The Suitcase //Ashton Irwin Fanfiction


5. 5.

"Get up Marilyn..." She groaned pushing the hand as it tried to move her. "Come on" they whined shaking her gently. "I want to get ready!" She shoved them as she became more awake and aware of her surroundings. "If you don't get up then I will pour a jug of water over you!" She opened her eyes blinking a few times as they adjusted to the light. "Come on I want to go!" 

"Go whe-" There was a sigh before she fell off the bed. "Argh! That hurt what the blo- what time do you call this?!" She glared at her brother placing an arm over her face to shield it slightly from the light. She blinked another couple of times before they came into focus. "How on earth did you- why am I awake before I normally get up?!" 

"It's one a.m." He shrugged watching as she continued to glare at him. "The flight's at three and I'm bored out of my head. We have another couple of hours before the flight and I'm bored sis..." She pushed him out of the way as she stood up reaching for her suit. "Aw come on!" She made her way yawning as she flung the doors open to the wardrobe. "Yeah... about your work clothes..." 

"Where are my work clothes Benedict?" Her voice would seem rather calm to people that didn't know her, yet to her brother he knew she was annoyed. "Benedict... I'll ask you once more. Where are my clothes?" He smiled to himself lifting up a small suitcase. "why are they in a suitcase?" He reached into his pockets pulling out four plane tickets. "I'm not getting on any plane!" 

"Um... yeah... you are. Remember James said that you could come home early and come for a two week holiday so I packed for you." She shook her head looking at the floor. "The only clothes you really have though are your work clothes, which, by the way you always wear." She shrugged her shoulders before gesturing down herself. "I know that you're going to be really angry and possibly hate me for a long time for this but you really need to come on the holiday." 

"I didn't say that I wouldn't come idiot, what I'm saying is that I want to get dressed into something!" She rolled her eyes stepping forward to take the suitcase off him. "Benedict give me the suitcase." She was completely awake now as she stared at him menacingly. He held the suitcase a little further behind him. "You may be nearly 6"5 which is taller than me coming to about 5"4 but that does not give you the right to annoy me!" She took a breath "now give me my clothes."

"Yeah and about your clothes again..." His voice trailed off as she grabbed the suitcase rushing over to the bed. "Yeah... you really might not want to-"

"My suits! Where are my suits?!" She turned around holding the pink dress in her hands. "My suits have been switched for- for- for... this!" Benedict smiled sheepishly "I refuse to wear this you know what?!" He looked behind him slowly before turning back to her "I hate this! I really hate this! Oh and another thing! I refuse to go on the holiday!"

"Yeah about that..." Marilyn looked at the bed stand next to her noticing a small glass of juice. "I brought you a drink figuring that you wouldn't want to go." She looked at him skeptically "I thought you would want to talk a little you know... to decide together. If we decide not to go then we can reschedule the flight for just the three of us." 

"Who said I would ever go anywhere with you anyway?" She placed the now empty glass back down. Anyway-" There was a knock at the door stopping her mid-sentence  "who would do this at one in the morning?" She started to walk down the stairs, the tired feeling returning. "Who would..." She yawned opening the door. Her eyes closed as her mind went blank. 

There was a thud as she fell forwards the person in front of her not reacting fast enough to catch her. "I thought I told you to catch her Caleb?" Benedict asked the brown haired driver as he nodded politely. 

"My apologies Ben. I couldn't react fast enough." He replied picking her up in his arms. "She's quite a character. She yelled at us on the way to the trial." Benedict turned around to be face with Justine. She nodded before shrugging her shoulders "I wasn't going fast enough and she was talking too much." There was a silence as Benedict ran upstairs bringing two suitcases back down. One a navy coloured medium sized case and the other a silver small one. The navy one Benedict's, the silver one Marilyn's. "I'll get her into the car." He smiled walking down to the limo.

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