall let them both in before him and then turned around to look at me.

I just stared at him, wondering whether he finally recognized me and he just winked. He winked at me and walked back inside? What the hell? 

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