Yours (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

When tragedy strikes, you look for the closest people for comfort. When Niall runs into an old flame, he realises just how much he's been missing all these years. They battle it out through the problems they face... but will they be able to rekindle the love they once had?


2. Chapter 2

"Niall, you're late." My mam said as I walked through the door.

"I know, sorry mammy. I was in town with Haz." I told her.

"At this time? It's almost 11pm." My dad butted in.

"We were gonna play football but the ball burst."

"Come watch the rest of the game with me lad." Dad asked me.

"No tanks dad. I'm just gonna go to bed." I replied, walking to my room and shutting my door behind me.

It was freezing in my bedroom. Even with my duvet and two blankets over me I was still freezing cold. I climbed out of my bed and jogged downstairs to turn the heating up. I was about to walk into the living room when I heard my mam and dad having a conversation which didn't sound too pleasant. I pressed my ear against the door and tried to listen in.

"I'm just saying that if we tell him, he's going to react badly." My dad said.

"Bobby. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices and this is the time." My mam replied.

"I just don't know Maura. Maybe we should wait a while."

I was desperate to know what and who they were talking about, so I decided to walk in.

"Niall lad. I thought you were in bed son?" Dad asked.

"I got cold." I replied.

"I'll turn the heating up." Mam said, standing up.

"No mammy, it doesn't matter now. What were you guys talking about just then?" I asked, sitting next to my dad on the sofa.

"Maura. You wanna tell him?" Dad asked.

"Yes." She looked at me and held my hands. "Niall. You know like your grandmother has been sick for a while and she hasn't been able to visit us?"

"Yeah. Why? What's happened?" I asked.

"Well... she passed away a couple of hours ago. She had a heart attack and the doctors didn't get to her in time." Mam told me.

My eyes widened. I couldn't believe it! My granny is the strongest person I know, she can't have died.

"Her funeral is on Friday. It's just gonna be a couple of family and friends." Dad added.

"I uhm... okay." I was speechless.

"Are you okay son?" Mam asked me.

"Yeah mammy I'm fine. I'm gonna go back to bed." I stood up and left the living room. I slowly walked to my bedroom and laid on my bed, thinking of all the memories I had with her.

I don't think I can take another person leaving me.

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